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Today it was revealed that the veterinary drug phenylbutazone was found in Asda corned beef. Anyway, let’s get on with creating the new better transparent food system as the old one collapses. Last month we announced plans for the world’s first crowd-sourced Non-Horse Meat cook book. Here’s the criteria: a savoury main course dish, can be meat or non meat (if meat it should be a cheaper cut or an innovative use of meat), should be affordable (should be able to feed 4 people for about ?5 or less), must be seasonal. The idea is to prove that we can have food that is affordable but that doesn’t depend on industrialised ready-meals and processed food.
Fife Diet emerged around the same time and with a lot of the same thinking as Growing Communities in London.
Growing Communities has a wider vision of what a sustainable, resilient food system might look like which encompasses our key principles while aiming to reduce the amount of oil and fossil fuels it takes to feed us.
Our vision can be expressed in the form of a diagram – the Growing Communities’ Food Zones.  It shows what type of food could best come from where and is an initial attempt to illustrate what percentage of our food we need to source from different zones. It starts with the urban areas in which most of us live and moves outwards applying a kind of food subsidiarity. It’s based on human-scale, organic, mixed farms located in and around urban areas which are directly connected to the urban communities they feed and which enable those communities to source increasing amounts of food from close to where they live.
1) A more fundamental re-evaluation of school meals provision and a more robust response to this crisis. 2) An assessment of how big companies sponsor Scotland’s Food and Drink events and by turn dominate this agenda.
We ask that all companies implicated with the horse meat scandal step down from sponsorship of Scotland Food and Drink events. 4) Scotland has a historic opportunity when it launches consultation on the new FSA body next week. What we’re living through is a time when institutions and old systems are failing, old certainties falling by the wayside. Today Rob Edwards writing for the Sunday Herald reveals that the sampling of food to ensure that it is safe to eat has plummeted more than one-third in Scotland over the last four years, as safety inspectors have lost their jobs and public spending has been slashed.
Owen Paterson, secretary of state for the environment, food and rural affairs, is living through such a nightmare and is utterly lost. The first thing is to recognise that this is a fundamental shock to a basic tenet of our society:  do we know that our food is okay to eat? So re-establishing trust must be about actually changing the food system that’s falling part before our eyes so that it’s open, transparent and democratic, not just a PR exercise from desperate meat salesmen. If we really want to change things we need to not just change regulation of the supply chain, we need to regain control of retail. There’s nothing to trust in a system that has allowed the wholesale corporate capture of our food culture and there’s no evidence that self-regulation works.
At the heart of this story isn’t just a globalised food system where responsibility is endlessly outsourced.
What we need are shorter supply chains, a re-evaluation of our whole relationship with the non-human world, a transparent food system that we have (some) control of and a re-localised economy that doesn’t further wreck the planet. The supermarkets and big brands have given up on us, so maybe it’s time we returned the favour.
Place the pastries on a baking tray dusted with flour, and brush with the beaten egg or milk. Alternative Filling: I had some pastry left over so used some cold, boiled beetroot, chopped and sprinkled with cumin seeds as an alternative – and it was very nice. Rough chop the veg, put all the ingredients into a pot, cover with water, bring to the boil. Chilli Beef Kofta Kebabs with a Chunky Salsa Salad(sent to us by Nick Nairn of Nick Nairn Cook School)These Middle-Eastern inspired kofta kebabs use minced beef to make a beefy ‘sausage on a stick’ crammed full of spicy flavours. Ahead of time, mix the mince, breadcrumbs, chillies, chilli powder, onion, garlic, parsley, lemon juice, zest and ketchup in a large bowl until well combined. For the salad, mix the veg together then make a dressing with the oil and lemon juice and sprinkle over at the last minute. Place the kebabs carefully under a hot grill or on the barbecue and cook for 8-10 minutes, turning several times.
