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In addition to Friendsgiving and the Constant Canned Food Drive, we are  reaching out, getting involved, and giving back to our communities. Last month Green BEAN Delivery partnered with Northern Kentucky University for their  Great Plate Challenge. Each healthy plate eaten, earned a point, and each point earned fresh produce from Green BEAN Delivery for the Brighton Center in Newport, Kentucky. Talia Frye,  Brighton Center’s Family Center Coordinator, praised the partnership between NKU and Green BEAN Delivery.
In September, Green BEAN Delivery got the opportunity to sponsor Louisville’s Walk United 5k.
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Anticuchos is simply grilled meat marinated in a vinegar-based marinade spiked with garlic, chile paste and herbs.
Pour the vinegar in a large glass or porcelain mixing bowl, add the rest of the ingredients, and whisk.
The next day, pull the bowl out of the fridge when it’s time to start the coals on the grill so the meat can come to room temperature. I served the anticuchos with cold boiled boniato tossed with a little mayo & greek yogurt mixed with more aji amarillo paste and lots of chopped fresh cilantro out of my garden, and steamed cabbage and sweet peppers.

Past BasketsHerb Farm Update Jul 07, 2016 Ube Yam Potluck Apr 19, 2016 The Cassava Cuttings are Alive! Cow Pool Gainesville is an informal cooperative purchasing group dedicated to sourcing local, free-range and grass-fed meat affordable for middle to low-income families. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. We bought one and a half cows this time, 1200 pounds hanging weight and a little over seven hundred pounds of cut & wrapped meat. What makes it uniquely Peruvian is the mixture of herbs and spices in the marinade, so try to find the correct ingredients if you can.
If the pieces are big enough not to slip through the grill grate, there’s no need to skewer them.
The recipe itself, which I adapted from a few I spotted online, as well as what I remember of the restaurant version, came together really quickly.
Green was having several cows slaughtered at the same time and we were the only ones who wanted entrails, so there were several whole beef hearts in the shares. You have to move the meat around constantly and a slipping cutting board makes it twice as difficult. If they’re small, use metal skewers if possible and weave the strips onto the skewers.

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Green, and one of his friends stayed to help me weigh the shares and carry them all to my car.
I greedily snagged two of them specifically to try a dish we’ve eaten in restaurants but never tried making at home- anticuchos de corazon. Then cut out all of the veins and arteries around the top, removing as much of the connective tissue and fascia as possible. Then imagine you’re cutting slices off of a loaf of gyro meat, making thin slices as you turn the meat.
I stayed up until almost midnight roasting the last package of soup bones I couldn’t jam into the deep freeze and making beef stock.

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