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April 19, 2013, the 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo booth at the China Domestic Travel Fair debuted in Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. The China International Garden Expo has remained a construction department and local governments co-sponsored organized event at the highest level of domestic and international garden industries, held every two years.
From May 18 to November 18, 2013, the "Garden City, Beautiful Home" slogan of the Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo will be held in Beijing’s Fengtai district’s Yongding River. The Beijing Garden Expo compared to the past, has four highlights: first, it holds the highest degree of importance.
In addition to the core landscape and urban exhibition park, the Garden Expo will hold nearly a thousand cultural activities, such as: the Flower Parade, City Week, daily county performances, fine performances, the Dragon Boat Festival garden party, popular Opera Festival, Music Festival, Yuanbo night tour and so on. The Beijing Garden Expo has been set up in Beijing and every part of the country has cooperated with it, so I believe it will become a tourism hotspot in China in 2013.
In 2013 I was pleased to see as many lush plants as ever, ranging from tropical and subtropical treasures right through to some cooler climate bulbs and perennials for those in the more elevated hinterland regions. I enjoyed the plant stalls (and my Brisbane-based friend Sandra filled her car) and I was also pleased to see there were several new and clever garden-related products on show too. One of the first things to catch my eye were the corten steel sculptures and planters from Broadcroft Design, a husband and wife partnership producing quality design and beautifully executed metalwork. Although Expo '99 ended in October 1999, the garden now is served as a permanent gardening center in Kunming City.
The China Hall is composed of 34 sections according to China's provinces and regions, while the International Hall is comprised of 30 sections.
Visitors can spend at least a half a day in this lovely world class garden by wandering around to enjoy the exquisite horticulture. In the big greenhouse shows under different climate conditions of over 1400 kinds of rare plants which are divided into the High Mountain Hall, Temperate Zone Hall and Tropic Hall three exhibition hall exhibits all kinds of plants. From the rich resources of mountain flowers in Yunnan more than 400 kinds of typical featured plants were put here for exhibition, there are more than 30 kinds of national and provincial rare and protected plants. This hall shows China rich flowers and plants resources in temperate regions and people took advantage of these wild resources through long-term efforts and produced 695 varieties of flowers, including 19 kinds of national first-class protected plants, 36 species of second-class protected plants and 12 kinds of third-class protected plants.
It exhibits the landscape with tropical rain forest characteristics of plant species of 700 kinds, 51 species of national protected plants. In Man and Nature Exhibition Hall can enjoy special flower gardening products exhibition by the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Here mainly shows the main forest tree germplasm resources diversity of characters and achievement of effective protection of rare and endangered plants. Herb Garden has valuable and rare herb and commonly used traditional Chinese medicine planting, more than 500 kinds. Miniascape Garden uses a large quantity of stone, from natural property of stone material to find the harmony of human and nature, and the whole garden is decorated with blue, grey, green, white to form three-dimensional color, and with ginkgo, gardenia, bamboo, azaleas and other plants, there shows 156 pieces of Chinese and foreign plant bonsai boutique. There is a large area of tea tree as background, decorated construction that full of tea culture.
Outdoor planting is to be given priority, and given consideration to both physical and specimen model to display the Chinese and foreign ten categories of more than 220 varieties of vegetable and more than 50 varieties of fruit trees.

