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The award seeks to recognise companies which are Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) that have demonstrated a high level of excellence and commitment in WSQ training. Enjoying an excellent location in the heart of the city, Marina Mandarin Singapore is an award-winning, five-star luxury hotel that provides Asian grace and hospitality in an atmosphere of relaxed elegance.
With this, each staff will be trained in three core WSQ modules as part of their orientation programme. The hotel identified the core competencies required for career development and customised the appropriate training programme for staff of different levels. Located in the heart of Marina Bay, Pan Pacific Singapore offers 790 contemporary rooms and suites ideal for business or leisure. Recognising the value of WSQ programmes, Pan Pacific Singapore incorporated WSQ modules into its core training programmes. These modules provide the hotel with an easily implemented, systematic training framework and the employees with the opportunity to receive certification in required competencies.
WSQ training has enhanced productivity levels and improved employees' confidence in delivering customer service.
Park Hotel Group offers numerous WSQ certified courses and sends its staff for training under various WSQ frameworks at Park Hotel Academy located at Grand Park City Hall. Founded as a Food & Beverage operator in Singapore in 2000, BreadTalk Group has rapidly expanded to become a distinctive brand owner that has established its mark on the world stage with its bakeries, restaurants and food atria. Rooted by its belief in human capital development and talent retention, BreadTalk Group partners with WDA to continually enhance its employees' competencies and equip them with skills to excel in their jobs. Han's Cafe & Cake House Pte Ltd is first established as a confectionery shop in 1977 and has since built a solid reputation for serving quality food and beverages at affordable prices.
The secret to Han's successful business not only lies in the food it serves, but also in its people. Since becoming an in-house WSQ Approved Training Organisation in 2008, Han's has actively conducted WSQ training to improve staff capabilities and productivity. Han's has five WSQ-certified trainers with Advanced Certificates in Training and Assessment, including the director.
Firmly dedicated to shaping and keeping talents among its staff, Sakae Holdings embarked on its WSQ journey when it became an in-house WSQ Approved Training Organisation in 2006.
With over 450 employees in Singapore, Delta is an in-house WSQ Approved Training Organisation and has trained approximately 400 employees under the Tourism WSQ framework.
The airline adopted 12 WSQ modules for its in-house training programme, as well as contextualised nine new courses for its staff. For its commitment to WSQ initiatives, Delta won the WSQ Training Excellence Award in the Tour and Travel category in 2012. Resorts WorldA® Sentosa (RWS) is Asia's ultimate destination and has won many accolades and awards.
WSQ training and assessment is an integral part of RWS' training roadmap to equip its staff with the know-how to perform specific jobs well and to review staff for the competencies needed to stay employable. The training that its staff received helped Universal Studios Singapore to be among the top three winners in 2011 and 2012 in the F&B and Tourism category for the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG). Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is the holding company of award-winning attractions Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo, and the newly opened River Safari. In order to live up to its international reputation, WRS invests in the training and upgrading of its staff.
This investment in the growth of employees through WSQ training has improved staff productivity and service standards, which in turn contributes to the growth of WRS' business.
George Quek, founder of BreadTalk shares insights on his success and expansion in the food business. DBS Dialogues, a website supported by DBS Bank, provides essential, timely advice from successful business leaders to help entrepreneurs in Singapore and across Asia. While studying in Taiwan, George entered the food and beverage industry with limited know-how and learnt how to build up a business the hard way.
Having a reliable team of employees and partners is also crucial to the company's rapid expansion.
When in need of a reliable financial partner, George turns to DBS who has always been by his side through thick and thin. DBS is the largest bank in Singapore, a leading bank in Hong Kong and is one of the largest financial services groups in Asia. As a bank that specialises in Asia, DBS leverages its insights, deep understanding of the region and appreciation of local cultures to serve and build lasting relationships with its clients.
DBS acknowledges the passion, commitment and can-do spirit in each of its 14,000 staff, representing over 30 nationalities. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. A man without appropriate accountability or responsibility for personal actions will make eventual fools of all!

George started his F&B business in Taiwan in 1982, successfully growing it into a chain of 21 Southeast Asian food outlets within a decade. George is a Brand Champion who has positioned the company's brand portfolio into innovative concepts now widely accepted in Asia and throughout the world. This year as Singapore celebrates its golden jubilee, we profile some of Singapore's top brands and the people behind them. In the spirit of celebrating all things local this month of National Day, we profile eight Singaporean companies and the people that have driven the business to find success not just in Singapore, but across the globe. Banyan Tree is a brand familiar to luxury travellers, currently enjoying a strong presence in 28 countries.
