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A Louisiana man spoiled an attempted armed carjacking at a car wash when he used the wash's spray gun to shoot the thieves and chase them away.
Learning how to attract pollinators was the focus of one workshop this spring at K&W Greenery. Last Saturday, I spent a worthwhile hour learning about Coleus Apple Brandy, Dianthus Fruit Punch Maraschino and Heuchera Champagne.
Besides, there’s worse places to spend another chilly Saturday, this one with a little snow on the ground. Rabbit’s family is in need of some income, so Rabbit approaches the lazy bear next door with a proposition: his family will do all the work in Bear’s weedy garden patch in exchange for a share of the produce. This is a brilliant book with rhymes about garden vegetables… turn the page to see the mystery vegetable and get a simple recipe kids can make with their parents!
This is a beautiful book which tells what the animals are doing up in the garden and down in the dirt while a girl gardens with her Nana. In this cheerful rhyming book a bunny hops around a garden, finding flowers and plants of every color. This vintage book is a fun story about a little boy who is plant sitting for the neighbors. I love how Rosie overcomes her envy and behaves in a kind, loving way – even when the other girl is boastful about having the tallest plant at the end.
We like this simple board book about baby bunnies counting vegetables for a giant vegetable soup.

This was the favorite even of of my older kids who rarely listen to picture books that I read aloud.
This bright book has Lois Ehlert’s signature cut-paper illustrations with large, simple text. This one was the favorite of my Four, who enjoyed reading about the tracks in the garden and finding out who had been there – from the slimy tracks of a slug to the nibbled leaves left by a cottontail rabbit. In yet another retelling of the traditional Russian folktale, a farmer grows an enormous potato and needs help from all the family, even the mouse, to get it out of the ground. I like the wooduct illustrations and the new vocabulary in this garden-themed alphabet book.
This is nice story about multicultural kids who work together to plant vegetables in their community garden. This is such a wonderful story about a girl named Rose who travels in a giant teapot, collecting seeds as she travels around the world.
And if you think these flowering plants are only of interest to women, let me point out that I was far from the only guy in the crowd of between 100 and 200 listeners. The garden center offers free coffee, and sitting in the comfort of the greenhouse, I soon had to take off my jacket.
Attending also allowed me to catch Char afterward and ask about spring care for tall grass plants we bought last fall to screen our compost bin.
Maybe this weekend’s forecast will provide the first ideal weather for doing so, and those attending these sessions will be armed with good information to nurture their efforts.

In the field next to her garden, the wind does the same by blowing seeds around a field and watering with the rain. I learned from chatting to another attendee that she has enjoyed success using PVC pipe to keep squirrels from climbing her birdfeeder pole.
In the resource pages of the pack you’ll find book lists and even more resources to make your unit spectactular! But when the boy learns to prune the plants and tend them carefully, his parents learn to appreciate them, too. Turnip treats!” It might be fun to read the book, then go back and hunt for a particular vegetable. She plants the remaining few seeds and waits patiently through the seasons for her seeds to sprout. If you plant a zucchini plant next to other seeds, it will overtake everything – not to mention a pumpkin seed!
During the night, she and her husband plant a different large vegetable in each of her neighbors’ gardens.

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