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Whether you agree with it or not,  a government shutdown has become reality as of midnight EST last night. What does this mean for logistics and transportation professionals who must deal with and comply with Department of Transportation regulations as well as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if Congress can’t come to an agreement? For example, The Department of Transportation informed employees last Thursday, September 27, about plans for this week.
DOT told all 1,102 employees of the FMCSA and 2,914 employees of the Federal Highway Administration before the shutdown that they would have to come to work.
Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx issued a memo to DOT employees to outline the situation.
Roadside truck inspections, for example, will continue because FMCSA money supports the state law enforcement agencies doing the inspections.
FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro said in a memo to employees before the shutdown that she did not expect anyone in the agency to be furloughed. Most highway projects involving federal money will also be spared because funding is from the trust fund. Airport operations around the country will continue as usual because, like highways, airports are supported with trust fund money.
Rail will however be affected However, the Federal Railroad Administration has no trust fund, so, that agency will furlough employees. Truckload border crossings could see delays as the Customs and Border Patrol will prioritize security of all kinds over speedy freight flows, and will depend on several other agencies' cooperation to avoid any longer delays, so be prepared. The same can be said about air and ocean imports in the way of delays, since there are many government agencies involved in this process, but additional sequestration kicks up in October, regardless of a shutdown, so this could add to further delays. In addition, a federal shutdown would not directly affect roadside trucking enforcement, scale houses or inspections.
Adam RobinsonAdam Robinson oversees the overall marketing strategy for Cerasis including website development, social media and content marketing, trade show marketing, email campaigns, and webinar marketing. Max is a Government Marketing Acquisition Expert who specializes in providing solutions and strategies to help businesses win government contracts. Unless you work for the District of Columbia, the impact of a federal government shutdown is likely to be minimal for city and county officials across the nation. Local government agencies will largely be spared from any lasting implications of the federal government shutdown as they are rarely the recipients of significant federal funding.
Kern County Assistant Administrative Officer Nancy Lawson stated that several county operations that are bolstered by federal funds— including the Kern County Sheriff’s Office, Kern County Fire Department and the Kern County Department of Human Services—are at risk of facing impact if the shutdown lasts more than 30 days.
Other counties have also embraced for the possibility of a government shutdown (see below).
But on the whole, city and county services will experience few interruptions in their day-to-day operations.
Bond funding appears to be the most significant component of local government that will be affected. It’s the last day of the month, and depending on how things go, we may wake up tomorrow without a government.
Food Inspection: Food inspectors are both life-saving and essential, and thankfully the government agrees. National Park Concessions: National parks, museums, and zoos will shut down, so if you planned a trip to Yosemite, you may have to cancel. Food Tourism Overseas: The Bureau of Consular Affairs, which confers passports, would certainly be shuttered.

Military Commissaries: Last time a shutdown was threatened, in April 2011, the Department of Defense kept the commissaries open, which is a good thing.
Trash Pickup: Possibly the smelliest effect of the government shutdown is that all city services in the District of Columbia will cease—including garbage collection. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Tuesday, October 1st left many Federal employees with nothing but a furlough notice on their office door.
Section 8 housing, food stamps, and reduced school lunches are funded until the end of October. The WIC program, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, Head Start, and many other Health and Human Services programs will lose their funding.
Last week, Congress failed to agree on a new budget and the government was subsequently forced to shut down, with many federal agencies operating in a limited capacity.
Stocks hate uncertainty because it leads to indecision, and an extended stretch of indecision leads to paralysis. The government buys lots of bombs and bullets and hires an army of private contractors to keep infrastructure afloat. During periods of elevated volatility, your posture should shift into a defensive one where you minimize losses so that you can live to fight another day. We’re a group that thinks online investing is fun,        challenging and potentially very lucrative. Since the government has now shutdown there are far-reaching effects, including thousands of government workers furloughed- many of whom who support the transportation industry in one way or another. The last time the government shut down, in 1995, it lasted three weeks – the longest on record.
Funding for those agencies comes from the Highway Trust Fund, which means they don’t depend on the appropriation process in Congress for their funding. The exception is for projects such as the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grants funded by Congress. 25 memo to employees that DOT had “determined which employees would continue to report to work in the event of a lapse in funding and which employees would be placed on furlough,” Foxx said. Max has been featured in press releases, countless publications and has personally helped thousands of businesses market to the United States Federal Government. The absence of federal officials who process grant applications may also take a slight toll on cities and counties when applications are either slowed or delayed. So if you’re planning to celebrate harvest season in the South of France, or want to duck off to the street carts in Singapore, but your passport is about to expire, you might be out of luck. The low-cost stores available to military personnel around the world help a lot of soldiers stretch their paychecks, and keep their families fed. The Small Business Administration, which provides loans to help businesses start or expand, will be putting all its business loans (PDF) on hold until this ends. Before you take up arms and stockpile infant formula, you should know that vital government functions are still funded and operational. How long will the impasse last?  Does this suggest Congress will always be at each other’s throats for future fiscal disputes? If you’re uncertain about tomorrow’s weather, you’re more likely to hold off on buying those baseball tickets.
As these programs get cutback or put on hold, defense contractors will take a hit on earnings, with their equity performance likely to reflect that.

If you already own stock in these sectors, be mindful that much of these effects have probably been priced in already, so setting fire to your portfolio may not be the best course of action either.
These defensive stocks tend to be ones that deal in staples that are in constant demand.   What do we consume every day, regardless of the financial outlook? Here are some retailers of such products and their corresponding stock performance over our comparison period. That’s because the government is involved in everything from security and air traffic control to access to national parks and more. Nearly 300,000 government employees were furloughed and almost half a million went without a paycheck until being reimbursed later after the resolution.
Most of those programs are funded through Highway Trust Fund grants that are paid out annually. Robinson works with the business development department to create messaging that attracts the right decision makers, gaining inbound leads and increasing brand awareness all while shortening sales cycles, the time it takes to gain sales appointments and set proper sales and execution expectations. According to the Washington Post, the 1995 and 1996 shutdowns resulted in 200,000 delayed passports, so depending on how long this goes, the backlog could take a while to sort out. In fact, most of us have probably noticed that outside of a few minor inconveniences, our day-to-day routines have been relatively intact since the shutdown went into effect. Will you have to cancel your plans to spend winter living among the grizzlies in Yellowstone?
Likewise, companies are more hesitant to invest and expand if the political-economic climate is unclear.
Here’s a view of how the stocks of some large names in that sector have performed over the last 2 weeks.
Additionally, federal employees and contractors will have less money to spend on vacations.
The bottom line is that the shutdown is bad for stocks, with the effect worsening as the shutdown persists. The -2.4% performance isn’t spectacular, but getting bitten by a dog sure beats getting mauled by a bear! The difficulty lies in not overreacting and throwing everything overboard at the market bottom (traders call this getting “whipsawed”).
We’ll still have an army, although no one gets a paycheck until this all gets sorted out.
The USDA, however, does a ton of other important things, from marketing and scientific research to aid for farmers and food producers—all of which will be put on hold. With the exception of those who work for (or closely with) government agencies, the true impact of the shutdown isn’t very visible, but it is quite profound.
This means more people will choose to stay at home binge watching Netflix in place of going on trips, which is negative for companies that make a business out of travel, such as hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies. Consistently successful investors manage their portfolio like they are steering a large ship.
As you can see, defense stocks underperformed the S&P 500 considerably over that time span.
Extreme maneuvers might make for some short term excitement but you’ll inevitably turn into shark food.

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