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Please be advised that I have received my Bughat "GH13-W", and I absolutely LOVE it !!!
This mosquito net hat does exactly what it's meant to and is great for keeping the bugs off my face. Excellent quality, sturdy brim, and the mosquito netting is long enough to easily cover shoulders.
Hand-woven from palm fronds using centuries-old techniques, this wide-brimmed hat features UPF 50+ sun protection and a simple suede band. Both of these hats are lightweight (less than 4 oz), have cooling side vents, and give outstanding protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The hats have chin straps to keep them in place on windy days, and they even float if they happen to hit the water.
My Daughter is an Anthropologist who is currently on a archeological dig in the North woods of MN. The mosquito netting is light so you can see through with no problem and the best thing is NO BUGS get through to your face when you're hiking or in gardening.
Finally I can go out into the back yard without looking like a crazy woman constantly waving her arms to keep the bugs off me. This matches the highest standard for sun protection in Australia and New Zealand, countries where UV radiation is a major concern.

I can wear it for many different activities, and regularly wear it when I take the dog for a walk and go hiking. No more bug bites on her eyelids and no more smacking her self in the head every 5 minutes.

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