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The garden hose is a tool that every home owner should have regardless of whether or not they own a garden. First, a garden hose should have one female and one male threaded coupling at the two ends. Some garden hoses are made of nylon or other plastic compounds while others are made of rubber. A sprinkler garden hose has small holes along the length of the hose so that when it is turned on, the water comes out of several places rather than just at the garden hose nozzle. Even though the name might be misleading, watering plants or flowers is only one of the uses for your garden hose. Gutter cleaning can be a messy and tedious job if you clean the gutters by hand and scoop out all of the debris with your hands or a gutter scoop. Speaking of power washers, your garden hose can provide the water stream to your power washer when you need it to clean a deck or the siding on your house.
Some homeowners choose to use garden hoses as permanent extension cords that move the location of an outdoor spigot. We briefly discussed the gutter wand earlier, but this is another handy garden hose attachment. Since you definitely need a garden hose around the house, you have to find a neat way to store the garden hose when it is not in use.
The retractable garden hose storage units that are hideaways look like large plastic boxes. Our premium container gardens is designed to offer a smarter way to cultivate all sorts of plants and vegetables from the comfort of your home, balcony, or patio. Vertical gardening lets you make the most of your gardening space and there has never been an easier way to start. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or a regular home, a container garden can be crafted to fit your space.
Most container gardens use soil-less potting mixtures, which offer a sterile alternative to natural soil. Maybe you live in the desert but have a love of water gardens, or perhaps you live in a ski basin and have a love of tropical plants. With so many reasons to love container gardening, create your own container garden this season. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? Retired engineer-turned-gardener Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” consistently tops the list of best-selling gardening books – and there’s a reason.
Square foot gardening differs from most other gardening systems in that you don’t use your native earth. The classic Square Foot bed is a 4’ x 4’ square constructed of anything from lumber to bricks to cinder blocks. Another place where square foot gardening shines is in its ability to produce high amounts of veggies in a small space. Unlike some methods, square foot gardening as Bartholomew recommends it is a completely organic system. David Goodman is a naturalist, author and hard-core gardener who has grown his own food since 1984. David is the author of four books, writes a regular column for The Ag Mag in North Central Florida, is a Mother Earth News blogger and has also written for outlets including Backwoods Home, Survival Blog and Self-Reliance Magazine.
David is a Christian, an artist, a husband, a father of seven, a cigar-smoker and an unrepentant economics junkie who now lives somewhere near the equator on a productive cocoa farm. And for lots more gardening info, click here and subscribe to his often hilarious YouTube channel. I got rid of the boxes this season and using berms, because otherwise I’d be missing this entire season. Imagine water cascading gently over a ledge as it falls into your water garden, creating a soothing sound unmatched by anything else in nature.

Rain Chains – A Beautiful Way to Collect WaterRain chain and a pot full of rainwater.
To gather rainwater from a gutter that edges your roof, simply remove the spout and attach a chain or rope to direct the water downward into a can or pot. Buy a good qualify of rain chain and it should be able to handle rain coming down through the downspout, Danielle.
The timeless aesthetic of our products is effectively complemented with numerous highly practical features and benefits. Simply hang this vertical garden on the fence or railing using the supplied universal mounting bracket and you’re all set. Garden365™ makes it easy to incorporate a water gardening element into your environment without the hassle and construction typical of conventional water gardens.
The key to making a container garden work in your space is choosing the right products to suit your gardening and lifestyle needs. Planted with sterile potting mix in close proximity to one another, plants in container gardens offer little room for weeds to grow in. Elevated and vertical container gardens are not easily accessible by most pets putting both your plants and pets out of harm’s way. All of the components are manufactured using enduring materials and coatings so you won’t have to replace them every year. Square foot gardening promises little or no weeding, consistent results, and lots of organic veggies from a tiny space. Instead, you use a perfect mix (Mel’s Mix) of “soil” created from one part compost, one part vermiculite, and one part peat moss. Bartholomew also strongly recommends putting a permanent grid over the top dividing the bed into easily manageable 1’ squares. It’s also weed-free, unless you start with homemade compost that wasn’t “cooked” enough in a hot compost pile. If you want to grow beans, cabbages, salad greens, peppers, onions and other smaller plants, square foot beds are very convenient and supportive. As you pull out spent crops, put in a handful of compost in the holes left behind and then plant again.
With a square foot garden, you can drop a garden right over grass or weeds without even pulling stuff up. If square foot gardening were the end-all system, it would be recommended across the gardening community, right?
It may be perfect for a townhome’s backyard… and gardener that likes watering regularly… but it’s less attractive when you have a lot of land available. I use a combination of methods ranging from row gardening to biointensive beds to water gardening to permaculture, etc. And if it takes a 4’ x 4’ box with good instructions and a smiling mentor; sure, you can start with square foot gardening. Our large water storage tank (1600 gallons) collects rain from the rooftop of the garage and is about half full. There is noting quite so pleasant as to be surprised with a pot full of rainwater after a couple of hours of light rain. I’ve seen them around Cambria going from the second story down to ground level, and they seem to work fine. These raised container gardens can be used indoor and outdoor and offer a large planting area along with a number of practical features. The bracket can also be modified for use on flat walls, chain link fences and a variety of other surfaces.
Each product comes complete with all key components, takes up very little space, and is simple to set up and maintain. They can be brought inside in the winter, and fresh herbs can be grown in a sunlit nook or with the help of a grow light.
Bartholomew also has plans for melon and bean trellises so you can grow vertically and get more use from the space.