In a mixer, or by hand, combine the flour, beremeal, cream of tartare, bicarbonate of soda and a pinch of salt. Brown the meat in batches, adding more oil if necessary – be careful not to put too much in at the one time as it will go soggy instead of the brown colour you are looking for .
Add them to the beef and then pour in a little stock and scrape the bottom of the pan to deglaze it. News that Findus has admitted that it withdrew all its beef lasagne ready meals from supermarkets because they had tested positive for high levels of horsemeat, will not come as a surprise to those following the problems of transparency, cost-cutting and outsourcing in the industry. Since the Horse Burger scandal a few weeks ago the PR departments of Tesco, Asda, Lidl and all the big retail companies have been working overtime.
All of these claims lie in tatters as the meat industry, and the Big Retail chains that dominate our food culture stand accused of being completely out of control.
On health we now know that the Findus products have not yet been tested for the presence of the horse drug, phenylbutazone, which is banned in human food, and so the Food Standards Agency is unable to declare them safe. Our food manifesto aims to rectify some of this – crucially we need to begin to reign in the ridiculous monopoly supermarkets have in retail and the frightening political influence they have, particularly at Westminster. Out of all of this may come a clearer picture of what’s going on in our food economy. Supermarkets pose as gatekeepers of national food safety, glittering edifices of hygiene, transparency and best practice. If Dobbin Gate has told us anything, it is that we need local food not just to reduce our emissions but also to know where our food comes from and to reclaim our food culture.
In the media frenzy that’s followed no-one seems to be thinking about the role of supermarkets. Due to supermarkets imposing strict standards on size, shape and colour, anything out of the ordinary is rejected.
There are nearly one billion malnourished people in the world, but the approximately 40 million tonnes of food wasted by US households, retailers and food services each year would be enough to satisfy the hunger of every one of them. If we planted trees on land currently used to grow unnecessary surplus and wasted food, this would offset a theoretical maximum of 100% of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel combustion.
All the world’s nearly one billion hungry people could be lifted out of malnourishment on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe. HBC manufacture and supply an extensive range of cleaning solutions designed for the professional, home and outdoors.
Hill Brush continues to provide innovative solutions for quality and hygiene managers with regard to the ever-present threats of disease and contamination. Hygiene is a basic requirement in all modern food related establishments and manufacturing plants, with regard to legislation and customers.
Basic knowledge of micro-organisms and how useful micro-organisms can be exploited and dangerous ones eradicated.
Using high-quality, ergonomically designed cleaning implements, appropriate to the cleaning tasks. Ensuring that users are fully trained in the correct use of cleaning equipment and the risks associated with hygiene. Following the outbreak of worldwide food related illnesses in the early 1990s, attention has focused on food hygiene safety. The ergonomics of the product have an effect on the person using it, leading to prolonged energy and usage. We are the No.1 manufacturer of high specification manual cleaning tools for the Food Service industry.

Color Coding greatly assists managers requiring interdepartmental or food type segregation who are implementing HACCP systems, and significantly reduces the chance of cross contamination. Salmon ProductsA® does not designate particular colors for specific areas or food types, because this is the responsibility of the cleaning managers.
HACCP is a prevention-based system developed by the US Department of Agriculture to help food processors and food service companies eliminate food safety hazards by identifying Critical Control Points.
We offer the worlda€™s most comprehensive line in quality manual cleaning tools specifically designed to clean the hygienically sensitive areas covered by global food safety laws.
The products in the Salmon Hygiene Technology line have been constructed to comply with all these existing regulations and to give peace of mind to managers when cleaning hygienically sensitive areas, because they are reliable, easy to clean and strong enough to repeatedly endure testing industrial conditions.
Hill Brush is registered to the European Brushware Federationa€™s Charter of Professional Hygiene Brushware.
Salmon Hygiene Technology brushes are manufactured to the highest standards and are made to last. Salmon Hygiene Technology Products twin RESIN-SET stainless steel approach to securing and sealing the monofilaments makes the brushes superior to ALL other methods.
