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Indianapolis prairie garden on Flickr.Just in time for a spooky Halloween weekend - I took this picture of Dr. Another summer container garden combo we threw in the trash bin last week, one of two tucked into a shady porch by the friendship door. Today I am tackling something I have wanted to do for some time.  I am edging my flower bed with a straight-edged shovel to create an attractive frame around  my bed of flowers.
I have used everything from rocks to landscape timbers and have not been satisfied.  Mainly, because I have to spend an hour using the weed eater each week to keep everything just the way I like it. Today was the day I decided to ditch the timbers and start straight edging the bed around the deck.  After this project is completed the trees and my secondary flower bed are next on my list.

Each year as the garden gains new plants, new memories are added.  I have plants from my children, husband, grandma, mom, aunts, uncles, sister-in-law and friends in my beds.
With today’s goal completed I am going to sit back and enjoy some fresh lemonade  (Recipe Here) I made and wait until my husband gets home so I can get more mulch.  Enjoy your Thursday!! This entry was posted in All Posts and tagged edging the flower garden, flower garden edging, gardening for health, lemonade recipe, spring jobs. All T-Shirt products, stickers and such are from different artists – Please support them. Savor the surprise with friends and family by announcing Baby's gender at a Gender Reveal Party Baby Shower!

Cleaning them up will allow me to way focus on only the happy thoughts when I look at them.

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