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Perhaps you purchased a couple gardening books during the summer, but never had time to read or finish them. I can't tell you how much I have learned about gardening just by talking with other gardeners. If you don't know anyone else that gardens, maybe you can join a local gardening club, or participate in gardening clinics (or workshops) held by your local nursery.
Another way of communicating with other gardeners is participating in gardening forums, or message boards, on the internet. Experimenting with different methods and techniques is a great way to improve your gardening skills.
If you read, talk, practice, experiment, and share, your gardening skills and knowledge will be keen and sharp as a tack come Spring.
We at Exterior Designs truly understand the elements of Nature and we truly understand the elements of construction.
With our knowledge of plants, our knowledge of up to the minute construction materials, our attention to detail and our professional and friendly approach you can rest assured that your Landscaping project is in safe hands from Design to completion. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid?
Retired engineer-turned-gardener Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” consistently tops the list of best-selling gardening books – and there’s a reason. Square foot gardening differs from most other gardening systems in that you don’t use your native earth.
The classic Square Foot bed is a 4’ x 4’ square constructed of anything from lumber to bricks to cinder blocks.
Another place where square foot gardening shines is in its ability to produce high amounts of veggies in a small space. Unlike some methods, square foot gardening as Bartholomew recommends it is a completely organic system. David Goodman is a naturalist, author and hard-core gardener who has grown his own food since 1984.
David is the author of four books, writes a regular column for The Ag Mag in North Central Florida, is a Mother Earth News blogger and has also written for outlets including Backwoods Home, Survival Blog and Self-Reliance Magazine.
David is a Christian, an artist, a husband, a father of seven, a cigar-smoker and an unrepentant economics junkie who now lives somewhere near the equator on a productive cocoa farm. And for lots more gardening info, click here and subscribe to his often hilarious YouTube channel. I got rid of the boxes this season and using berms, because otherwise I’d be missing this entire season. Young students from Mercy Housing’s after-school and summer program, with the help of community volunteers, broke ground Saturday, planting seeds in the their garden of 24 raised beds and filling the air with the aura of spring.
Throughout the summer, the students, who are also residents from Mercy Housing’s four Austin properties, will care for the garden, eventually selling the harvest to Kitchfix, a Chicago meal-delivery service that specializes in local and organic foods. Kitchfix provided the vegetables for the students to grow and will buy back the produce after the harvest; the first harvest is expected in June. Tomatoes, lettuce, bell peppers, various herbs, strawberries and collard greens are a few of the items the young gardeners are learning to grow.
Residents of Mercy Housing also will get some of the harvest, said Felix Matlock, Mercy Housing Lakefront’s regional vice president for resident services.
Ten year-old Gabriel Perry, a fifth grader at George Leland Elementary, is one of the students involved in the planting process. She will serve as the record keeper, chronicling her fellow elementary and middle school students’ progress as the plants grow throughout the summer.
Phil Ashton, a Mercy Housing board member, said the connection to the land and discovering where food comes from are important lessons for the kids to learn. The students will not only learn more about food, but also have the satisfaction of allowing others to enjoy what they’ve grown, he said. The children, who woke up early last weekend to help plant, seemed to already be enjoying the gardening process.
Tyrese Richardson, a third grader at Catalyst Circle Rock Elementary School, spent the morning happily raking soil and lending a hand where needed. Syrianna Williams, a fourth grader at Holy Family School, also helped plant and was excited to be outdoors. Amber Johnson, a consultant for Wilks Communication and a Mercy Housing volunteer, said the benefits of the garden include kids getting outside, doing something active and learning. West Side schools facing budget cuts for upcoming yearFind out how your school will fare under the new spending plan CPS just released to principals. Rain, rain, go awayAustin residents recently learned ways to prevent flooding in their homes.
Student wins scholarship for designing award-winning logo for West Side farm standThe PCC Community Wellness Center's Austin farm stand opened for a sixth season this month. The Austin community, home to nearly 100,000 people, is rich in diversity, culture and life. WEYDON students recently became gardeners and garden designers thanks to an in-school competition. Gardening OverviewThe Sims 4's Gardening Skill offers you a means of growing plants to make money or make your own ingredients for meals, boosting their quality while pursuing completion of the Plants Collection. Genius Trait - helps Sims get Focused - this Emotion is very helpful when Gardening and can help you gain skill faster, as demonstrated by the Research Gardening Interaction on the Computer.
