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The page you have requested can't be found.Try going back and trying another link or use the menu along the top to navigate the site. We are delighted to be welcoming the RHS to Chatsworth for the first of many memorable flower shows. One of England's most spectacular annual outdoor events, there's nowhere quite like the Country Fair here at Chatsworth. View the current job vacancies at Chatsworth and other businesses within the Devonshire Group.
The 35,000 acre Chatsworth Estate offers a range of beautiful locations for TV, film and stills photography. On a bright and sunny summer day (so bright, I look like a ghost here!), I visited a charming old gardener’s house in East Walnut Hills, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati). If Javascript is disabled browser, to place orders please visit the page where I sell my photos, powered by Fotomoto. It is situated within Chatsworth Park and has an elevated position opposite the historic village of Edensor.

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It’s a Cotswold-style cottage built in 1918 that sits behind what used to be the main house. I love the ivy trailing over everything and that shed with the robin’s egg blue door! What it would be like to have a house where a turquoise door fit right in…oh, and the gardens. It is reported as the one house that remained when the 6th Duke carried out his landscaping and park improvements. This is where the gardener lived then, and where an artist who has a gift for gardening lives now. Some say it was left so as not to disturb an elderly occupant, others say that as it isn't visible from Chatsworth House its removal wasn't required under the landscaping plans. Gardener's Cottage provides unique and luxurious self-catering holiday accommodation for six people.

I asked nicely, but they still wouldn’t let me get any closer than this with my camera. There was artwork covering just about every square inch of the walls, and the floors were beautifully painted.
It was like a little spot of heaven on earth!   Hooked on a Cottage in Carmel Welcome to Hooked on Fridays, when we celebrate the things that make us happy. When… Are you hooked on houses?

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