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Confounded by vegetable digging cats and toiling in the vegetable patch, Instructables member pippa5 came up with this cool DIY vertical garden  solution. It is similar to the reclaimed gutter vertical garden DIY we featured in April, but this one is even easier. I would get a water resitant one or canvas, something like that would dry out quickly and the sun would kill the if any bacteria that might come from the standing water. That is a great idea – I would never have thought of using a shoe-organizer for a vertical herb garden.
Around two years ago I went to China where I saw an arrangement of the most beautiful Sanctuary Gardens I have ever seen. I tried this in May but by the end of the season the shoe holder had rotted out, also you have to be sure to water on a regular basis since it dries out pretty fast. I’ve been thinking about doing stuff like that for quite a while now, was also thinking of setting up canvas sacks to grow tomatoes hanging upside down.
This looks like a really great idea, I do wander how long they will last depending on the type of material it is made from though?
Great for small spaces, also it would work in cold area as the wall would keep your plants warmer. My only concern with this is the chemicals in the shoe organizer that might leech into the soil to be taken up into the plants. Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
Here's a great Vertical Garden design from Vertical Earth Gardens, perfect for space deprived farmers and fresh veggie lovers. By using hydroponics and a cascading system of pipes they are able to efficiently use space, light and water while not being limited to vine growing plants.  According to the Vertical Earth Gardens site, their system uses 80% less water than traditional garden beds. VEG's self-contained system ensures that only fresh and pure water and nutrients are being absorbed by your garden, and allows you to effectively reduce and manage the waste water.  Other benefits to this system include: No soil borne diseases, better air circulation decreases mildew and rot, easier to maintain pH balance, a longer growing season, bees have better access to the blossoms and you have easier access for harvesting without breaking your back and knees!
Most of the concern with the use of plastic came about from a study which found that the hardening agent used in plastic production can leach out with water over time, but it was found to do so in small amounts.
The plastic pipes have been used by many gardeners to good effect for creating raised and vertical gardens.
Well, I think in the name of convenience, economy of scale, and profit, we are actually assaulting our slow-to-evolve body with a bit more then it can process successfully.
Hi, Do you have any recommendations for utilizing a solar power source for the water pump and any other electrical? I've got a very small yard, so I'm always looking for cute and clever DIY ideas for container gardening.
Try nailing your kids outgrown rubber rain boots to your wooden fence, then plant with some hearty marigolds or other colorful flowers. Galvanized buckets and tubs are always fabulous for planting flowers and vegetable gardens. Going through a dusty 2003 hard drive I find this fantastic example of PET bottle-on-bottle planters at a gardening exhibition in Nagoya.
Pallet PlantersI used to work in a warehouse, and we used wooden pallets to stack all of the merchandise from the trucks.
Rubber Tire PlantersIf you're looking to plant bushes or small trees, you're going to need a big planter.
Altoids Can PlantersSo, you live in a tiny apartment, but you still want to have your own garden—what do you do?
Window Shutter PlantersI think this is the perfect solution to creative, upcycled planting. Toilet Tank Trike PlanterFlickr user Annieo76 made a planter out of an old tricycle and toilet tank. Chair PlanterOrganized Clutter Queen made a decorative planter for the porch out of an old, weathered chair. I have seen lots of old wheel barrows with no front tyre on them made to be planters, mostly herbs and vegies but they are big enough to plant almost anything. This solution needs only little space (=good for my small garden), keeps most of the pest away and every plant gets enough light.
I wonder how they would hold up through the weather though, and if sunlight still has a good effect on them over time. I chose a plastic shoe holder rather than canvas, the only thing that might rot is the stitching.

I put one up this past weekend filled with herbs and greens (well, at least seeds for greens) and it looks beautiful and brings so much life to a once baren space! I live in a big building and you made me dream about my own house and have the same garden. Quite possibly, chemicals in the pipe might leach into the water and then into the veggies and then into…me? This standard also establishes similar guidelines for other plumbing materials, including copper tubing.
My family was fortunate to recently purchase a home which had been previously owned by a gardener.
Instead use CVPC, which is design for use in household water systems and public water sources. If you are crafty, any old wrought iron planter can be spray painted to a color that works with your garden theme. The middle image shows how to create flat floral wreath from 2L PET bottles and sturdy wire. Never once did I think of using those pallets as planters, but Fern Richardson from Life on the Balcony sure has.
One person even let me help dig two trenches for some old timber that was going to make up a small vegetable patch – just making my mark in China aha. My solution was to put in 16 oz cups I picked out of the garbage at the espresso shop(I have no shame- I love digging through the garbage) anf filled them with dirt after poking a drainage hole in the bottom. F Energy and Environment News RoA daily roundup of the most important energy, environment, and climate news from around the world. By taking small steps you can start to incorporate eco-friendly options into your life that will both reduce your impact on the earth and improve the quality of your life.
The pipe pictured, looks like the common white plastic pipe generally available in home centers like Home Depot, OSH, etc. I think the industry prevents significant research into the issue, somehow, because as it stands a lot of information out there is entirely anecdotal. Initial studies have not shown health risks associated with these pipes, but as Steve mentioned most information that we have is anecdotal.