Freelance Botanist Aspiration - This is a natural choice, since you can gain loads of Satisfaction for the purchase of Rewards by completing the objectives of this Aspiration.
Starting Gardening & Skill Level UnlocksThe Four basic skills of Gardening are Plant, Water, Weed, and Harvest. Level 5 - Take Cutting and Graft abilities unlock, which allow you to get otherwise unattainable plants. Level 7 - Sim has a Green Thumb, which evidently means they get the Tend Garden ability, allowing them to Water and Weed the Garden by clicking a single plant. Buying SeedsThe only way I found to Buy Seeds is by either purchasing them on the Computer (under the Order Menu) or by clicking on Gardening Pots. Eating ProduceRaw produce may be eaten directly from your Sim's inventory as of the Patch that came with Outdoor Retreat. Plant MoodPlants with weeds around them or who go without water a while will have their mood drop. Evolving PlantsAfter taking good care of your plants for a few days, you'll start to see them sparkle.
Fertilizing Plants (Gardening Skill Level 3)Other plants can be used as Fertilizer, but the best Fertilizer seems to be Fish.
Plant QualityPlants come in the following quality levels: Normal, Nice, Very Nice, Good, Great, Excellent, Superb, Magnificent, Pristine, Perfect. Bonsai TreesBonsai Trees are decor that regrow but allow for a continual source of Gardening experience. Collect Microscope SampleYou can make money with Gardening another way if you're willing to invest in a Microscope (which is massive and costs $1630). Harvested Plants can be sold through the Sim's InventoryClick and Drag the Plant to the Simoleon icon. Taking Care of your Garden: Tending Garden and Harvest YieldsThere is no magical set time of day for plants to grow, need watering, or weeding. Graft Ability - Combine Plants (Level 5)See the table below for special grafting combos to unlock plants you haven't yet found. The Grafting option is very good for busy Sims that like to cook meals with good ingredients. Wild Plants & GrowthIn order to find Uncommon and Rare plants that do not come from seed packets and neighborhood gardens, you must look for plants in the Wild.
Making Perfect Plants FasterKeep the plants you start with, and gradually evolve them by taking care of them and clicking Evolve each time it comes available. Harvest the Death Flowers, Plant one, and enjoy unlimited Death Flowers, which can be exchanged to the reaper to avoid death!
Grafting for EfficiencyCharlottecupcake wrote in to me to tell me she'd made a guide to make a garden with one of each plant type that is also efficient.
Note: you cannot take cutting of Bonsai Buds, so this means that you can't graft that onto the #3 plant with Dragonfruit and Cow Berry. Seed Packet means you can get it from the starting seed packet, purchased on the computer or by clicking a planter pot. Note on Growth TimesThese are rough estimates, and indicate how long after being planted you can expect a plant to begin producing fruit.
Note on Values & Making Money with DataValues are what I saw after planting all perfect variants without Grafting. Grafting for Special PlantsIn the table, you'll see grafting combinations that can create special plants when you take either type and splice it to the other. LemonCommon$1260hOasis Springs - Across the street from Rattlesnake Juice in the dirt area. TomatoUncommon$1224hOasis Springs, up the road from Slipshod Mesquite (the home that looks like a trailer) are planter boxes.
TulipUncommon$1136hOasis Springs, near the abandoned mine down the hill behind the Landgraab Mansion. If a Cow Plant is growing hungry, which happens after about 12 hours of not being fed, it will offer up cake.

When a Sim is swallowed by a Cow Plant by going for the Cake, one of two things will happen. Our Sims Forum is the place to go for faster answers to questions and discussions about the game. It seems that everyone has a different way of doing things - a different methodology - that brings new ideas and new practices. If you are out for a walk (or driving) stop and talk to someone that you may see out working in their garden. Indoor gardening will give you the ability to grow some vegetables and herbs during those cold winter months. How do you know how a certain plant may or may not react to something unless you try it out? Whether you share your expertise in a subject, or share your vegetables with a neighbor - sharing is a very rewarding part of gardening.
A good landscaper understands the elements of Nature and Construction and blends them together accordingly.
Square foot gardening promises little or no weeding, consistent results, and lots of organic veggies from a tiny space. Instead, you use a perfect mix (Mel’s Mix) of “soil” created from one part compost, one part vermiculite, and one part peat moss.
