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Introducing the exclusive tokidoki back-to-school collection, featuring innovative bags, stationery, and coloring products.
Invaluable reference for novice and experienced gardeners with 600 color pages packed with more than 750 photos of gardens and individual plants. Possibly one of the best "complete" gardening guides on the market, this resource describes a wide range of gardening principles and techniques and includes a plant encyclopedia of both common and somewhat unusual plants.
Golden Gate Gardening: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Food Gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area and Coastal California by Pamela K.
The bible of vegetable gardening in the San Francisco Bay Area has been revised and updated! This book offers advice on everything from starting your garden from seed, to planning your garden with helpful space saving techniques.
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Information on perennials, roses, bulbs, annuals, lawns, trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs-plus detailed how-to-grow-it information for nearly 500 plants.
I've had a lot of good advice from family and friends but this book has been a huge timesaver. Packed with more than 400 pages of reliable information, Golden Gate Gardenin offers encyclopedic coverage of gardening principles and practices specific to the Bay Area and the Northern California coast.

She writes the Q&A column "Golden Gate Gardener" for the San Francisco Chronicle and teaches gardening and horticulture at City College of San Francisco, where she lives. Make this guide a must-have resource for anyone interested in growing vegetables, no matter what their space requirements. As a Georgia Extension agent (now retired after twenty-five years of service), Walter gained an enormous in-depth knowledge of plants, plant culture, and plant problems as he helped educate the public about plants. The editors of Sunset have constructed this book for amateur gardeners who are looking for creative recreation, not a professional career. Author Pam Peirce explains strategies for growing common favorite vegetables and herbs, plus unusual ones that bring variety to the garden. Helpful charts will outline when to plant and when to harvest cool and warm season vegetables.
Walter is the original co-author of the Georgia Getting Started Garden Guide (Cool Springs Press) as well as the co-author of Month-by-Month Gardening in Georgia (also for Cool Springs Press). Between them, they cover the many aspects and advantages of growing vegetables - including tomatoes! Thus, all the projects, plants, and designs in this 288-page paperback are tailored to meet the schedules and needs of quick and easy Western gardeners. She includes information on organizing a garden, dealing with pests, assessing a microclimate, cultivating fruit trees, gardening on a rooftop, harvesting the crop, and creating delicious gardener's dishes.

Western Garden Book describes several thousand plants that can be grown in twenty-four specific climates from Idaho, Utah, and Arizona to the Pacific coastline.
This third edition also contains new or updated information on resources for specific seeds, tomato planting, organic gardening, and vegetables not included in previous editions, including amaranth, shell beans, Chinese broccoli, broccoli raab, Florence fennel, oca, okra, and quinoa.
Many of the same principles apply with regard to growing compost, or pest control for instance. Charts, sidebars, maps, and online resources help make the vegetable gardening experience easier and more fun. What has to be Borne in mind with this collection - as with most book bundle's - is that this is a collection of stand-alone gardening books, and so will cover the aspects needed to complete the individual books. However it is intended that the amount of new material included in the individual books, as well as the greatly reduced price compared to purchasing them individually, will make up for this in some measure.

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