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I had so wondered why does Google Analytics, or any other marketing tools, intelligence platform shows a summary of keywords like “not provided”.
When your signed into Google and search for a specific result to reach a respective website, the organic keyword will be recorded as “not provided” in Google Analytics report. Well, if you found a value in this post, please share your valuable feedback through comments and share it to your social network. About Saikrishna TipparapuSaikrishna is a student of Computer Science & Engineering and he is also a part time blogger who also blog at TSKSOFT. A very informative article dude….hope google get back to old algorithm or upgrade this one! Yeah they have all the data we do like Browsing and depending on your browse history it allocates your search results based upon your Interests.
Without beating around the bush, Google simply won’t give search volumes for certain adult keywords. Once we have this data, we can estimate monthly search volume for any search Engine using their share of search.
If CTRs or market share changes in the future or you want to use your own custom data, I have created two tabs for these so you can amend them easily. If you need assistance in using my spreadsheet or have any ways in which you think it could be improved, feel free to reach out to us.
Just like starting your startup, with marketing you shouldn’t just dive straight into content marketing without a proper strategy.
A persona should have enough psychological detail to allow you to conveniently step over to the persona’s view and see your products and services from his or her perspective. When just starting out with your company it is very difficult to come up with the right personas, so you can understand that in the beginning these personas are mostly based around assumptions.
To start off easy try writing down all characteristics of your customers, there are some nice online tool available like personapp to help you get started with this process. After writing these down, you should already have a clear view of whom you are writing your content with. This will show you the keywords your visitors are using to arrive on your site while using search.
After you copied the list into your favourite spreadsheet program, sort through all these keywords and start grouping them into similar categories or themes. Use these categories you just created to determine what types of people are searching for these terms. If you export this data again into your favourite spreadsheet program and group the landing pages by social channel. For example, a beauty salon might find that Twitter refers more people looking for reservations and that Facebook refers more people looking for special deals.
Now that we know who your customers are, it is time to start aligning your content with your personas. Your browser doesn't support JavaScript, this site operates best with JavaScript turned on! Google Analytics is recognised as the pumping heart  of digital agencies, with its data providing a handy insight for any department; be it content marketing, social media management, SEO or PPC.
We at Zeta have taken inspiration from the best dashboards out there and created a list of 10 Google Analytics Dashboards that we believe will help optimise your Analytics activity and help you unlock its full potential! We have provided the best Analytics dashboards for every section of your business, so have a browse through and download them into your dashboard. For anyone looking for a deeper insight into the performance of their social media, then look no further.
This dashboard brings a ton of useful analytics regarding your sites load speed across platforms, domains and browsers all into one area, allowing you to compare and review areas that really need to be improved. The added Bounce Rate by Browser widget ability to compare between page loading times and the effect that it may have on conversion and bounce rates depending on the browser your visitor is using.
This analytics dashboard holds ten widgets that allow you to check which of your AdWords campaigns are performing well and which ones are failing. The dashboard lets you see how much you’re spending with Google, conversion rates, bounce rates, where your AdWords buys are coming from and what your most successful campaigns and Ad Groups are.

