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Bio: Kristy started her website because she truly hated cooking, not only that she had no clue how to cook! One of those changes is making more healthy options for breakfast that are also protein packed. I decided to use up some veggies that I had on hand, combine them with turkey sausage, and top them with a little bit of scrambled eggs. These also freeze well, so you can make large batches then heat them up in the mornings for a quick breakfast. We recently turned over a new leaf at our house so to speak; our son is FINALLY eating what we are eating for dinner.
One of the nights that he was just getting used to these new rules, I decided to make these Breakfast Stuffed Baked Potatoes.
These potatoes, though, are on our menu rotation now because they were such a success for him. Potatoes are so versatile, so to mix them up I decided to make scrambled eggs paired with ground sausage then several additional toppings to make these Breakfast Stuffed Baked Potatoes.
A few months back, my friend mentioned to me this simple slow cooker casserole recipe that we should try. Now, the absolute best part of this casserole is that you can put it in the slow cooker right before you go to bed at night, wake up the next morning, and your breakfast is ready.
It’s like a breakfast fairy worked super hard overnight to make this delicious dish, but really you are the fairy. So, this year I have set out to come up with some tasty snack items that are both delicious and healthy.
Since my family loves tacos, we decided to try a lighter version of tacos using a slow cooker chicken then adding a crumbled, organic hard-boiled egg to the top of the taco.  It gave us a boost of protein and nutrition plus the dinner was easy and tasty!
Now place a little bit of the shredded chicken into each taco, topped with lettuce, mango, tomato, and cheese. When we have our Christmas breakfast or family over for breakfast, I like to have a wide variety. I use salsa as the sauce on the crust, and then you can either do a homemade crust or a pre-made crust.
We sell Eggs {Organic, Omega 3, Cage Free, All- Natural, Hard Boiled} and strive to improve people's lives. Talya was raised on a cotton farm in Northeast Arkansas, moved to Texas for college (Baylor University) and now splits time between Dallas and Fayetteville. Pumpkin is in the air and in my kitchen!  I absolutely love the fall and even more I love baking with pumpkin. Once they are mixed into the batter, I poured the batter into to bread loaf pans and baked them in the oven for just about 45 minutes.  Once removed your home will smell like delicious pumpkin and fall!

To top them, I drizzled them with additional caramel sauce to give them an ooey-gooey finish! In a large mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients together in order until dough forms, folding in the caramel bits. Spray two bread loaf pans with nonstick cooking spray, then pour half the batter into one pan and the remainder into the other pan. My little packets of oatmeal are just not cutting it and making me hungry again within about an hour of eating it. Typically, you would see a potato or starch in a breakfast bowl like this, but I decided to cut those out. I used the same spices that I used in these Hamburger Omelets to give a great flavor to this dish. While the sausage is cooking, add in the Fennel, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Ground Sage. This was after a major overhaul of dinner rules and the past 5 years of him refusing to eat really much of anything.
I knew that these would be great for my picky eater, because it would allow him options of picking and choosing which foods he wanted to top his potato with.
These are perfect for a big breakfast in the morning or for a good breakfast for dinner in the evening.
Once these items have been cooked, simply build the baked potato; start by adding butter to the potato, and then stuff it with the eggs, sausage, and top with avocado. I do not like spicy foods so not that type of spice, more of a bit of seasoning such as sage and fennel. Thankfully, it’s one of the first workouts that I have been able to keep up with and keep myself motivated to not give up. While the oven is pre-heating, thinly slice the eggplant and place on a greased baking sheet. After the mad dash to open all the gifts and see what Santa has brought, we sit down and enjoy a delicious breakfast as a family. There are so many different preferences for breakfast that I just try to cover all of them. It’s a very simple pizza that you can actually prep the night before and then simply bake it in the morning. Great Day Farms’ hens are given a 100% USDA-certified organic diet and are cage-free as well! I think my friend’s boys would love doing something like this even in their backyard. I usually do the standard toothpick or fork test; to be sure no dough comes out on the toothpick.

Of course, you could always use this mixture and stuff it inside a tortilla for a tasty breakfast burrito too.
He absolutely LOVED it; I showed him how to mix it all together with sour cream to give it more flavor, and he stuffed it full of delicious foods. Cook the ground sausage in a large skillet, and then scramble the eggs in a separate skillet. I knew that I could easily make this tasty and even better using Great Day Farms Organic Eggs too! I love these whole-heartedly, but if I were to cut them out, I would likely lose a pound a week just by getting rid of those calories. I spread a delicious layer of salsa on the bottom; then I topped it with scrambled eggs, ground sausage, and cheese. Talya's heartfelt and humorous stories can be found on her lifestyle blog, Grace Grits and Gardening. While grill is heating, have each person combine 2-3 Great Day Farms Organic Eggs and toppings of choice in ziploc baggie.
She continues to share easy, delicious recipes that are easy enough for the worst of cooks or the best of cooks!
I was nearly ready to burst into tears just seeing him eat something other than pepperoni and cheese. It’s to live without worry about the future, regret about the past, or missed opportunities. When she isn't writing, she can be found walking her miniature schnauzers, Lucy and Annabelle. Lots of people think of tailgating as grilling burgers, hot dogs, sausages, etc… However where I am from, tailgating is an all day affair.
I think he may be starting to realize how much good food he has missed out on because of his overly picky attitude. That means we need a serious breakfast to start the day off right and it has to be grilled! What a better way than to get protein fromĀ Great Day Farms Organic eggs is a great base for our skillet scrambler great for tailgating and camping!

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