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The Shiitake grow your own mushroom  kit, will attract you with its vast health benefits and spectacular results. We have instructions available HERE to show you how to get the best results from your Shiitake mushroom growing block.
The organic Shiitake mushrooms growing block is delivered within 7 working days of the order being placed.
Imagine growing your very own gourmet shiitake mushrooms for use in your favorite recipes and dishes right at home. FeaturesA great gift for gardeners, gourmets and cooks and for young people to learn about nature. What if I told you that instead of buying small, exorbitantly priced packages of shiitake mushrooms from the store you could easily grow your own? Some considerations for the logs - Shiitake prefer to grow on oak, but any other hardwood (chestnut, beech, alder, or maple) will suffice. Just like you aren't going to grow tomatoes without seeds, you aren't going to grow mushrooms without spawn. Step 1 - Make holesIf using dowels, drill a hole as deep as the dowel is long with a drill bit the same diameter as the dowels. Or if you're using sawdust, cut deep notches in the wood with a chainsaw or hand saw.
Now you wait for the mycelium to take over the log, which will take between 6 months and 2 years.
To grow your own shiitake mushrooms, you must first drill holes in logs to receive the mushroom spawn. A downed sapling is being measured in 4-foot sections by Adrian (on left) while Don comes behind him to make the cuts with his chainsaw. We had an assembly line, with four people drilling all the holes in each log along with a helper at each drill station holding the log in place.

Wax is very flammable, so it needs to be melted in something with a precise temperature control.
The Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit includes everything you need to do it and it looks simple enough to keep the log producing a regular harvest of delicious Shiitake mushrooms.
This fall, we had a two-day shiitake mushroom workshop at our place at the request of my garden club We had 18 people, including some from the garden club plus some of our neighbors. The first Saturday about half the group came, and used chainsaws to cut the saplings at our place that we had pre-marked for the purpose. The "lean-to" arrangement of logs in the foreground illustrates the best way to store them in our northern climate.
Moisture content of the logs must remain above 30% for successful spread of the mushroom spawn thru the logs.
Even better, it will be quite the conversation starter having mushrooms growing on a log in your kitchen! Privacy Policy5670 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. Let the logs sit for 3 weeks before inoculation to allow the natural fungicides that inhabited the tree to die down. A quick google search for "mushroom spawn" will yield plenty of online places to purchase spawn that ship everywhere. We all shared the cost of the materials and the work, and each person or couple took a few logs home at the end. The best trees to use are sugar maple and oak, but you can also use ironwood and hophornbeam.
For example, a hot plate would be risky since it doesn't have as fine a control over the temperature.

All you need is hardwood logs, something inoculated with shiitake mushroom spawn (usually dowels or sawdust), something to make holes with, and wax or tape to cover up the holes. It's a good idea to keep the logs an easily manageable size, you'll be glad you did when you have to lug them around. You can't use conifers, ash, willow or black walnut, because the shiitake grow poorly on those types of wood. We used an old lead melting pot (originally intended for bullet casting) to keep the wax melted but not too hot. If the wax starts to smoke, get it off the heat immediately.Each finished log got an aluminum label attached to one end, which included information on what species of tree was used, which variety of spawn and the date.
The process is pretty much stuff logs with mushroom spawn, wait awhile, and then harvest mushrooms.
At the end of the day, we took a group photo and then loaded up everyone with their own shiitake logs. The first fruiting of mushrooms should occur next spring if the log colonization is successful. The group cut 180 logs and hauled them to our barnyard, where they sat in neat stacks for the week.
Then, you have to seal the holes with either cheese wax or a 50-50 mixture of melted paraffin and beeswax.

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