This means you do not have to bring in anything new after the initial purchases of peat and vermiculite. Mel Bartholomew is really fun to read – the book is worth buying just to hear what a truly excited and enthusiastic gardener sounds like. Yet writers like Steve Solomon, Ruth Stout, John Jeavons, Toby Hemenway, Carol Deppe, Edward Smith, Dick Raymond and others have different methods that work for them. Though Bartholomew is using the system for international relief efforts by growing with compost alone, rather than his three-part mix, even compost takes work to make, or money, if you buy it. The standard square foot bed also doesn’t allow you to grow much in the way of large root crops or crawlers like melons. You might not have weeds to pull – but you’ll be spending some time watering during the summer. Square foot gardening is in my arsenal – but it doesn’t play a major role in my garden plans. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll eventually outgrow the box and concentrate on building your own soil rather than bringing it in from outside. The pot that collects rain from the garden shed has been filled and emptied several times over the last month.
If you see a Spathephyllum (Peace Lily) with brown leaf tips, it is most likely due to being watered with tap water.
If the location of your downspout isn’t too obvious, any kind of chain or rope will work and a plastic can will hold the water. I get the water it collects by dipping my watering can in and hand watering my indoor plants with it. In addition, their raised design allows for airflow underneath the container garden thus eliminating moisture problems that could otherwise result with the use of conventional planters on wooden decks and patios.
This grid can be made of stretched string, PVC, 1 x 2 lumber or whatever you have lying around. For a person just getting started, he takes the overwhelming world of food production and cuts it into nice, neat 12” x 12” pieces that are easy enough for even a complete novice to digest.
He’s an organic gardener and a philanthropist, and just seems to be an all-around sharp guy with a good heart. In fact, I’m now digging beneath my old square foot beds and stacking in wood as water reservoirs in a hugelkultur-inspired fashion… but that’s another story altogether. I wanted something a little more decorative since my garden shed is an integral part of my garden. Having a visual delineation of your plants is definitely helpful, but this part of the Square Foot Garden design is where gardeners often diverge from the plans in Bartholomew’s book.
If you’ve got a limited amount of space, like well-planned systems, and you’ve got some resources, square foot gardening is a great method. My food forests, seed saving and seed slinging, green manuring, and intercropping were beyond her, but a 4’ x 4’ box of veggies was a good gateway to introduce her to home food production. Double-digging could create the same space for $0.00, provided you had a little compost or manure lying around.
We’ve never had trouble with mosquito larvae in it but we live in a rather dry area, in fact, we have drought conditions here now so water does not sit in the barrel very long.
If you wanted to feed your entire family with square foot beds, you’d be out some serious cash. I like to keep the barrel empty so that it will collect rain should we be fortunate enough to get any.
Granted, you’d earn it back in home-grown organic produce over time – which is why I bit the bullet and built beds for my wife – but it’s still a big outlay.

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