This range of products contains an Irgaguard silver based anti-microbial additive which inhibits the growth of a broad range of moulds, mildews and bacteria on the surface of the products themselves. Salmon Hygiene Technology continues to provide innovative solutions for cleaning managers and the ever-present threats of disease and contamination. The special ingredient used during the molding process to produce the metal detectable ability, also gives the products anti-static properties.
Salmon Hygiene Technology products are readily available in eight colors, to assist interdepartmental or food type segregation required in the implementation of the HACCP systems.
Most of the products from Salmon Hygiene Technology are packed in individual poly bags, and in most cases these bags are made from biodegradable polypropylene. When disposed of in landfills the bags will degrade within 12 to 24 months and will ultimately biodegrade in the presence of microorganisms, moisture, heat and oxygen into simpler materials found in nature (water, carbon dioxide and biomass). Please contact us for further information regarding the technology involved in our production process. Indulge in Mumbai’s street food at Green Zone India’s first vegetarian Quick Service Restaurant.
Green Zone is India’s first QSR chain to blend daily vegetarian food into a healthy offering.
You can have a taste of strret foods like pav bhaaji, missal pav, usal pav, wada pav, samosa and sabudana khichdi, as well as some authentic Bombay chaat prepared under hygienic conditions. The menu also includes an array of delicious sandwiches, fries and piping hot Indian breads like parathas, rotis, naans and kulcha. Submit your email address to receive the latest updates on news & host of opportunities. Read the latest franchising magazines and books to get comprehensive and up-to-date information on leading franchise systems, trends and more.
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Incredibly, three months in, nobody appears to have an explanation or, or control over our food supply. We already have fantastic recipes from Neil Forbes of  Cafe St Honore, Nick Nairn, Sascha Grierson, Karen Small, Colin Lindsay, Caudia at Just Love Food Leith, Hayley the Wee Cook, Catherin Lindow, Elly Kinross, Teresa Martinez, Mark Williams, Suzanne O’Connor from Slow Food Chefs Alliance and loads of others – but please keep them coming. In light of the Renfrewshire Council case, contracts for any business found to be providing horse meat to Scottish schools should be immediately suspended until a proper inquiry takes place. The narrative has gone from “it’s a trace sample” to “it’s a rogue batch” to “it’s probably the Irish” to “it’s foreign criminals” and everything in-between. It’s a hopeless response from an agency that has been left with its credibility in tatters. It’s totally out of control and the companies that make vast profits from this system seem to be hiding behind their outsourced suppliers.
Use your farmers market, farm shop, local fruit and veg shop, your butcher, your fishmonger or fishvan, your high street baker,  take up a veg box, eat local. So today we’re launching a guaranteed Horse-Free Recipe Book, full of affordable, healthy meals. If you like things neat you can then use an upturned saucer as stencil to get a perfect circle. When they have sizzled a while and exuded plenty of tasty fat, remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. It’s simple, and uses the very best of Scottish produce: mutton or lamb, seasonal veg and barley. Add the carrots and turnips or celeriac or whatever root veg you might have and simmer for about another hour, until the meat is tender enough to cut with a spoon.
Meanwhile, make the dumplings by sifting the flour into a bowl and adding the rest of the ingredients and just enough cold water to bring it together into a dough. Welcome to Austerity Britain where deregulation and profiteering have come together with Big Food to give you a food culture now being exposed as a sham.
That some products tested as 100% horse meat is shocking to some and it blows away the industry arguments that it’s been trying to secure.
Meat inspection by the government’s Meat Hygiene Service has been steadily deregulated over the past two decades.
The emphasis will be on finding a scapegoat focusing on the strength of the system that found the problem and quickly moving on. Meat inspection by the government’s Meat Hygiene Service has been steadily deregulated over the past two decades. For ethical vegetarians this is all irrelevant, but for those people who want to eat meat but want it to be high quality, organic, free range and ethically reared, the alternative is local food bought from a source you can rely on.