It has been a long entrepreneurial journey for George Quek, from selling dragon beard candy in Taiwan to founding the S$536.5 million revenue-generating behemoth BreadTalk Group in 2000. As founder and CEO, Olivia Lum has grown Hyflux from the fledgling water treatment startup it was 22 years ago to a publicly listed corporation. Odile and Douglas Benjamin first started Raoul as a men's shirt label, and it has since evolved into a rising homegrown brand on the international front. Founder and managing director of Spa Esprit Group, Cynthia Chua, oversees a beauty, lifestyle and wellness giant today, having opened her first spa outlet in Holland Village in 1996. Noting the absence of Thai franchises among casual eateries in Singapore despite popular demand for the cuisine, Ivan Lee and Dellen Soh opened the first Thai Express outlet in Holland Village in 2002. Established in 1984, the Tung Lok Group is recognised as Singapore's leading restaurant chain which offers distinct and multi-sensory dining concepts. In consideration of its reliable system to track and sustain training, as well as the availability of an appropriate framework, the hotel adopted the WSQ Tourism framework as part of its training syllabus. During their time with the organisation, staff will also be scheduled for another core module, Interact with Guest.
Marina Mandarin trained more than 30 per cent of its staff through the WSQ framework in 2012.
Some of these include Interact with Guests, Provide Safety and Security for Guests, Work Safely and Promote Tourism. All new employees are thus required to attend WSQ modules as part of their orientation programme. As different departments undergo training together, teamwork and camaraderie are fostered among employees too. Recognising the importance of investing in its human capital, Park Hotel Academy was established in 2011 to provide an array of WSQ programmes to its staff.
As a national credentialing system and provider of industry-recognised qualifications, WSQ has provided a big payoff for the company in increasing staff skills, knowledge, job retention and performance. All employees are provided with well-structured and up-to-date functional and leadership training. Beyond creating equal learning opportunities for all levels of staff, Han's has invested in sophisticated training infrastructure and syllabus to increase productivity levels and boost staff confidence.
Staff received more than 1,500 Statements of Attainment in the last four years, with more than 30 achieving WSQ Certificates. With more than a decade of experience under its belt, the Group constantly breaks new grounds offering customers a taste of international dining. The company has actively adopted the WSQ training and certification system in recent years. Delta staff have obtained more than 3,000 Statements of Attainment with almost 300 employees achieving the WSQ Certificate in Tour & Travel Services. It is dedicated to the management of world-class leisure attractions that foster conservation and research while educating visitors about animals and their habitats.
The company achieved the WSQ Approved Training Organisation status in 2006, and has since made WSQ initiatives an integral part of its learning and career development strategies.
After I started my first BreadTalk shop in China in 2003, we needed to build a factory to support the business.
George Quek, founder of BreadTalk and other well-known restaurant ventures such as Food Republic, Toast Box and Din Tai Fung, shared his experiences and insights on how to take businesses to the next level. Today, George is opening new BreadTalk outlets almost every day in Bahrain, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other cities in China.
As a leader, George needs to be able to empower his managers to drive decisions themselves.
DBS provides a full range of services in corporate, SME, consumer and wholesale banking activities across Asia and the Middle East. Ho Kwon Ping and Claire Chiang established the first Banyan Tree resort in Phuket in 1995 with just seven staff members.
Before BreadTalk, Singapore was scattered with neighbourhood bakeries offering run-of-the-mill items, and it took Quek's vision to see the potential of making bread a lifestyle concept, presenting a unique selection and sleek stores which revolutionised the food and beverage industry. But success didn't come easily - at age 28, Lum sold her apartment and car and started selling water treatment systems along the Malaysian peninsula off the back of a motorcycle.

The name is fitting, given how this specialised retailer of home health care products has grown since its first shop in 1986 to having more than 856 outlets across 111 cities in Asia, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, North America and Europe. They confide that when the brand first launched in the US, most department stores felt that while Raoul's products were of designer quality, it was hard for buyers to decide where to place the brand as they were priced significantly lower than the other designer brands.