The dashboard grants you an insight into what content is really providing benefits for you and your customers. It shows you the most popular blog posts on the site and provides you with useful data for generating an effective content strategy for the future and guidance for what kind of content you should produce. This dashboard provides you with a handy snapshot of your page viewers location, favorite device, preferred language, screen resolutions and browsers. Some of the data’s usefulness is a bit subject, but even so it’s fun and can still provide useful information. The dashboard draws comparisons between Organic and Branded traffic and shows you not only your top performing pages and keywords, but those that are struggling and are in need of urgent attention. This dashboard allows you to take a quick snapshot of the performance of your PPC campaigns as a whole. The dashboard also breaks down visits and goal completions by campaign, giving you the ability to gain both a general overview of your PPC, as well as the performance of individual campaigns. This dashboard is a useful one for tracking the performance of your mobile e commerce, providing you with a wide variety of data on screen.
Hope you enjoy our selection of the best Google Analytics dashboards and if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Started blogging in 2010 for fun and later its became a profession, helping co-bloggers and sharing the knowledge to everyone from what he learned. Whether or not you or your client is in the adult entertainment industry, it could still affect your SEO and PPC tracking and reporting. I tend to use a year and my spreadsheet uses a year, but you should be able to use a 1:12 ratio to determine average monthly visits from this term.
UK and US), you should use an Advanced Segment (I love Advanced Segments) to determine the traffic from that country. If not, you may have to consult an old report to find the data or use an external data source.
Without knowing who is the actual audience that you are writing for, you are sure to write content which is not engaging if targeted to the wrong buyer personas. You need a lot of different kinds of content, you have to figure out how it all fits into your buying cycle, and you content has to adjust to the different media through which you share it. A persona can function almost like another person in the room when making a decision—It is “Mary.” She looks at what you’re doing from her particular and very specific vantage point and points out flaws and benefits for her. By doing “customer development” and talking with potential clients of your new found business you can sharpen your assumptions and help to validate them. Are you already writing content for some time you can turn to your Google Analytics to get an even more concrete overview of your customers? Nowadays the vast majority of referring keywords will be “not provided”, however, the data which is in there should be enough to get you started.
For example, if you are marketing alcoholic beverages, you can divide the keywords into categories such as wine, spirits, beers and other drink.
With this in mind, you can start asking yourself the earlier mentioned questions to come up with accurate representations of your ideal customer.
Use the referral traffic data from Analytics to create more advanced audience members for each of your social media channels. By doing this, you can figure out which kind of content works best on which of your social media channels. With this information, the beauty salon can install a custom tab on their Facebook page to better help promoting their special deals and begin promoting for their existing customers better on Twitter. Because by improving your content to meet the needs of your customers most likely to use it, a brand can be sure that when new buyers arrive, they’ll have a good experience. Your messages are being sent but ignored and you’re probably wasting work hours from your team members or even money on your paid campaigns. Your email address will only ever be used for notifications regarding our blog posts and product releases.
I’m going to discuss 4 different stats you can track as part of your SEO campaign, and then explain what changes to those numbers may mean. The plugin superchargers, converters and performance chips that can really launch this Analytics vehicle into turbocharged overdrive?

It allows you to view on site social actions, the value of your socially engaged visits, social source value, most shared content, who read an article and where, and new visitor acquisition.
Top organic keywords, landing pages, goal completions, non brand visits, pages per visit and more.
Our final dashboard is simple but effective, allowing you to grab the most basic of data such as page views, duration of visit, % of new visits and the type of traffic being driven to your site. To my experience I’m getting a good amount of traffic from SERP’s but most of the traffic as a keyword “not provided” which makes it look strange to me…!
Coming to back in the mid October 2011, there were many changes taken place in the Google model.
Here is the issue of “not provided” keyword comes, when the user is signed into Google and goes with an organic search, to access a respective site.
I have read many posts explaining this reason but none of them were so easily understandable. They just use to it increase their advertising opportunities and not let us to harvest from it. So, we can assume that 155 searches per month on Bing equates to 8.7% of the searches per month made across the world.
In other words, personas are a kind of imaginary persons, with a name, a history and certain story who have a way of doing things. You might have categories for location-specific searches or maybe even cocktail related questions.
Now it is time to attach a face to your list of personas, these are your “a little less” rough buyer personas. This spreadsheet will help you create a more precise persona for each of the social networks you have a presence on with your brand. By using these buyer personas you can now make sure that your content will have similar messages in every blog post, in every social media update, paid advertising and sales.
If you refine your content strategy to start focusing on your potential buyers your company is less likely to waste time and effort on content that don’t connect with your target audiences.
If a really smart person did the work, then the report includes a really easy-to-interpret chart, too. I even have a video at the end where I do a little extemporaneous analysis of Conversation Marketing’s traffic, so you can see how it works.
So, now my mind has set in thinking of where does all my keyword research and On-Page SEO goes off?
At the same time we also got “https” the secured search came into existence, this is one of the responsible for the keyword showing “not provided” in Google Analytics.
It results of not showing up any keywords in the Analytics report because the user is signed into Google.
Each campaign you do will have better results, with the improvement visible in your conversions and click-thru rates. But analytics means you’ve put time into actually interpreting the data and drawing conclusions. Such that whatever the user searches for with a keyword it just shows up “not provided” and shows up the traffic is organic. Not that I won’t do that with every post, but be patient as you meander through this one. There is reasoning behind this issue, Google answered that this model has been made for protecting the user’s privacy and it has been stated that it would be just a small part of our overall organic website traffic. So, they tied into one single privacy policy, such that even most of the users of marketing analytics are finding the keyword “not provided” in their results which is the most popular keyword now.

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