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We had a GREAT time these past days at the Central Ohio Home and Garden Show this year, thanks to everyone who came out to visit us! When you stepped into the entrance of the Gardens the Rock, the smell of fresh flowers filled the air! This vendor displayed Unique Play Houses that any child would LOVE to have in their backyard!
Outdoor living amongst the flowers at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show on March 20, 2013. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. The 33rd Annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show will take place on Thursday, February 20 through Sunday, February 23, 2014 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. HARTFORD — The 33rd Annual Connecticut Flower & Garden Show – one of the largest and most prestigious flower shows in New England – will take place on Thursday, February 20 through Sunday, February 23, 2014 at the Connecticut Convention Center on 100 Columbus Blvd.
The colorful, fragrant show covers almost three acres with the 2014 theme, “Backyard Paradise”, with wonderful ideas for homeowners and apartment and condo dwellers alike.
Hundreds of displays and activities and aisles of fresh flowers, plants, garden ornaments, herbs, bulbs, seeds, fertilizers, soils, gardening books, patio furniture, ornaments and lawn equipment for purchase. One of America’s biggest flower and garden shows, this one is built around two dozen custom gardens. Vendors offer plants, seeds, bulbs and hard-to-find tools, including an unequaled array of orchids and spring perennials. Organized by the Oregon Association of Nurseries, this is the show that gets Oregon gardeners moving every spring. The rest of the floor is devoted to merchants and goods from popular specialty growers like Dancing Oaks Nursery and Xera Plants. Seminars are all located in the lecture halls outside, so you can attend any of them without show admission. Everything, from seminars to display gardens, puts the emphasis on the practical—things you can go home and act on—and on-site vendors offer the tools you need to give your plans life. This first show of the season puts everything you need for home and garden projects in one place.

The smallest of the shows we list, this has deep local support—just what you need to master Idaho gardening.
In this issue of Northwest Travel & Life, we showcase "Take Your Best Shot: Photo Tips from a Pro," share "19 Must-Go Festivals" and bring you "Oregon's Cascade Lakes" For more stories about the Northwest, subscribe today and never miss a beat. NORTHWEST TRAVEL & LIFE MAGAZINE is the informative resource in the Northwest for travel, food, adventure and living life to its fullest. Eric Higbee’s display garden design for the 2012 Northwest Flower and Garden Show took home three awards, including the prestigious Sunset Western Living Award.
Like many of my fellow Seattleites and garden nuts, I spent a couple days at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last week. I also think the winding stone path leading to a dimly lit pergola with a glass fire feature provided an element of mystery. The buildings of NYC, the bamboo, the Birch and the miscanhus grass all glows gold in the fall. So come on by and bring Spot, Rambo and Benson,will be happy to show you and your mom or dad around. If you love gardens but live in an apartment or condo without an inch of land to your name fear not.
Some of my favorite things are the aluminum dragonfly and ginko leaf trays made from recycled hubcabs! Smack dab in the middle of a recession, the middle of a flaundering block, in the middle of New York City I decided it would be fun to open a store with a HUGE sign in bright neon green that read GROW.
I thought it would be possible to write daily or at least often about the progress of this project.  But, alas, I was wrong. As you study the gardens, you’ll develop a sense for each designer’s style, and you’ll notice some of the same unusual plants showing up in garden after garden. Eight walk-through display gardens set the mood here, each showing how a designer handles a difficult landscape problem—a slope, for example, or a small-space edible garden. Start by catching a seminar on decks by HGTV’s Paul Lafrance, then sit in on Vancouver Sun Gardeners School talks. It’s not where you go to see show gardens, but it’s a terrific place to shop for plants, tools and garden art.

If you’ve got limited space, catch a vertical-garden talk by Susan Morrison, or learn about plant pairings from Mary Ann Newcomer.
We are the usable & sensible guide that inspires 300,000 readers bimonthly with useful, fresh, and compelling ideas for discovering our region. Designed in collaboration with Cascadian Edible Landscapes, the 99% edible garden featured a playable harp trellis and a VW van chicken coop.
During this time, I tried to pick up on the garden zeitgeist for the year, but this year it was difficult to detect. You’ll find them all at garden shows in Portland, Tacoma, Seattle, Boise and Vancouver, B.C. You can also line up contractors and services (like bark delivery and hydroseeding) here, and catch a lecture by the likes of Cisco Morris and Marianne Binetti. Merchants offer everything from greenhouses to yard furniture and the show even offers wine and live jazz Friday and Saturday evenings. Unlike last year, when vertical gardens were all the rage, this year there were hardly any to be seen. Each offers the tools, plants and accessories you’d expect, plus you’ll get inspiration in the form of talks by some of the best plant people anywhere and in an array of mature living landscapes in full flower. It also engaged and delighted a younger generation in the natural world while setting a stage for  families and friends to come together for food and conversation. Overall, I’m happy this garden was recognized by the people, even though they might have liked it for other reasons than my own. So I was delighted to discover that one of my own predictions did win the People’s Choice Award, the garden by Sublime Garden Design.
The problem is the have become so upsurdly arranged and wrapped in the most tacky paper, stapled to within an inch of their lifes and held together with rubble bands and twisty ties. Whereas other display gardens featured a live pianist, a guitarist, a banjo on a seat, this garden used delicate drops of water to make sculptural drums resonate below.

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