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DIG crew member Samantha Trejo stops to point out and describe vegetables in the SEEDS garden. Samantha Trejo joined a community gardening program in Northeast Central Durham to take a risk and get out of her comfort zone.
DIG is one of several programs offered by the non-profit South Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces (SEEDS) program, which teaches teens gardening skills and promotes healthy eating. Born in Mexico, Trejo was drawn to the DIG program by a friend who interned there one summer, and because she had never worked in a garden before. Trejo automatically fit in even on her first day, and “brings a very optimistic type of feel,” said Javonte Carver, who has worked with the DIG program for two years. She said it breaks their hearts knowing they only get her for a year since Trejo is a senior in high school. Assistant DIG Coordinator LaTasha McMillan said she loves how Trejo takes initiative and comes up with great ideas. Trejo works at SEEDS about four days a week, and her favorite thing to do while she’s there is planning for future projects and cooking. Trejo and the other DIG members cook every Saturday, learning how to cook meals they wouldn’t normally cook on a daily basis. Trejo said her parents are very proud of her, and she likes teaching her dad different things about gardening because he grew up on a farm but didn’t get a chance to learn a lot about it.
Trejo said she still wants to be involved with the program while she’s in college, and she has inspired her younger brother to join the SEEDS program this summer. Jenna Garrison is a writer for The Roundtable, the student newspaper for Northern High School. Enter your email address to subscribe to the VOICE and receive notifications of new posts by email. At George Washington Elementary in Eleanor, Putnam County, teachers weave lessons around the plants students are growing in the school’s high tunnel greenhouse. Since Morgantown’s North School launched their international garden program in 2012, teachers have integrated plant science into the academic program. At Morgantown’s North School, students plant an international garden that includes 35 raised beds with plants from countries they study.
WVU faculty and the North Elementary staff created a gardening curriculum that coordinates with the state’s curriculum standards objectives (CSOs). At George Washington Elementary in Eleanor, Putnam County, teachers illustrate classroom lessons with vegetables students are growing in the school’s high tunnel (hoop) greenhouse.
At Ruthlawn Elementary in Kanawha County, first-grade teacher Bev Stearns created a gardening program after her classroom flooded.

The new Farm to School Resource Kit, developed at Morgantown’s North School, is a fabulous resource. Free help and materials available through West Virginia’s Junior Master Gardeners curriculum  teaches kids how to plant and grow food and flowers on a basic level.
West Virginia Outdoor Classrooms facebook page is full of great ways you can move part of your day outdoors. West Virginia school garden support network: Here’s a facebook page for the WV support network. Watch this West Virginia video: “Early education through growing gardens,” by the West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition’s Fresh Ideas in Action series, featuring West Virginia State University Extension Service. Browse through The Edible Schoolyard: five stars, a wealth of good materials about creating a program. Become familiar with the case for school gardens: Why is it a good thing for kids to raise food?
Charleston afterschool students learn now to garden in containers through workshops organized by Keys 4HealthyKids.
Volunteer master gardeners help with the greenhouse program at Putnam County’s George Washington Elementary. Check out the WV Food and Farm Coalition grant chart: a list of funding possibilities with deadlines! The Try This funding page includes numerous sources of funding for gardens, including the Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant North School received. The children, faculty and principal of North Elementary School have worked with West Virginia University to create a gardening curriculum, linked to CSOs, based around their international gardens. Also see these Try This pages: $$ funding, high tunnel greenhouses, community gardening and farm to school .
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The London Community Resource Centre (LCRC) is seeking volunteers to help out with our Sprouts Program this summer. If you are interested in volunteering for the Sprouts Program, please join us at our Volunteer Orientation Session on June 15, 2016 6:30 PM at the London Community Resource Centre (255 Horton St E, London) located on the 3rd floor inside the Town Hall Meeting Room. London Community Resource CentreIt is our mission to improve our collective well being by bringing together individuals, organizations and resources to foster community action and create positive social change.
She said she’s glad she can cook meals herself now and doesn’t have to wait for her parents to get home.

She dug a trench, lined it with rock and started growing vegetables with her first-graders.
West Virginia State University Extension Service is the West Virginia headquarters for this national program. Click on the photo at right. Created by WVU Extension agent Chuck Talbott, it shows the step-by-step creation of the George Washington Elementary High Tunnel in Putnam County. A variety of videos that provide tutorials on school gardening and show how teachers incorporated gardening into their schoolday. The school has been named a national Green Ribbon School of Excellnce by the US Department of Education. The money must pay for something that will last, which could be raised beds or part of the cost of a high tunnel greenhouse.
This is a great, affordable project for local firms to support, either with direct funding or in-kind contributions.
We are looking for volunteers to help with facilitating our weekly Sprouts Program, helping out at our EcoPark Children’s Knowledge Garden and general gardening maintenance.
Years later, she has a year-round gardening program, integrated with her daily skills program. Their staff will come in and train school staff to use the curriculum and help a school write grant applications and will give them helpful materials. It helps you plan a growing experience in everything from a raised bed to a tin can or plastic cup!  A must-see. Currently, we have a variety of events coming up including the Gathering on the Green on June 4th, Kids First Day at the Covent Garden Market on June 10th and a Community Youth Day in July at the EcoPark. The curriculum was created through a partnership between WVU teacher ed program and the North School staff.
Children perform pH tests on the soil and test the light, to see which raises the best vegetables, for instance. WVU faculty designed some of their projects, and many come from “Kids Gardening: Helping Young Minds Grow,” a field-tested, proven program of the National Gardening Association.

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