Bartholomew also strongly recommends putting a permanent grid over the top dividing the bed into easily manageable 1’ squares.
It’s also weed-free, unless you start with homemade compost that wasn’t “cooked” enough in a hot compost pile. If you want to grow beans, cabbages, salad greens, peppers, onions and other smaller plants, square foot beds are very convenient and supportive. As you pull out spent crops, put in a handful of compost in the holes left behind and then plant again. With a square foot garden, you can drop a garden right over grass or weeds without even pulling stuff up. If square foot gardening were the end-all system, it would be recommended across the gardening community, right? It may be perfect for a townhome’s backyard… and gardener that likes watering regularly… but it’s less attractive when you have a lot of land available.
I use a combination of methods ranging from row gardening to biointensive beds to water gardening to permaculture, etc. And if it takes a 4’ x 4’ box with good instructions and a smiling mentor; sure, you can start with square foot gardening. Chris Taliaferro says $700,000 in funding will pay for six projects - ranging from community gardens and murals to pedestrian islands and park equipment.
Produce grown at the site will be sold every Tuesday and the third Saturday of the month through Oct. AustinTalks seeks to reflect this richness and provide residents of Chicago's most-populated neighborhood with news and information not available anywhere.
If you want info only on grafting combinations, head to the Grafting & Take Cutting Guide. The Collector Trait that comes with it will likely help you find more rare plants out in the world. This will allow you to talk to Plants to fill your Sim's Social Need, while also granting Gardening Skill experience! The rarer the catch, the better a fertilizer it is - so The Sims 4's Fishing Skill works very well with Gardening. However, talking to plants or reading about Gardening is a better means of gaining experience.
Clicking a Plant and selecting to take a Microscope Sample will give you the ability to analyze it with the Microscope. Using it two times in a row can kill a plant, resulting in a fee to revive it, else you dispose of the dead plant.
This will start a plant over at its same level of quality, but adding the ability to also grow the plant whose cutting you grafted onto it. However, remember that you get only 8-10 harvestables out of a plant and grafting too many to one plant will result in a mixture - 1 of a few of them, 2 of another, and maybe 0 of another kind on a particular harvest. The trick is to stay in the area long enough for them to grow a tad (Plants grow fast in TS4) so you can take a cutting, then graft it onto one of your own plants. She optimizes this by grafting slow-growing plants onto fast ones, so that one of each is present for consumption by Sims or completing the Gardening collection. Contrary to the plan, you should keep the plant with Strawberry, Daisy, and Bonsai Buds to maintain the efficient nature.
They will then produce fruit at a rate relative to their original growth time, until they reach the maximum of 10 harvestables. To maximize profit, I suggest you take cuttings from high-value plants and Graft them onto fast-growing plants.
Graft Sage and Basil.PlantainCommon$1672hFound in Seed Packets, but you may also Graft Pear with Lemon.
Cow Plant berries have been found while Fishing at the glimmering stream with a cave in Oasis Springs' Big Park, as well as Sylvan Glade's larger body of water. This is also found after completing the Space Rock collection from the Rocket Science Skill.
Let this trash sit in your yard (it can be moved in buy mode), and it'll become one very unhappy trash plant. Unidentified Fruit Object is what you harvest, but the plant is actually named Intergalactic Growth Pod.
Sims cannot play with the Cow Plant at that point, but only choose between Feeding the Plant (wise) or eating the cake (foolish).
The first time they take the cake, they'll get spit out, upon which case they will leave the cow plant feeling disgusting and unnerved; an emotionless husk. Drinking this will extend the Sim's lifespan by putting them back to the beginning of the current life stage. Use the form below to share your own experiences and provide helpful tips to other readers. Although winter is in full force here in the States, that's no reason to stop sharpening our skills and knowledge of gardening.
Well written gardening books are an invaluable source of information about your favorite gardening topics. If you are interested in a particular gardening subject, make sure to check with your local library branch.
I remember when I was a child sitting around a wood stove with my grandfather as he talked about gardening with his friends. This might prove to be difficult for someone that is shy, but it is well worth the venture. Not only will you have fresh herbs and salad greens during winter, but this will keep your gardening skills fresh and honed.
