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Celiac Disease is a genetic autoimmune digestive disease that damages the villi (lining) of small intestine. Since the symptoms of this disease are generic, diagnosing Celiac Disease isn’t simple. If a person with this disease continues to eat gluten, they will severely damage their small intestine. If after reading this article, you suspect that you may have a gluten intolerance, make an appointed to get tested for celiac disease. The best recommended way to treat Celiac disease is to completely remove gluten from the diet.
With all the information provided in this article, you can now make the choice to stick to your normal diet or try the gluten-free diet. When this lining is damaged, vitamins & nutrients from food cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream, ultimately leading to malnourishment. Patients should ask their pharmacist or physicians whether their medications contain any wheat products.

It  can be confused with iron-deficiency anemia, inflammatory bowel disease, and chronic fatigue syndrome.
For many years, there were only two possibilities, either you have the disease or you have gluten intolerance, nothing in between. Also since, celiac disease is genetic, please have your family members get tested if you if you receive positive test results. The only way to find out if you have sensitivity to gluten is to remove it from your diet and see if your symptoms lessen. The most accurate way to diagnose Celiac disease, is through blood tests, intestinal biopsy, and antibody screening. Researchers say there is a new type of gluten intolerance, called non-celiac gluten sensitivity.
Of the patients diagnosed with Celiac disease, about 15 % develop gastrointestinal carcinoma.
After switching to this gluten-free diet, many of the symptoms will start to dissipate instantly.
If you really want to meet all of your health & fitness goals, absorbing all the nutrients from your food is crucial.

With such a high cancer rate, it is crucial that this disease is diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Another risk of having gluten sensitivity or celiac disease is a vitamin deficiency. Regardless of  having the disease or sensitivity, the treatment will be the same, remove gluten from the diet.
Some important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are not absorbed due to this disease are iron, calcium, folate, vitamin B.
There are still so many foods that you can eat like meat, fruits, vegetables, and potatoes .

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