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Poppies first popped into my garden a few years ago, when I sprinkled seeds for California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) behind my fence. Although these poppies are native to California, they will thrive in the right growing conditions elsewhere.
Orange is the most popular color for this type of poppy, and the color looks fantastic with blue and purple flowering plants. Shirley poppies (Papaver rhoes) are another easy-to-grow annual, which feature double flowers in a rainbow of colors.
Pink, rose, red and salmon are just some of the colors available for this variety of annual poppies. Lightly cover seeds with soil and keep your garden moist until seedlings emerge in a week or so. About how long should you wait before cutting the pods off the plant of the large orange ornamental poppies?
Everything is blooming a couple of weeks ahead here this year from usual so of course one they bloomed they were done. What I wasn’t sure about was if you need to leave them on the plant for a specific amount of time for the seeds to fully develop in the pod? Hate to break it to you, but if papaver somniferum is illegal to grow you are breaking the law. Just a heads-up: if your pepperbox breadseed variety are in fact pepperbox breadseed they are a variety of P. Thanks Poppies and Christina, for your comments about the legality of growing certain poppies. If you cut the plant off after it has bloomed, will it come back or do you have to leave the plant for it to re seed.
We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries. If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. There are other good garden poppies such as the big blowsy Oriental poppies - so wonderful but also with such a short flowering season. And just to check if my partner Philip is actually reading to the end, I must mention the musical 'Poppy'  which was first produced in 1982 and is actually about the Opium Wars.

Semi-retired horticulturalist who now lives mainly in sunny California USA but also still has a home in the drizzly grey UK. If you don't want to read my flowing prose but just look at the pictures, click on one which opens a viewer and then toggle through. In case who are wondering about the logic of pampas2palms do check out the very first blog which gives some explanation. The flowers mix beautifully with roses, lavenders and other perennials, and provide a romantic, carefree look to any garden. Each year, this drought-tolerant annual continues to reseed itself in my cottage garden, popping up among the roses, yarrow and canterbury bells. Be sure to deadhead this flower often, and you’ll extend its blooming life considerably. Poppies come in all different colors and shapes, including¬†annuals, biennials and perennials. One of those poppies in the picture of your pepper box poppies is a Danish Flag poppy which is a papaver somiferum (AKA bread seed poppy or opium poppy). Becker: Once the poppies have spread their petals and seeds, you can certainly get rid of them.
If you’re growing Iceland Poppies in hot, humid climates, you probably would treat it as an annual, according to this seed company. If you like big and bold, their big floppy, brilliantly coloured flowers can't fail to attract.
Back in the 19C there were major trade and diplomatic disputes between China and the British Empire.
As a garden plant they are easy to grow but like all poppies, their display is sadly fleeting. It takes the form of a pantomime complete with Dick Whittington, a dame and two pantomime horses!
Best of all, poppies are easy to grow from seeds, and many of them reseed to provide beauty year after year. If you don’t want these poppies to spread too much, be sure to deadhead the flowers after they bloom. Two years later, we still see poppies reseeding around the yard … all from one package of seeds.

The annual poppies also have handsome seed pods, which eventually provide black nutty-tasting seeds for cooking and baking. My guess is these are even more colorful than what I see when I look at Kevin’s photos.
Now the seeds need to do their job next season… Good luck and thanks for visiting Seasonal Wisdom.
Afganistan, Indonesia, Turkey and India have almost the same Hot Climate but with 30% Humidity and here we got about 80% Humidity for Temperature abt 20 to 37oC Yearly! The Shirley poppy is an improved form of this, in various colours developed in the 1880's, by the Rev Wilks, vicar of the parish of Shirley.
The seedheads are also attractive and can be left to mature but watch out or you'll have thousands next year! Then there are Iceland poppies with their beautiful translucent petals in vibrant pastel shades and the pretty little ladybird poppy like a native poppy but with big black spots.
Dick sets sail for India and then China, Queen Victoria makes an appearance and in true pantomime style,  most of the players live happily ever after.
The best way to prevent them from seeding is to cut off the flowers before they die and spread more seeds. There was conflict within China between those who wanted to legalise its use and tax it, and those who campaigned to suppress its use.
Amazingly there was an earlier 1923 musical by the same name which first opened on Broadway and then moved to the Gaiety theatre in the West End. Over the last couple of years since I started painting, I find myself attracted to them as great subject matter and being honest, fairly easy to paint as the flowers are big and simple. In 1838 the Emperor had the opium dealers arrested and tried to confiscate the stocks from the foreign importers.
In this one, the principal character is called Poppy but there's not a flower or seedhead in sight!

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