I would not recommend doing this to your whole garden, but you can devote a couple plants in your garden to experimentation. A fellow gardener and I have a friendly competition on who has the best looking and best tasting tomatoes each year. Bartholomew also has plans for melon and bean trellises so you can grow vertically and get more use from the space. This means you do not have to bring in anything new after the initial purchases of peat and vermiculite. Mel Bartholomew is really fun to read – the book is worth buying just to hear what a truly excited and enthusiastic gardener sounds like.
Yet writers like Steve Solomon, Ruth Stout, John Jeavons, Toby Hemenway, Carol Deppe, Edward Smith, Dick Raymond and others have different methods that work for them. Though Bartholomew is using the system for international relief efforts by growing with compost alone, rather than his three-part mix, even compost takes work to make, or money, if you buy it. The standard square foot bed also doesn’t allow you to grow much in the way of large root crops or crawlers like melons. You might not have weeds to pull – but you’ll be spending some time watering during the summer. Square foot gardening is in my arsenal – but it doesn’t play a major role in my garden plans.
But if you’re anything like me, you’ll eventually outgrow the box and concentrate on building your own soil rather than bringing it in from outside.
The mission of the garden is to teach young people the value of healthy eating and how to be entrepreneurs. Six months of community meetings and two weeks of voting determined how the menu money will be spent.
This Guide to Gardening will teach you about fertilizer, evolving plants, quality levels, cuttings and grafts, and how you can grow a big garden at home while still giving your Sims an active life. These are the skills you get at the beginning, and starting is a simple matter of buying seeds or harvesting plants from the wild. Garden Pots cost $50 while holding only one plant, while Garden Planter Boxes cost $200 and hold either 4 plants or one tree. Your Sim will go about planting all of the seeds, which you can then water and gain loads of experience doing so.

Eating Perfect plants may give your Sim a +3 Happy moodlet for 4h, so it's very much worth keeping some plants on you for a quick bite to eat and a pick me up in terms of mood.
It's better to harvest them to get ready for the next evolution, so you can start getting profitable Superb-quality Plants. This often yields a painting that can be worth hundreds of Simoleons or work as decor for a geek's paradise.
Cuttings are used with the Graft ability, which is unlocked once you have some Plant Cuttings in your inventory. You can use this option a number of times on a single plant to make it give you a mixture of produce. When you later find a rare plant in the wild and take a sample, then graft it to your high-quality plant, you'll get a high-quality result and be able to plant it. I've zipped up the PDF guide to combining plants that she wrote, and you may download it here. It is OK if other plants are already spliced, so long as the one you take cutting from or graft it to has the proper type listed first. In The Sims 4, you need another Sim to give Grim a Death Flower after he's done arriving to take the soul. I caught one in the central pond where you can also look for frogs while fishing without bait. They are the only type that can't be harvested normally and do not display their status when you hover over them.
Guests to your home or your own Sims with autonomy might just go for the cake if they're hungry themselves, and this can cause death. It's better to save for when your Sim is close to aging up, as you'll get more days out of it. I have found that there is always something new to learn about gardening, and winter is the perfect time to improve your gardening prowess. Perhaps you are interested in learning a new form of gardening, a new technique, or a new style of gardening - there is more than likely a book on the subject.
Those were some very lively chats, but they always shared their techniques - some that worked great, some that were total busts. Many times I have heard someone that is interested in gardening say, "I just don't know how to". Try different fertilizers, a different watering schedule, new pruning techniques, or maybe try a different cultivar of a particular vegetable. This grid can be made of stretched string, PVC, 1 x 2 lumber or whatever you have lying around. For a person just getting started, he takes the overwhelming world of food production and cuts it into nice, neat 12” x 12” pieces that are easy enough for even a complete novice to digest. He’s an organic gardener and a philanthropist, and just seems to be an all-around sharp guy with a good heart.
In fact, I’m now digging beneath my old square foot beds and stacking in wood as water reservoirs in a hugelkultur-inspired fashion… but that’s another story altogether. These aren't necessary for your budding Gardener, as you are able to drag plants to the ground to plant them on your lot.
These will give you random common items from each category, so buying more can increase the diversity of your yield.
This can help your Sim to become Very Focused for their Gardening, further boosting Skill gains, even when you eat a 'Very Nice' or other medium-quality Plant. There is a certain time a plant must be happy, reduced by fertilizer, before it can evolve. It will go up one level when you select Evolve, resulting in higher value harvestables that can be replanted or sold. Getting to Perfect Quality Plants quickly means using Fertilize as often as it is available.
