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Canned Pink Salmon makes a wonderful low-mercury alternative to tuna for sandwiches, spreads and savory dishes. All shelf-stable items (cans and jerky) ship FREE anywhere in the United States on orders over $99. The Portuguese food brand specialises in the distribution of luxury native products, aiming to elevate Portuguese cuisine to the level of international repute that the Italians, French and Spanish have long since attained. Independent foundry Camelot designs typefaces inspired by history – both canonical and vernacular – and informed by contemporary life, and technology.
Graphic designer Baptiste Bernazeau is currently studying at Ecole de Communication Visuelle (ECV) and his project Ruines is a monochrome zine that takes a “philosophical, scientific, metaphysical” look at the ruins of buildings and unpicks the impact of these crumbling structures. Graphic designer Ted Hyunhak Yoon is a recent grad from the RCA and his work takes a historical and research led-approach, where he draws on past events or key figures to document in a new way.

Jean-Philippe Bretin is a Paris-based freelance designer, who has worked previously at Great Set and deValence. Skinless and boneless premium Wild Alaskan Pink salmon, with organic olive and sea salt for added flavor. All of their products are designed in-house under the guidance of Luis Mendonca with the intention of drawing attention the the quality that can be found within – whether it’s salty fish or fine wines. Founded by Maurice Goldner, Katharina Kohler and Wolfgang Schwarzler; the Leipzig-based foundry instantly fell into favour with its fellow designers, having been used by the likes of OK-RM, Fabian Bremer and in Ortner Schinko’s identity for Sigrid Stockl. Made up of Dirk Laucke and Johanna Siebein this power duo of design are responsible for some of the finest identities, typefaces and magazines to date. Executed through posters and publications Ted uses the archive material he finds to display facts and musings in sleek, considered layouts and compositions and using typography and graphics to imbue a certain mood or atmosphere.

As one of the founders of publishing platform Modele Puissance he largely concerned himself with the production and co-production of artist’s monographs, fanzines and publications, utilising their various disciplines with manual printing capabilities. We’re mighty impressed with the results and already on the hunt to track them down in London. The simple and graphic-led identity was used across billboards and printed materials that promoted the show. In this instance however, it is their identity and further book design for new Dutch publishers Bananafish that caught our eye.

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