You’d think they’d run frequent tests to ensure that everything they sell is up-to-scratch and completely legit. Environmental health and trading standards officers used to make spot checks and announced inspections, but cuts put paid to that. Provenance has just gone from being the preserve of foodies and chefs to being a matter of national importance.
There are just over 8,000 supermarkets in the UK, and they account for 97% of total grocery sales. Yes food waste is an ethical issue, but not just one about hunger, this is also a climate change issue. Through extensive R & D the product line continues to expand producing the highest quality manual cleaning tools available anywhere in the world, specifically used in food safety environments.
Salmon ProductsA® are stocked in eight colors including blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, purple and black with most products available with matching colored backs. Some establishments require inter-departmental equipment segregation, but others require inter-food equipment segregation.
The Points are defined as steps or procedures in the food-handling process, where controls can be applied to prevent or reduce hazards. New food hygiene laws have applied in the UK since January 2006 and affect all food businesses, including caterers, primary producers (such as farmers), manufacturers, distributors and retailers. This charter was established so as to enable purchasers of the hygiene brushware to be confident that they will be supplied with high quality professional brushware, which complies with all the existing hygiene regulations. In certain special circumstances, often found in food manufacturing areas, where the security of monofilaments is of particular importance, a different approach is required.
An anti-microbial efficacy is maintained during the typical lifetime of the products, due to a silver iron reservoir inside the polymer product.
Today anti-microbial products are widely used to reduce hospital acquired infections and are perhaps better known as penicillin and tetracycline which have paved the way for better health for millions of people around the world. The products have been independently tested, and the results showed that they are slow dissipative, and the ESD (electrostatic discharge) is zero.

The bags degrade through photo thermal-oxidation (the effects of UV, heat and O2) and through thermo oxidation (heat and O2, without any UV).
This is described in ASTM D 6954-04, which is the standard guide developed for Exposing Biodegradation.
It is about making the right choices when it comes to eating, the menu features a wide variety of fresh and healthy everyday foods, including Indian, Chinese, snacks, sandwiches and meals. The Green Zone mouth-watering Express meals and Meal Combos are sumptuous and serve as perfect dining option for corporates, students and the shoppers who are always on their toes looking out for a quick meal. We all deserve food that’s safe, healthy, good for the planet and ethically produced. The first thing Tesco did was take full page newspaper adverts reassuring everybody everything was ok before they knew what was going on.
Findus immediately employed Burson Marsteller, one of most reviled public relations  agencies due to its mercenary attitude in choosing clients and contracts.
The picture revealed today of  the widespread re-regulation of the food industry reflects the same light-touch regulation that brought us Leveson and the banking crisis.
From live animals transported as products, to a society in which the upper echelons enjoy fine dining while the poorest eat horses and donkeys, and our response is horse jokes, business as usual or swallowing spin. At Easter we’ll publish a recipe book packed with crowd sourced alternatives to contaminated food. Generously season the pheasant pieces with salt and pepper then pop them in the fatty pan a couple at a time until browned and starting to crust up. Its necessarily eaten in a shallow bowl with a spoon, and just liquid enough to dunk a chunk of crusty bread into. Bring to the boil, then partially cover, turn down the heat, and simmer gently for two hours. The MHS vet in a large abattoir cuts a lonely figure and is often in any case absent at night. We propose a moratorium on further supermarket expansion as we begin to reign in (no pun intended) the power of the giant retailers.
The UK food and environment minister David Heath, has already declared that the presence of horsemeat was probably the result of criminality. After all, they constantly brag about their rigorous technical and quality-control standards. Requirements can be difficult to achieve but the best results are gained through good training and the right use of equipment and cleaning systems.
Black monofilaments of all diameters are stocked, and most of the brooms and brushes in this brochure can be filled with black material to special order, if they are not available as a standard product.
