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Treat yourself or your special someone with a custom gourmet specialty cake made in our bakery. She works hard still in her kitchen at home, yet all production takes place in her dedicated facility in Monroe, New York.Joseph, her brother, can be found running the bakery and handling the clients, satisfying the needs of everyone with a ton of energy.
They both share the desire to really listen to customers’ feedback and to continue to improve and expand with success.Their facility is casein-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and they check into the full background details of all their suppliers. Katz experienced once she was diagnosed celiac—free of the pain of rheumatoid arthritis as a result of her gluten-free diet.
My favorites are the marble cake as well as the incredible cinnamon rugelach, the perfect accompaniment to a cup of milk or coffee.

The whole grain bread and the white bread are distinctly different and both perfect for French toast, with eggs or just any sandwich.Fradel and her brother are a  perfect fit in this partnership. Her most recent recipe was the Wholesome Bread, made with unique bean flours, teff for additional protein, and chia seeds and flax for fiber. This woman thinks of it all.Fradel’s vision is to have excellent products, excellent service, and high-quality ingredients. It is fluffy and moist and has the perfect lightness, the perfect texture and has the perfect “marble” look!
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