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Prince Charles has already had solar panels fitted to Clarence House and added a vegetable patch to the garden. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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On Saturday, distinguished royal writer Robert Lacey revealed the truth about the Queena€™s relationship with Princess Diana.
She was born on April 21, 1926, and grew up in Noa€‰145 Piccadilly, a large, semi-detached London town house that was destroyed by German bombs in World War II. Modest: Queen Elizabeth poses in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace last yearModel house, model family.
But the Princessa€™s mother, Queen Elizabeth (the future Queen Mother), believed plenty of fun, light reading and fresh air were educational priorities.
By the time she was 14, in April 1940, Britain was at war, and as the Princesses had swept The Little House during the Depression, now they a€?did their bita€™ to beat Hitler a€” collecting tinfoil, rolling bandages and knitting socks. This is put through a shredder so that bacteria can operate more quickly on smaller pieces of material.'The waste is regularly turned until it has rotted sufficiently to be used as mulch.
For the first ten years of her life, her position in the Royal Family was the same as Princess Beatricea€™s today a€” a daughter of a younger son, destined to flutter on the royal fringes.
It is now the site of the London Intercontinental Hotel beside the Hard Rock Cafe.The night nursery in which she slept did not have plumbing a€” she used a large jug and basin to wash her face and hands before bed.
One July, the Royal Librarian, Owen Morshead, was horrified to discover that the 18 books the Queen had ordered for her elder daughtera€™s summer reading list were all novels a€” and every one of them was by P.
Her father, who was loathe to lose his daughter, asked her not to announce the engagement until after her 21st the following year.But even then, he obstinately refused to acknowledge the engagement. A "senior gardener" job at Buckingham Palace was recently advertised with a salary of A?17,000, only months after virtually the same role, offered with a salary of A?15,750, attracted no takers. Green waste includes grass cuttings, twigs, branches and "arisings" (soiled straw from the stables in the Royal Mews). In Liechtenstein you can invite yourself to the annual garden party at the princely Castle in Vaduz and mix with royalty, diplomats and hoi polloi as well as one or two curious foreigners.

And Bobo, the nanny, taught the little Princess to open her Christmas and birthday presents carefully, then smooth out the wrapping paper, roll up the ribbon and store it all in a box for future use. Brought up with an almost religious respect for the Crown, there seemed no prospect of her inheriting it. And she also had a scarlet dustpan and brush with which she was encouraged to keep her room clean and tidy.On the landing was her collection of toy horses on wheels that she liked to ride around the house.
In fact, they were with Crawfie in a gloomy tower at Windsor Castle, where the wind whistled up the stone-flagged staircases, while their parents spent the weekdays at Buckingham Palace.a€?We seemed to live in a sort of underworld,a€™ wrote the governess, describing the low-wattage light bulbs. Her young head was never turned by the prospect of grandeur a€” which is why she would prove so good at her job. Every evening, she would remove their saddles and harnesses before going to bed.The newspapers of the time could not get enough of such details. Wodehouse.The Princessesa€™ governess, Marion Crawford a€” known as Crawfie a€” also found herself at odds with her mistress.
But there were consolations, as Elizabeth started to socialise in the later years of the war with a group of aristocratic young Guards officers at the castle whom her parents considered a a€?First XIa€™ of possible future husbands a€” among them the future Dukes of Buccleuch, Grafton and Rutland.The courtships, such as they were, were decorous, open and hearty matters, involving scarcely more physical contact than hands on the hips for the occasional conga, and they developed in several cases into life-long friendships a€” with one exception.
Shea€™d once had such a heated discussion with him that hea€™d written to apologise, telling her he hoped she didna€™t think him a€?violently argumentative and an exponent of Socialisma€™.
Elizabeth IIa€™s lack of ego would become the paradoxical secret of her greatness.Nicknamed Lilibet a€” after she had trouble pronouncing her name a€” at the age of three, the little Princess could often be seen riding her tricycle in the gravelled gardens of Mayfair. When it was let slip that yellow was the colour of the Princessa€™s nursery clothes and trimmings, blue and pink fell out of favour overnight. And ever since, her instinct has been to play safe, keep her head down and find the middle way. That was, in fact, exactly what she did think of him then a€” and almost certainly for the rest of her life. Unlike other children, though, she called her grandfather a€?Grandpa Englanda€™ a€” and he lived across the park in Buckingham Palace. When George V fell ill with bronchial pneumonia early in 1929, his doctors prescribed recuperation in the bracing sea air of Bognor, and his granddaughter was sent down to aid his recovery.
Faced with employing someone full–time to work at something that looks to the uninitiated like little more than labouring, garden owners often assume they can get away with roughly the minimum agricultural wage, which is just below A?12,000.

We both smiled at each other.a€™ The lucid and lively prose was a tribute to Elizabetha€™s home schooling a€” but her education was the product of two opposing forces. George VI favoured the strictly vocational view promoted by Queen Mary, who couldna€™t even give her granddaughter wooden building bricks without ensuring that each brick was sourced from a different country of the British Empire. Remember how your father, by shouting at you, & making you feel uncomfortable, lost all your real affection. And finally, at the rear, the rotund, fully robed Bishop of Vaduz with ornamental crozier and the representative of the Apostolic Nuncio.
That may suit some people who have plenty of knowledge themselves and whose strength is not what it was. At the other end of the scale, however, a brilliant head gardener can run a small self–sufficiency kingdom for an estate, with 10 on the permanent team.
Liechtenstein's boy scouts sheltered the bishop and his attendants with white umbrellas as they ventured into the sun to give communion.
Once this was over, the reigning princess summoned the scouts to shelter her and the ladies in her entourage.
She even sipped from a plastic bottle of mineral water – now the Queen would never do that!
By this time, two hours into the ceremony, some were already cheekily making their way to the garden for the party. The band struck up the Liechtenstein national anthem to the same tune as God Save the Queen as loyal citizens raised their right hands, pledging loyalty to the principality.
For another year the ceremonial part of the celebrations was over but festivities continued in a beer festival atmosphere in the main street, rounded off by a spectacular fireworks display with free buses to take everyone home afterwards. This is the average wage for a National Trust gardener, and a respectable salary to offer someone with experience to be in sole charge of a place.

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