This area are 34 countries and international organizations who build the garden with respective characteristics to show the different cultural connotation of landscape, gardening products and technology development, part of the area shows the country's national flower and featured plants and flowers. This area has 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to build around the unique gardening landscape, cultural landscape, to show the garden cultural tradition and the scientific and technological achievements, also this area has their own characteristics in terms of plant configuration. The 1999 world horticultural exposition in Kunming has the largest varieties of plants and the richest abundance of species. Since 1997, it has been held in Dalian, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and eight other cities. This is Beijing’s longest and largest national, international event held after the Olympic Games, and will be North China's largest tourist destination in 2013. Party and state leaders for three consecutive years in the Garden Expo have committed to tree-planting; second, the Garden Expo has the largest, highest level of construction to attract the most social investment.
Is located in the northwest of the Beijing Garden Expo, close to Eagle Mountain, covering an area of 6.5 hectares, and is the first garden-themed national museum. The main exhibition hall consists of an area of 50,000 square meters, inspired by the Beijing city flower "rose" as the prototype, known as the "source of life".
In addition, there are plans to develop 26 categories of Garden Expo tourism commodities, totaling 1,500. Garden Expo 2013: read about John Gidding's appearance and eight Expo items that caught my eye. Yes, even in Queensland there can be nights dipping down near freezing in the higher hills and mountains.
I am in love with all their work and am very pleased that they’ll be at the Australian Garden Show Sydney 5-8 September.
The garden is now divided into the China Hall, the International Hall, the 'Man and Nature' Hall, the Science and Technology Hall and the Greenhouse. As an international botanical garden incorporating educational and recreational activities in one location, the Expo '99 has emerged as a significant Kunming landmark. New exhibition site is located in the outskirts of Kunming Golden Temple Scenic Area, covers an area of 218 hectares. In May there is peony and clivia flower show and bonsai exhibition, from June to July, there is stone exhibition and flowering bulbs show, in August there is flower arranging art exhibition and foliage plants exhibition, from September to October there is orchids show and chrysanthemum exhibition.
Garden shows people the lightest, the most important, the hardest and softest wood of trees and the most poisonous Antiaria, the most expensive taxus chinensis, the oldest manglietiastrum sinicum and other world’s greatest trees in Yunnan. The highest, the shortest, the most coarse and the finest, the hardest and softest of bamboo in the world can be found here.
The Beijing Garden Expo’s history, tradition, modern, creative construction includes the Domestic Garden, the International Exhibition Park and architecture-designed Exhibition Park. The entire country’s provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and Hong Kong, Macao SAR and Taiwan are involved in the construction of the gardens, gathering three of the world's leading garden design gurus to be involved in the planning and design of the park; Third, it is a successful model of ecological restoration. It consists of the indoor exhibition, outdoor exhibition park, the digital garden, heritage exhibition on display, research and advocacy of a long history and brilliant achievements of Chinese gardens, and is in a city with the charm of oriental culture and world-class museums. Built in the spiral style, it reflects the vigorous vitality, while the plane and the formation of a "9" signify the main venue of the Ninth Garden Expo.

These will demonstrate to the majority of tourists a colorful, memorable, and unique garden event.
A total of 10 designated travel agencies of the Beijing Garden Expo will help tourists from all over the country enter the Garden Expo, understanding China's cultural gardens.
The Queensland Garden Expo always brings out the best plant nurseries and the creative talent of Sunshine Coast locals. I think I’d better start saving up for one of their pieces to satisfy my endless love affair with all things rusty. It mainly includes five indoor exhibition areas, 6 display areas, three outdoor exhibition areas and some public service facilities. In the Bamboo Garden there is also built the bamboo house, bamboo memorial archway, bamboo tube, bamboo pavilion, bamboo handrail and other bamboo constructions, which embodies the Chinese ancient bamboo culture, bamboo garden art and bamboo craft skills. At present, the entire country’s 69 cities have constructed 47 exhibition park projects, which have basically completed construction, but are ongoing greening and landscape decoration. Clever use of wasteland for ecological restoration and building of gardens, ecological restoration in the field of construction waste and landfill, and the miraculous, ecological concepts and advanced technologies complement each other; fourth, it has increased tourism value. During the exhibition it will serve as an indoor exhibition center, conference center, information center and a reception center. Indoor area consists of five halls, the Chinese hall, International hall, Greenhouse, Hall and the Department of Man and Nature. Farm Show Complex will feature 13 display gardens, three dozen talks and a visit by HGTV's John Gidding of Curb Appeal fame. 25 countries, 34 cities and 32 international institutions’ buildings and small exhibition parks’ main structures have been completed. Beijing Garden Expo built the Garden Expo facilities to become the biggest large-scale comprehensive scenic area following the Olympic Park, the Wanping City Garden Expo, the Marco Polo Bridge, and the Wanping City Yongding River.
Six theme exhibition areas are tree garden, tea garden, bamboo garden, miniascape garden, herb garden and vegetable melon fruit orchards. The Garden Expo will display a magnificent fine blend of distinctive characteristics of the modern Garden Expo to the majority of tourists, and it is expected that the number of the Garden Expo visitors will reach more than 10 million people.
Three outdoor exhibition areas are China exhibition, International exhibition and Enterprises exhibition.
The Expo Park will also be a model for eco-tourism, the richest mix of tourism products to attract tourism investment, and most importantly promote tourism consumption. In addition, the tour guide, food, shopping, accommodation, medical, entertainment, performing arts, and telecommunications and other facilities are thoughtful arrangement.
In the 184 days during the expo, there was held a series of rich and colorful activities, thus greatly ensured the expo a complete success.

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