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The grasses do not need to be cut back for the winter and will provide food for the wild life during the winter.
If you are ruminating on what to plant in your garden, re-landscaping or adding to the home landscape, you may be considering any number of perennial garden plants. Some trees and shrubs retain their foliage throughout the year, but most herbaceous perennials, including many flowering perennials, die back to the ground during the first fall freezes.
Because perennials are considered hardy, many may be directly sown into the garden rather than starting indoors.
Some perennials behave like annuals, just as some annuals continue to grow like perennials. Annuals generally have showier flowers with season long color compared to perennials, but they need to be set out year after year while perennials keep on giving. Another upside to perennial plantings is the amazing varieties of color, texture and sizes available. While some perennials can be grown from seed saved from existing specimens, often the resulting plant is not true to the original. Get a refresher course on what gardening tools and gardening supplies free up more of your time. Find out how to grow:pumpkinssaladtomatoeskalepotatoespepperssquash, cucumbers and zuccinibeansasparagusBrussel sproutsbroccoligingerherbsbasilcilantroand many other vegetables, organically, from heirloom seeds, without pesticides or herbicides. Turn your patio space into a container herb garden, or plant bursting displays of flowers using our simple recipes.We'll teach you all you need to know about patio gardening and other great locations for your beautiful displays. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More! Learn How to Grow Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Giant Pumpkins, Potatoes and More!
I bought this today at a small nursery and the tag says it's a bleeding heart, but unless it's a new variety that I've never seen before I don't beleive it is.
Hi everyone, In the late fall, I would like to dig up and pot my purple fountain grass, it won`t winter here in NW Lower Michigan. When it’s warm outside, show your interior plants some love by giving them a little freedom!
If you own most of these, try them together in a large container in a partially or fully shaded area. And remember, Caladium bulbs can be cleaned and stored indoors for use next year if you expect a snowy winter.

I started these perennial ground-covers from seed a few years ago and cannot remember the name of it! Hi all, I have a couple things growing in my front yard, in an unkempt area where I want to extend my garden beds. I am adding perennials to my garden and wondered what each of you have found to be long lasting or how you create a succession of blooms using various perennials.
Its been a few years and I have not figured out what this is, nor do I remember any flowering, but this thing must flower in some way. I just planted a little bed around my lightpost after my husband took out 3 overgrown, deer-eaten euonymous on Sunday. Once again, this lovely flower is blooming in one of my flower beds and I have no idea where it came from. Also the fall colored grasses provide a sign of life ahead during the cold snow-covered winter months.
What is a perennial then, and what other perennial plant facts may influence your decision? That is, the leaves, stems and flowers die back to the ground, leaving a dormant root structure. Keep in mind that when direct sown, the plant will bloom in either the spring or summer of the second year, continuing to bloom thereafter, year after year. A combination of the two may result in the longest period of blossoms with a revolving rainbow of colors. However, with a little research, an entire flower bed may be filled with a variety of perennial plants, allowing for continuous blooming as one plant ends and another one flowers. They do require some pruning and maintenance, but their longevity makes this well worth the effort. You're in the right place!Either way, here you'll find useful gardening ideas, tips, and information that will make your soon-to-be or existing home gardening experience a delight.You can also learn what flowers and plants do the best in which containers. No matter how small your space, you can find room to grow a delicious supplement to your regular groceries.Use our tips on Growing Vegetables in Containers, and enjoy the fruits of your labors! Delicious, nutritious and great for the planet!Use our tips to improve your yields, fight off the pests, and extend your growing season into late Fall and even Winter. Whether you choose to grow containers with food, or brilliant, fragrant flowers is up to you.Our ideas for container gardening with flowers will brighten up your garden for the entire year! I understand that there are challenges to swapping in the mail, but if Jackson & Perkins can do it why can't we?

It's so easy to grow, fast to set fruit, and produces in such abundance for a relatively small space. If you don’t own some of these indoor tropicals, pick up some of the Purple Heart, Zebra Wandering Jew, or Spider Plant, at your local home and garden store, and plan to move them indoors for the winter if necessary. These plants could also be used on their own – spider plants for example are really low maintenance and are known to help clean the air of a stuffy room.
My neighbors are snowbirds and won't be back until June, so I have been getting their yard picked up a bit and I also cleaned out her front planter. My neighbor across the road has one of the orange-red-yellow variegated types and it comes back from the root every year. I have a Sarah Bernhardt peony, Mountain Sage, a light yellow coreopsis, and a campanula in there as well as some morning glories (to climb)and alyssum (transplanted). What are some good choices that will stand up to the heat of summer, spread and flower through the fall besides petunias and marigolds? Some of the grasses in my raingarden include: Switch Grass, Feather Reed Grass, and Purple Moor Grass. Weather conditions and other stresses such as drought affect how long, how productive or when a plant will grow.
Also, a clump or mass grouping of perennials may add pizzazz in a flowering garden; just keep in mind the eventual size of the cultivar. The list of perennials is mind boggling and each year breeders come out with additional cultivars.
All of these ideas will lead to a more creative and successful flower gardening experience.Never put tomato plants in containers or potted a tree?
It gets even more confusing (to me anyway ;) ) when it says it's a hardy perennial, but a half-hardy annual. Northern regions of the United States, with their shorter growing season and cooler temperatures, may effectively render what is categorized as a perennial into an annual.
Here in the Pacific Northwest, I have had annuals bloom for a couple of years in a row due to our temperate climate since we rarely freeze for any lengthy period of time.
Why?Because, from window boxes and hanging baskets, to exotic plants and herb gardens, we'll take this wonderful journey together.

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