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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Website of the Telegraph Media Group with breaking news, sport, business, latest UK and world news. The award-winning editorial includes topical, practical advice in the readers' favourite 'what to do now' section, and regular contributions and features from the top names in BBC gardening. The doughty champion of cottage gardening has been forced by her landlord and neighbour Len Tanner to close Glebe Cottage Plants, after a quarrel involving an obtrusive heap of compost. That is always the first reaction when a television host of yesteryear lays into the presenters of today.
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After showing the kids enjoying their session, presenter Jo Swift enthused:'This is a fabulous project. The perennial BBC Gardeners’ World, which started a week last Friday, has had a dramatic change.
Packed with fresh ideas and clear advice - the innovative approach offers creative, practical and problem-solving solutions to all keen gardeners.
Or, when compost is required, do the stars themselves pick up the the barrow, even when the cameras are not rolling?

But, in the case of Stefan Buczacki, a former co-presenter of BBC Two's Gardeners' World, who has blasted the present show for being a "toe-curling" irrelevance, it would be foolish to draw any such conclusion.
The sun shone, the potato bed got dug, the nursery bed got weeded, the big hole in the central axis that the water contractors made last summer and we have been waiting ever since to be filled got filled by the Duke of Edinburgh team. The maze layout - still only pegged out in string - was tested by willing small volunteers, marigold and allium seeds got sorted, geranium and parsley seedlings rescued.
So it is comforting to know that the mini-paradises of rampant fertility that we admire on screen do occasionally bug their neighbours, and so connect with gardening as we know it. There is nothing to beat watching what gardeners do in their own space, because all good gardeners do what works for them, not what they think should be done. By contrast, some years ago I visited the much-lamented Geoff Hamilton in his garden at Barnsdale in Rutland. Although he had help, some of it from students of agriculture, there was no doubt he did most of the work himself. If the apostrophe in Gardeners' World is still there two years from now, I am a Virginia creeper. The two-acre site in the Herefordshire Welsh Marches is divided into 19 areas, separated by mostly native trees and hedging. Anyone with a plot as large as hers will need help; but her two hip operations are evidence of years spent wielding trowel and spade on resilient Devon clay.

So this summer, we will not see mature, burgeoning borders (or bindweed) here as he refuses to bang mature plants in hugger mugger, Chelsea-style, but to do it with patience, as any normal gardener would. Since The Magnolias and Barnsdale, most of the main presenters of Gardeners’ World have used their homes as a base. Alan Titchmarsh had Barleywood and Monty Don, the current main presenter, operates from Longmeadow in Herefordshire.
Soon, if Carol has her way, we shall watch her rising above adversity by replanting at Glebe Cottage. The first was the decision to expand a successful half-hour show into a 60-minute extravaganza, with mindless gimmicks added to the practical tips about gardening.
Anyone who has experienced having a television crew filming in his or her garden knows it causes a huge distraction. It could feel more exclusive than inclusive; dry in tone when it needed to be a bit more lyrical. It might have a look at a foodie’s garden, one who grows a lot of his own produce, or a naturalist who nurtures his corner for hedgehogs.

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