HACCP is designed to minimize food safety risks by predicting where they are likely to occur by preventing them before they happen. The new laws emanate from new EU legislation, and now more clearly define the duties of food businesses to produce food safely and to achieve consistency.
Salmon Products has developed a very effective optional improvement in brush filament retention, where each tuft is stapled into the brush back with food grade stainless steel staples in the normal way, and then Epoxy resin is floated into a recess on the face of the brush.
By using Salmon Metal Detectable tools, if any part of the tool should enter the food itself, they would be detected and the contaminated product quarantined.
Therefore the products are safe for use in flammable atmospheres with ignition energies down to 0.25 millijoules. Now it’s clear it’s not one burger, not one batch, not one product, not one supermarket, not one country.
So far as the debate remains framed as a PR exercise to con the public back into eating vast quantities of processed meats, the task must be not to ‘re-establish trust’ but to establish a fundamental distrust in a system that is failing us. Growing evidence indicates that Tesco’s success is partly based on trading practices that are having serious consequences for suppliers, farmers and workers worldwide, local shops and the environment.
Put 2 spoonfuls of filling in the middle of the circle and wet the edges of the circle with water.
Turn and colour on the other side, slide onto a baking tray and cook for 30 minutes in a moderate oven. Heat a heavy-bottomed casserole or pan on a medium flame and add a knob of rapeseed oil or olive oil .
Partially cover and simmer for 25 minutes, then check the seasoning of the gravy, and serve with kale, Broccoli or whatever you have there !. The study by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers blamed poor storage, strict sell-by dates and fussy consumers for the huge piles of food discarded each year in the western world. They also feed waste to their pigs, a practice we banned after the Foot and Mouth outbreak, a classic example of our dysfunctional food system turning in on itself. Food businesses must have a food safety management system based on the principal of HACCP-Hazard Critical Control Points. The resin permeates the bottom of the tuft hole, covering the filaments and staples as it goes. People in our country will have been very concerned to read this morning that when they thought they were buying beefburgers they were buying something that had horse meat in it.
The Food Standards Agency was itself eviscerated by the coalition government as part of the Conservatives’ “bonfire of the quangos”. But no-one is being held to account and weeks in we seem to be no nearer discovering how this happened. Next put the garlic in the pan and scrape it around until it starts to pick up some colour.
The Food Standards Agency, meanwhile, was itself eviscerated by the coalition government as part of the Conservatives’ “bonfire of the quangos”. We’ve allowed these companies to grow so dominant sometimes it feels like they ARE the food system.
It is a scandal which exposes Western attitudes to food, the dominance of supermarkets and our general reluctance to value the simple and wholesome over the expensive and manufactured.
We can’t do something that is common sense because the rest of our food system is so rotten.
The resin seals the face of the brush and makes the chance of a filament pulling out extremely remote, and inhibits the accumulation of dirt or moisture in the tuft holes. Add the onions and when they start to colour turn the heat down a little and pop in the diced vegetables.
Its previous chief executive Tim Smith is now Tesco’s technical director and dealing with the scandal on the other side of the fence. Its previous chief executive Tim Smith is now Tesco’s technical director and dealing with the scandal on the other side of the fence. Put the lid on and leave them to sweat and soften for 10 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Trading standards officers, who would be responsible for detecting mislabelled meat have also been cut drastically by the coalition.
Add the mushroom ketchup, anchovy essence and red wine and give the pan a good stir for minute or two, scraping up all the goodies from the base.  Put the pheasant and bacon back in the pan along with the thyme and mushrooms and enough of the stock to just about cover the contents. There were 26% fewer inspections in 2011-12 than in 2009-10 and a 29% drop in prosecutions. A disc of greaseproof paper (cartouche) trimmed to fit snugly over the pheasant as well as a lid will help keep things ultra-moist.
Season to taste then serve strewn with wood sorrel – its citric sharpness will cut across the sweet unctuousness of the stew.

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