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Egg cartons are great for starting seeds indoors while it's still too cold to plant outside.
A great container gardening idea is an old sink - belfast sinks are ideal - perfect for root crops like carrots (I only grow Early Nantes carrots in containers - throughtout the summer).
Tell our visitors how you were inspired and post up to four photos of your container ideas - the more unusual the better. For this type of vertical vegetable gardening, it is best to have your plants started in small pots.
The Care Of Roses Without Toxic Chemicals Jun 18, 16 01:33 PMCare Of Roses is possible without harming yourself or the world around you! Growing Roses In Containers - Rose Bush Care For Beautiful Summer Flowers Jun 11, 16 01:31 PMGrowing Roses In Containers adds great summer color to your patio. Container Garden Ideas: Top rated photos and design ideas, container gardening flower pictures, and lots of tips and techniques for making your design the best!
Check out some cool and intersesting tips and techniques on raised bed construction and maintenance.
For an exciting way to expand your horizons, check out these ideas for growing bamboo in containers. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Container Gardens in Shopping Cart, Broken Doll, Barbie Car and More! Learn How to Grow Heirloom and Organic Tomatoes, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts, Giant Pumpkins, Potatoes and More! The tips below avoid as much as possible the prescriptive "shoulds" that dominate advice about garden design.
Trees are tough One of the most tempting places to put your flower garden is around the base of a mature tree.
Consider the slope Flower gardens are easiest to establish on level or slightly sloping ground. Borders and islands Returning to your sketch, look for likely spots for creating new flower beds. Plan to maintain the boundary between lawn and flowerbed by edging with a flat spade, half-moon edger, or weed-trimmer.
A general plan might include plants that are less than 1 foot tall in the front third of the bed, plants that are greater than 3 feet tall in the rear third of the bed, and plants between 1 and 3 feet tall in the center third of the bed. Plan for constant color and interest Choose plants so that your garden offers color and interest throughout the growing season and even in winter. Foliage and form Spectacular blooms grab our attention, but don't ignore the rest of the plant in your planning.

Arrangement In formal gardens, plants are usually arranged in rows or other regular patterns. Planting groups of the same kind of plant in clumps or drifts provides more visual impact than planting a single plant, unless the plant is large enough and spectacular enough to hold interest by itself. Other plants Many flower gardeners rely on herbaceous perennials as the backbone for their plantings, using spring-flowering bulbs for early color and annual flowers to fill in gaps. Specialty gardens You may decide at some point to specialize in a particular type of gardening.
Fascinated by particular ecosystems, some gardeners create water gardens, bog gardens, prairie gardens, or woodland gardens. You may decide to incorporate some or all of these into your own garden, creating your own unique style.
Recycled container gardening is a fun a way to get kids involved and is a great way to reuse and upcycle containers you would otherwise be recycling. Chris from Thinly Spread is over at Red Ted Art talking about how to get started on a recycled container garden.
In the green spirit of recycle, reuse and reduce, these suggestions make use of items you might normally throw away.
The ones made of thick paper or cardboard are best for this purpose - they can be added to the compost heap later. Leave the sink as you find it, if it fits in, but you can also apply hypertufa treatment to it, a way of making it look and weather like stone.Hypertufa consists of cement, sand and fine peat blended together with water to make a moist consistancy. How to build a food tower and tips for vertical vegetable gardening.If you are limited in garden space and want to achieve a maximum crop you obviously have to think about other options than a level garden bed.
You will get great information on hugelkultur, swales, ponds and permaculture gardening all delivered in Paul's unique style!
But, when it comes to Container Gardening, it's not all about Annuals and Perennials in pots and hanging baskets. Other types too can be used eg those made of plastic, as long as you make some drainage holes. You will need to drill holes all around the can to allow air to circulate.You might want to keep the can or cans outside, because they can start to smell as vegetable peels and other items start to decompose.
We found ourselves in a situation where we had a limited narrow space left in one of our polytunnels. Cut a slit into the fabric like an upside down T and carefully insert the root ball of your plant. Patio Gardening could be the way to unveil a spectacular Container Garden with not a lot of time and work!

A knitting needle is just about the right size for making holes.You can line the inside of the containers with paper towels to prevent soil loss through the drain holes.
Anything large enough to accommodate the plant will work, as long as you add drainage holes.My suggestion is to look at all food containers before you throw them away and evaluate their usefulness. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
You'll need to add a little dirt to the pot in order for the composting process to begin.When you are ready to plant, you will mix one part compost with two parts soil or growing medium.
Between a raised bed and a table we had about 6 ft which were a bit too narrow to build another raised bed. Again you can be creative here and press shells etc into the surface or etch a design over the surface.
The only other things we needed were bamboo canes, wire and some strong string (we used baler twine) or cable ties. Start filling the food tower with a mixture of soil and good compost or well rotten manure. Find a list of suitable vegetables below.You can water the tower from the top and from the sides through the holes you made for the plants. Prepare soil well in advance of planting -- preferably in fall for planting the following spring. If you want to maintain a certain colour scheme or appearance, you can easily paint the containers with non-toxic paints - your kids would enjoy doing this and then they could follow up with sowing some seeds into their new container garden creations. The idea was a pyramid shaped tripod filled with soil and compost that would grow a mixture of vegetables and herbs. Water it down in between so you have no gaps.Continue to 'sow' on the fabric and fill the tripod up to the top with more soil mixture. You could even use it for composting and add composting materials like kitchen scraps or leaves in layers on top. Your seeds will sprout and be ready for transplanting after the threat of frost has passed. If you clean and dry your plastic ones, you can develop a recycled gardening container supply, reusing the cartons next year.

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