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Pea Green is a colour name that immediately conjures up an image, but on reflection is it the colour of fresh peas, frozen peas, tinned peas or (forgive the accent) mushy peas that it brings to mind? The name Pea Green, or the older one – Pea Colour, has been in use for hundreds of years, but the earliest that I can find it used in relation to paint is in a work first published in 1734. It is clear that in the second half of the eighteenth century Pea Green was considered a special colour. In 1759 Lady Caroline Fox had her dressing room painted pea-green colour to match some china. The recipes for producing a Pea Green varied depending upon their date and also whether it was an oil paint or a Soft Distemper that was being made.
Prior to the introduction of chrome yellow to the house-painter’s palette in the late 1820s, Pea Green in an oil paint tended to include verdigris in the recipe.
A small handbook published in New Haven in 1812, by Hezekiah Reynolds, entitled Directions for House and Ship Building suggested mixing one pound of verdigris with ten pounds of White Lead to make Pea Green for exterior purposes.
Pea Green appeared in two important nomenclatures of colour and, inevitably, there was a difference of opinion. An example of Pea Green appears in both the Wilson Colour Chart and also the slightly later Horticultural Colour Chart of the late 1930s.
As with almost all of the colours shown on this site those shown here could be mixed into conventional modern paint by Papers and Paints Ltd. 2 More can be learnt about the different prices charged in The Hierarchy of Colour in Eighteenth Century Decoration. 14 This is referring to the British Colour Council’s Dictionary of Colour Standards of 1934. Practical and fun bento box tips and ideas, healthy bento recipes from Japan and the world. Adding to an ever-increasing number of bento-appropriate mini-burgers recipes here on Just Bento, here is one that turns out little green burgers that are as visually striking as they are tasty. These mini-burgers or nuggets have a Mediterranaan flavor from the addition of finely chopped black olives and rosemary, but the idea for the crusty coating came from the Everything Bagel, a type of bagel that is coated with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, dried onion and garlic flakes. If you are using these as part of a totally vegan bento, pair them with a whole grain like brown rice, or a whole grain bread. If you have a food processor or mixer, put all the burger mixture ingredients in the bowl and process until smooth.
Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. I made these on saturday for a party, they were totally killer but the mix was a little too soft? Sile, I know these are a bit different, and I've had mixed reactions to them too, though most people like them!
I also used a bit more garlic, a bit less poppy seed, and a bit of sesame seed for the coating.

I made these for lunch one day, and they got stolen by my so called "friends" so I only ended up with one burger.
For some reason, food dosen't seem as intimidating with you, and it's taken to a whole other level.
Baking them could be difficult - you'd have to handle them very carefully so they don't disintegrate, or add more binder. The second this dip hit my lips, it was love at first bite – I immediately became intoxicated with the unique zesty flavor and crunchy texture. The striking SC271 shown in the photograph of the first floor room of the Georgian Group is one of those in the Traditional Colour range. Take heaped tablespoons of the pea burger mixture, flatten them a bit in your hands (it does get a bit messy) and coat them on both sides with the poppy seed mixture. I was wondering if you could use the very British storecupboard staple that is Marrowfat tinned peas (the large, mushy ones) or tinned garden peas?
I think I will add more flour or oat flakes or ground flaxseed or breadcrumbs next time because they did not keep their shape very well and ended up looking pretty sad ! They didn’t really retain their shape as well as this… why do you think that would be? There are a fair few vegans and world food lovers here, so quite a few got snarfed up with pleasant comments. Now that it's nearly broad bean (fava bean) season I think I'll try making these with those soon. I hate olives, so I left those out, and searching my spice cabinet I found (to my HORROR!) that I was out of rosemary, so I used a bit of marjoram and thyme instead, and a bit of extra salt.
I had to add more liquid because they wouldn't cohere at first, and then added too much (oops), but I handled them carefully and they wound up on our plates more or less intact despite my slip-up. I love peas and I love poppy seed, and having made them tonight, I think I can safely add that I love these mini-burgers, too! I admit, I didn't read the recipe thoroughly, the first time I just skimmed it, so I'm going to attempt this with dried peas, cooked of course, and I think I'll try it with a bit of curry powder.
I was just wondering if not only your pea mini burgers, but others as well are able to be baked instead. Without the binder the burgers would fall apart, due to the relatively high moisture content of the peas.
This dip epitomizes the “blend and chow in under 5 minutes” philosophy that I am so fond of. I like mine with quite a bit of kick so I tend to be a bit more heavy handed with the ginger, lime juice and sea salt. Start with the bento basics, the Get Started Handbook, or see some example bentos with timelines, tips and more. I always try to have a bag of frozen green peas stocked in the freezer, and they really come in handy in the winter months when locally (or even reasonably locally) grown fresh vegetables are rather scarce.

Lower the heat and put a lid on, and cook for about 5 minutes or until the peas are bright green and cooked through.
If you are doing this by hand, mash up the peas finely first, then mix well with the other ingredients. Carefully put into the pan, and cook on both sides for about 4-5 minutes each until crispy but not burned. You can defrost them in a microwave, but ideally you’d reheat them in a frying pan over low heat. If you’re not allergic to olives though, I hope you try it with the olives - they just add richness to the flavor. Well, she hasn’t had miso, either, but… Anyway, she loves hummus, and LOVES green peas, so this looks like the basis of a terrific finger food (for the whole family)! Also my mix was a bit wet but it held together during cooking, and they've firmed up a bit on cooling. There are still some left over, but more than half of what I brought was eaten, so I consider that a big success!! I added an extra tablespoon of wheat flour to help them hold their shape--even then, I wound up making three-bite pea lumps rather than burgers, as it seemed every increase in diameter made them more prone to falling apart.
I'm sure they'll be even better next time, when I'll be sure to actually have the fresh rosemary on hand!
Will make them again soon as bite sized crunchy-crusted balls and am already looking forward to it.
Green peas are great just cooked as-is, or mixed into stir-fries, but they’re also very nice mashed up.
You can also try adding a bit more rice flour or wheat flour to them to make them a bit stiffer. I'm hoping once they've cooled down a bit and spent some time in the refrigerator they'll firm up. Another added bonus is that the flavor mix is different from your hog standard store bought dips, and makes a unique addition to the nibble plate at your next dinner. But really, it comes back to just handling them with care (rather like the soft kind of gnocchi made with cheese and spinach). Just know that there is a whole community of people, united in the art of bento because of you, and we are all hoping you feel better soon.
This is fantastic slathered on rice cakes, tortilla chips, toasts, raw tacos or veggie sticks.

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