Back then, she broke the stereotypical mould of a typical spa, introducing one with eclectic interiors and quirky beauty treatments.
Led by founder Andrew Tjioe, the company owns and manages over 40 restaurants across the region.
The hotel is a WSQ Approved Training Organisation and its staff have achieved a total of 1,003 Statements of Attainment in the last two years. The Academy is dedicated to train and develop a talent pool of hospitality professionals to constantly raise service standards and increase productivity. There has been a positive trend in customer compliments and a reduction in workplace accidents. Presently, more than 80 per cent of its current workforce has undergone in-house WSQ training.
Delta strives to provide a great work environment and world-class training for its employees. WRS actively supports employees to achieve Statements of Attainment, WSQ Certifications and Diplomas.
DBS will leverage its growing presence in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to intermediate the increasing trade and investment flows in the Greater China region. And while it took thirteen years for them to own their second location, Banyan Tree has since experienced tremendous growth, with over 35 hotels and resorts, more than 70 spas, and 80 retail galleries today. Following BreadTalk's success, Quek has continued to roll out new concepts such as Toast Box, RamenPlay, Food Republic, Thye Moh Chan and successful franchise Din Tai Fung. Realising the company would only be scalable if she went into manufacturing, she brought in membrane technology and set up water plants in clients' factories during the mid-nineties.
Sim attributes the brand's success to having consolidated products manufactured by different companies under the Osim brand, and focusing its marketing strategy on improving the health of its customers.Bouncing back from being nearly driven to bankruptcy during the 1985 recession, Sim's is a remarkable success story, having subsequently transformed the company to a reputable health and wellness brand.
Both founders commented that international receptiveness toward Singapore brands has been steadily on the rise, and that the world is now more ready for an Asian fashion legacy, with designers like Philip Lim and Alexander Wang paving the way.Odile Benjamin strongly believes in building Raoul's brand image by adhering to its promise of high quality apparel at moderate prices. Bolstered by humorous and innovative marketing campaigns, Chua went on to launch a waxing salon, Strip, a huge achievement considering the social taboos about waxing at the time.Spurred by her success, she developed several new ventures including food concepts Skinny Pizza and Tippling Club. By 2008, business was booming and Lee and Soh sold 70 per cent of the business to Thai-listed conglomerate Minor International, valuing the company at $114 million. Driven by the success of the group's flagship, Tung Lok Restaurant, he went on to open other upscale Chinese restaurants, of which many are still in business after more than 18 years.The company has since expanded to Japan, India, Indonesia and China.
More than 500 employees have obtained Statements of Attainment and 22 have received WSQ Certificates in Hotel and Accommodation. The bank is also focused on extending its footprint and facilitating capital flows in fast-growing Indonesia and India.
Commenting on Banyan Tree's Singapore base, Ho says, "The hotel industry is global in nature, so positioning ourselves as a global niche player steeped in Asian tradition is more strategic and spot-on." 2011 saw yet another milestone, with the opening of Singapore's first Banyan Tree Spa, at Marina Bay Sands.
The firm soon won a groundbreaking S$250 million contract to build and operate Singapore's first seawater desalination plant, and was one of the earliest industry pioneers in China, having succeeded in building China's largest desalination plant. No expense is spared when it comes to raising Osim's brand profile, and internationally renowned Asian celebrities such as Chinese actress Gong Li and Hong Kong star Andy Lau have graced the brand's advertising campaigns. Spa Esprit now has a burgeoning clientele spanning several continents and has received dazzling reviews from the international media. Soh, who is currently at the helm of Thai Express expressed his dedication to the company's future. Fortunately, in the process of taking the brand overseas, he found that Singapore enjoys a good reputation. The first Singaporean to attain the ACA Lifetime Creative Achievement Award, Ho, together with Chiang, has plans to add a fourth brand to its stable that now comprises Banyan Tree, Angsana and Cassia.
The company’s annual 2014 report noted the addition of 80 new bakery outlets internationally, pushing the total to 817 worldwide. She is particularly proud of her London and New York outlets, citing them as great achievements for the company as they have been able to "take a Western product, fine tune it in Asia and reimport the brands back into key fashion cities." Chua's success can be attributed to her passion. She firmly believes that "you have to love what you do and have strong beliefs in the brand. In February 2008, he won the prestigious International Star Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award by American Academy of Hospitality Sciences for his success and contribution to the industry.

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