There was a small patch of edibles that we have been able to maintain and the question of what chemicals these veggies might contain has plagued me from day one. The last image features upright 2L planters, with the fine touch of a bottle-in-bottle construction to store the watering can for the planter-sculpture.
Elizabeth Abernathy shows you how she created these tiny pocket gardens out of old Altoids tins.
This DIY Garden Tower Planter (strawberry planter) will give you the extra gardening and planting space you need. We feature sustainable products, ideas and news to help you to help you on your journey to a greener lifestyle. Significant facts do exist, but nothing suggesting you shouldn’t use the pipes for this or similar purposes. I am trying to use only organic techniques to minimize chemical applications in the surrounding (watershed) environment. I cannot think of anything else that personifies summer better than gardening.When it comes to planting greenery, most people just reach for the pots that they have had since '82 that collect dust in their garage during the cold seasons. This is a great DIY Garden Project but because of the compound angles that need to be cut, it requires a compound miter saw which does take some skill to use correctly.This tower set us back around $200 dollars to build ourselves but everything was available at our local home improvement store which makes for easy one stop shopping.
Also, the roots get more oxygen with the cloth one so root-rot isn’t as big of an issue.
Personally, I think it’s because the industry would like to see their products sold for as many purposes as possible, safe or not. That or they just buy pots from their local nursery for whatever they need.But you can spice things up this season with some creative DIY planters. This DIY project did take quite a bit of time, approximately 4 days after work, so about 16 hours, which can make for a good long weekend project. I'd like to think that if MacGyver were real, he would be using some of the makeshift planters, too. We also added a layer of rocks and gravel underneath the dirt to try to help with water drainage.
Just put 4 drip lines to the top slots and the water trickles down to the bottom where your pump is (I used a long skinny planter box). Also, since the upper most layers will dry out the fastest, in the future we want to rig up a time controlled spray irrigation line from the very top of our garden pyramid planter.

Either way you choose make sure to put the plants that grow big (like tomatoes and peas) in the top slot.
By doing this the top layers will not dry out and the water will also trickle down to the base layers ensuring even watering if we time it correctly. You can zip-tie a trellis to the shoe organizer which keeps the plant in place and growing in the direction you want.
We were thinking of using a large PVC pipe with small dripping holes to water our strawberries. Also, put a piece of plastic (I used 2 kitchen-sized trash bags because it is pretty much the exact size) behind the shoe organizer so that you don’t stain whatever is behind the rack.
We may build another one and make a space in the center piece of our cedar post for the PVC pipe to fit into. Aeroponics is the process of growing types of plants in an air or water mist environment without the use of soil. You can go one step further and turn it into a small greenhouse with PVC pipe and plastic sheeting. You can go even one step further and build an irrigation watering system with some PVC pipe. Mix in a few types of high quality gardening soil and some organic seeds and you too can reap the benefits of fresh vegetables in your backyard.
A cold frame is a low profile enclosed box that will act somewhat like a greenhouse and protect your outdoor garden plants from extreme weather. If you have room in your backyard you can build your own DIY raised vegetable garden for around $50 dollars! This type of garden is also referred to as a "Square foot garden" and can be built the exact same way. I also believe that it would conserve dehydration since the soil would be somewhat protected from direct midday sun, but still allow the leaves of the plant sunlight. For additional water retention, why not add water retaining gel or some sort of water retaining mix to the soil? My only change at this point addresses the amount of what I see as wasted soil, which increases the lower you go on the tower. Window Boxing each level where needed or building a secondary internal pyramid to form a back wall would eliminate the unneeded dirt.
The very top of course and maybe a couple levels down wouldn’t need this boxing or back wall.
Would be a great sell.Reply 10 Bucuresti January 17, 2015 at 11:12 amCan i use these structure for growning chili pepper? For the top of the side pieces of the frame, do you know what the measurement where they meet up with the top trim? The book says to make a 15 degree cut, but doesn’t mention how far in to start the cut. CharleneReply 16 Paul M May 11, 2014 at 2:20 amOne thing you can do to prolong the life of the wood is spray the interior (the part that will touch dirt) with plasti-dip. Just enough to fill 1 to 2 inches full of rocks that way as it rains the soil is damp from each of the levels. About how many strawberry plants can you plant in this tower?Reply 23 DIY Project Help Tips March 25, 2014 at 4:12 pmAlison, For strawberries, space them 8 to 12 inches apart, with rows about 1 to 2 feet apart. I like this idea.Reply 25 Doug January 24, 2014 at 3:25 pmWould it work to run a soaker hose in a spiral around your center column?
That would allow interior watering, drawing roots deep into the soil.I guess my major concern is the longevity of the wood. We create several design for the organic community here and all we use if redwood or ceder.
The hose connection comes out about two feet from the ground and extends just far enough to get your hand on it. I have 3 pyramid planters, and keeping them properly watered is a significant problem!Reply 34 DIY Project Help Tips April 30, 2013 at 7:49 pmHi Martha, We used a simple $8 dollar water pump and 10 feet of PVC pipe.
We attached the timer to our water pipe, cut lengths of tubing and put a section of soaker hose in each container.
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