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We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff so if you have a question, please feel free to ask! We are happy to offer expert advice on plant selection and planting methods for successful gardening in the Piedmont.
We have started a blog full of informative articles about gardening, plant varieties, and more!
Every first Saturday of every month we offer informative seminars on a variety of topics – plus many more throughout the month.  From basic gardening to pond care to container gardening- join us and learn something new! No matter how diligently we care for our gardens, we inevitably run into problems every now and again.
The community gardening program is at an exciting stage right now as they have achieved surplus levels and have been able to sell their produce at a local farmer’s market. These people are working hard and were doing very well maintaining a community garden, until their shed was broken into and all their tools and supplies were stolen. They have no idea that folks in the Ancestral Health community are trying to get them new tools. So far, efforts to raise funds have only made a small dent in helping AAofRI reclaim some of what was lost. When you make a purchase, please go back to the registry page and indicate what item you purchased and how many so that it’s noted on the list. Our marketing agency, Steer, was tasked with creating a brand film for the African Alliance of RI. African Alliance suffered a set back when their shed was broken into and cleared of all tools and supplies. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Rainscaping is sustainable landscaping that reduces stormwater runoff and improves local water quality. In the fall, dig rhizomes after the leaves have yellowed, died back or have been killed by frost, but before the ground freezes.

Leaving your cannas till after a freeze provides the longest possible growing season so the plant can store food for next year's growth. Vegetables are very adaptable to growing in containers if given a few basic requirements: full sun, a well-drained soil with copious amounts of organic matter, and consistent watering.
Chard is becoming a container super-star as the beauty (and taste) of the colorful foliage are realized by container gardeners everywhere. Peppers do well in containers and don't need as much water as other plants, such as tomatoes.
Radishes are fun plants to grow with young children as they grow quickly, satisfying eager beginners.
Our gardening experts are always available to assist you at our Atlantic Avenue location, or you can send us an email. Provide African refugees, a majority of whom have extensive farming experience, who arrive in the U.S. Provide these same refugees with a direct means by which to feed their families, as they keep 100% of the crops yielded. The woman are now able to bring in a small income in addition to ensuring quality produce for their families. An added pressure that urban community farms deal with aside from typical farming difficulties. I’ll visit them and make sure to get pics of all the items and update you so you provide a follow up post. I would like to see that too, but gardening gloves and shovels are a little hard to track down.
If you're interested in personal consultations, appearances or specific help, this is also the place to ask.
I have been experimenting with the Paleo, Primal and low carb lifestyles for almost a decade and have successfully maintained a 112 pound weight loss for over five years.
The Plant Doctors at the Kemper Center can help you with any problems you have or you can call our Horticultural Answer Service for a phone consultation.

You will see many of the best and most reliable plants for the area as well as striking combinations. Rainscaping options include rain gardens, rain barrels, green roofs, permeable pavement and more. If you are new to vegetable gardening, start out with just a few containers so you can have success in your first season. Other salad greens such as arugula, which can be started indoors under lights at the end of winter, are good choices as well. Mint in a container is a necessity if you want to keep it out of your lawn and perennial and vegetable beds. Whether you’re new to gardening or an experienced gardener, let our experts assist you with planning and maintaining your gardens, lawns and landscape. Please bring in a photo, or a cutting in a sealed plastic bag, of a diseased or infested plant and we will help you determine the best plan of action for taking your garden back! Although the African Alliance of RI is unaware of this initiative (everyone loves surprises), I’ve vaguely alerted Julius, that he should keep an eye out for some things that may arrive and set everything aside.
Don't forget that beet leaves (greens) are also edible, like chard, as they are both the same plant species, just different varieties or selections.
Some gardeners get creative and make salad balls by connecting two wire baskets and then planting with salad plugs. If you have had disease problems and don't have room to rotate your plants, consider putting a tomato plant in a pot with fresh potting mix.
Kale and collard greens can extend your harvest into summer and fall so that you will always have greens available to cook. Imagine their surprise when people from all over the world pitch in to show them that what they are doing is important, and that someone believes in them.

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