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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Description: 7 piece garden tool set includes a leaf and flower trimmer, water spray bottle, and a branch and twig pruner.
Our Garden Value Set includes a hand pruner, trowel, cultivator and kneeling cushion, all designed to make basic garden tasks easier and more efficient. A comprehensive 7 piece garden tool set in a great value that makes gardening a joyful and an easy task. Bring all your gardening necessities with you in the GardenHOME 7-Piece Stainless Steel Garden Tools with Canvas Tote.
The 7-piece set includes: 1 canvas tote which has a reinforced bottom and it has brass grommets, elastic tool bands and a 7-pocket capacity.
The spade, shovel, rake and digging bar in this kit of garden tools covers your day-to-day gardening needs including digging, breaking up soil and weeding.

These garden tools fit conveniently in the attractive canvas tote so you can easily transport your tools as needed.
7-piece master craft garden tool and tote set includes everything you need for those gardening and landscaping projects.The garden tools fit conveniently in the attractive canvas tote so you can easily transport your tools as needed. It is a part of maintaining the house, and it allows us to make masterpiece to be proud about. These tools are made of heat treated hardened steel construction, powder coat finished with ergonomic handles. Tote Size: 22x16x4cm, 1 pruner, 1 snip, 1 rake, 1 trowel, 1 shovel, 1 plastic spray bottle.
We can manage and maintain the garden without any difficulty in using the tool on the right way. We have a 30 year background in manufacturing, specializing in consumer pest control products, but expanding into a wide range of fields to provide goods for every corner of your home.

If you're expecting to dig out dirt that's firmer then a dried out toilet tissue paper, then these garden tools aren't the ones to use. I compare the hardness of the material to be that of the plastic see through wrappings of an item on the display rack at your local hardware store.
If you're a regular at gardening, then perhaps a better quality tool would be a smarter choice.

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