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The West Village is now home to Gardenia, the latest fusion restaurantĀ featuringĀ Mediterranean cuisine, latin flavors and a touch of european influence. PS: They look like nuggets of coal to me; it could be a delicious trick to play on friends and family during the Christmas holiday!
Justine is a NY food editor & healthy lifestyle blogger who has eaten her way around the world to understand the connection between local culture & cuisine. Very good meal here!The menu online is slightly different than the menu we got in the restaurant fyi.Started with the gardenia guac, which was amazing!!!
Abel Martinez fertilizes young gardenias at Robbins Nursery, which has been doing landscaping installations and commercial jobs to diversify its business. It is finally springtime here in Central Florida, which means everything is blooming and turning a lovely shade of green. While many home gardeners fertilize their lawn grass annually during this time, they often fail to realize it is the perfect time to apply fertilizer to budding trees and shrubs. The primary purpose of fertilizer is to provide plants with the appropriate amount of nutrients. Before applying fertilizer to your plants, trees and shrubs, take a minute to examine them closely.
According to Ross Penhallegon, horticulturist at Oregon State University, spring is the perfect time to fertilize no matter what state you live in.
Nutrients are found in the soil and transported to trees and shrubs through their root systems. However, there are certain factors that can keep your plants from absorbing nutrients they need.

Lack of oxygen in the soil, diseased roots, limited sugar production and stress all can keep your plants and trees from absorbing the nutrients fertilizer provides. If these factors are present, adding fertilizer will not enhance plant health or encourage growth.
Place the fertilizer at the tree's drip line, which is where most of the roots are located.
One way to be sure your trees get plenty of fertilizer is to punch 12-inch holes around the tree, fill with fertilizer and add water. Fertilizer can also be applied using a "peppering" method, meaning you pepper the area around the tree with fertilizer just before a springtime rain. If you have newly planted trees or shrubs this spring, wait about eight weeks to apply fertilizer. Following these guidelines will ensure your trees and shrubs get just the right amount of fertilizer when they need it most. Home gardeners who do not want to use harsh chemicals in their yards can purchase fertilizers made from natural elements. Plants that thrive in acidic conditions, such as azaleas and camellias, often do well when fertilized with cottonseed meal.
Lively, talkative crowds fill the space and if you’re dining solo, the bar is always a nice spot to absorb the action. Keeping a few factors in mind will help you apply the right amount of fertilizer to your plants, ensuring good health and beauty. When too much fertilizer is added, it can lead to the decline of the plant and its eventual death.

Are your plants growing less than you expected or has the color and size of foliage decreased lately?
If you answered yes to any of those questions, your trees and shrubs could benefit from an application of fertilizer. He said fertilizing in the fall increases the risk of plant shock, which could result in disaster when cold winter weather hits. If your plants are relatively healthy and free from damage or disease, they will benefit from spring fertilization. When fertilizer is only added to the soil surface, you run the risk of the fertilizer washing away before it reaches the root zone. New plantings are under stress, so be sure to only provide them with a light application of fertilizer. Adding fertilizer to your plants during the spring can ensure the appropriate amount of nutrients are available for optimal plant health. Also go the burrata, which was excellent, and the tuna tacos-average.For entrees, the 4 of us split the short rib risotto, the paella and the branzino. I thought they were all decent, but not amazing.I did love my drink - the mediterranean sangria and the decor, which is beautiful.

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