Best use of grafting is to do 2-3 type of plants, maximum, so you're sure to pick up a few of each when you harvest.
I have never seen seeds on the ground in this game - it's all about finding plants in the wild and combining with existing plants to get the fruit you need to put in the ground to make your own. This will let you skip leveling a plant at normal quality (assuming you harvest it in the wild) and is the fastest way to get a Perfect Blackberry bush or Dragonfruit.
Inside you will see the plants to combine with, and how many cuttings you'll need to follow her plan. Just don't graft strawberry on to anything else except when making the dragonfruit by combining strawberry with snapdragon, and Daisy doesn't need to go on plant #2. Feeding, Petting, and Playing with the Cow Plant will give your Sims Gardening Skill experience. If the cow plant isn't fed after about 8-10 hours of this happening, it will die, leaving behind a rather cool-looking skeleton. Milking the Cow plant will give you an essence that will give your Sim whatever Emotion that Sim was feeling at the time.
You can also read gardening magazines, and visit gardening websites (such as Vegetable Gardener). We talk about how we grew them, what fertilizers we used, how we pruned or did not prune - all while sitting down to a big plate of sliced tomatoes. Having a visual delineation of your plants is definitely helpful, but this part of the Square Foot Garden design is where gardeners often diverge from the plans in Bartholomew’s book. If you’ve got a limited amount of space, like well-planned systems, and you’ve got some resources, square foot gardening is a great method. If you try to Take Cutting from a plant that has many others grafted on it, the original is the cutting you will get (the first on the list is the original plant type). This is a good ability that allows you to minimize the work your Sim needs to maintain your garden, allowing you to eliminate some plants if you like. Also note that harvesting right away will yield you few fruit, while waiting to harvest a grafted plant several hours after it first shows fruit (like normal plants) will give it time to make a larger variety of produce, and thus a better yield. You will sometimes find wild plants harvestable, it's just not as efficient to collect them that way given they will usually start at normal quality and you'd be better off skipping all that evolving. It seems a bug prevents these from retaining their quality after that level, but we hope it will be fixed in a future patch.
Plants with long growth times grow produce faster when grafted to a Plant with a short growth time. Death Flower is also used in the Gourmet Cooking Ambrosia Recipe (to resurrect Ghosts Sims). According to Forum Member Reubenhood, death only comes if a Sim already has the Drained moodlet that comes from being spit out, so a second encounter with the Cow Plant will kill the Sim.
I think when we did this, we focused on getting *something* and assumed each special plant had only one combo to get it. The more you garden the more you will pick up on things, and the better at it you will get.
My food forests, seed saving and seed slinging, green manuring, and intercropping were beyond her, but a 4’ x 4’ box of veggies was a good gateway to introduce her to home food production. Double-digging could create the same space for $0.00, provided you had a little compost or manure lying around. Keep taking care of your garden and plants will eventually be able to evolve to a higher quality level. If you're going for maximum profit, you'd likely be better off having high-price plants that are NOT grafted in your garden, while grafting plants to condense the size of your garden and simultaneously cut back on the amount of fertilizing and garden tending you need to do.
There was a patch back then that fixed all this, because for a while you couldn't get the special plants from a graft. If you wanted to feed your entire family with square foot beds, you’d be out some serious cash. Waiting is good as plants will provide more harvestables the longer you wait and harvesting immediately will yield fewer fruit, while resetting the timer, causing it to take longer for them to produce fruit again. Plants grow fairly fast, so find a way to spend some time in that area while you wait for them to grow - make some friends, collect, and fish for fertilizer. Granted, you’d earn it back in home-grown organic produce over time – which is why I bit the bullet and built beds for my wife – but it’s still a big outlay.
Keep an eye on fertilizing, however, and try to keep that effect active on your favorite plants, so they can evolve quickly. I'm getting a little bored of just always taking my Sim to work, so I might fake a few sick days to stay home and get my gardening skill up! I have the strawberries and snap dragon, which will allow me to graft the dragon-fruit, and then I just have to graft the dragon-fruit with the snap-dragon and I'll get the cow-berry.
Any suggestions on how to level up on my gardening skill quick?Carl: Research Gardening and go out focused, tend to it. Talking about Skills with other Sims also gives lots of skill xp, according to one of the players on our Forum.As for the Cow Plant, look to the Fishing Guide for a great place to catch them.

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