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Leon County MG Class 2015 Schedule Class Tuesday from 9am until 1pm Demo Garden Workday (third Monday of every month) February 3 – Introduction: MG Program, Responsibilities, VMS, etc. Being creative is the fun part of creating the vision.  Gardeners are continually showing their creativity with new plant combinations and innovative accessories for the garden. Lastly, gardeners have a love for plants, flower and nature that gives them an appreciation for the finer things in life. The Spiritual Gardener is an archetype that expresses a personification of one’s connection with the earth, nature and gardens in general. Everyone who loves gardens, gardening, nature and who appreciate the various beliefs and ideologies surrounding nature and all of its systems will recognize their own inner Spiritual Gardener. There are dozens of books on the subject of spiritual gardens, soul gardens, sacred gardens that delve into the meaning of our deep sense of need to connect with these practices.
In contrast, there are thousands if not a million books, articles, websites, forums, blogs that limit their discussion of gardens to the fundamentals — mainly addressing the genre of How To perform or solve any particular issue with gardens. The Spiritual Gardener certainly loves to sow seeds, nurture the plants and reap the benefits, but they tend to dig a little deeper to uncover the root and tap into the primordial essence of their experiences. As this blog grows, I intend for it to be a platform for lofty discussion and sharing about meaningful experiences, ideas and insights about how each of us are indeed a Spiritual Gardener. The story of a three year homesteading & market gardening adventure in Maple Ridge, BC.
I’m looking to rent a spot to grow vegetables for family, friends and whoever is hungry, I simply love growing things. Before moving to Vancouver 23 years ago to pastor a church, Bob and his wife lived a homesteader’s lifestyle in the US, building their own home from scratch and growing most of their own food (*sigh*).
It wasn’t a hard decision to invite him onto our property to grow some food here, so since this past spring, Bob has created a good-sized garden bed in one of our unusued pastures and grown an abundance of onions, potatoes, squash, beans and more. Also, some of you may have noticed the new, reclaimed cedar boxes we’re displaying our kale, swiss chard and quilts in at the market. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged guest gardener on 26 August, 2012 by Jocelyn Durston. I am proud to be the Head Gardener (actually, the only gardener) at Moosey's Country Garden. Of course cats have come and gone - some into the garden underneath a memorial tree, while some have sadly disappeared. Advertising within The Professional Gardener is handled by Hall-McCartney Ltd, the publisher of the magazine, and prospective advertisers should contact them direct. If you are a professional gardener looking for a new position, or you are an employer with a gardening vacancy, PGG’s gardening employment expert Peter Fields may be able to help. The Guild does not attempt to function as an employment agency, nor do we ever recommend individual members to prospective employers.

Our membership is probably the largest body of gardeners working in private gardens and estates anywhere and must be the obvious place to seek the services of skilled, experienced and practical staff, be it a Head Gardener, Assistant Gardener or even a Trainee. The two means of advertising that we have are, namely, our quarterly journal, The Professional Gardener, which is sent to all members and our Jobsheet. The Jobsheet is available only to members by subscription, which is a nominal first class stamp per issue (U.K.
Day Visits & Study ToursThe PGG organise delightful visits and study tours to all parts of the UK and overseas. This anticipated picture may change somewhat between the start and finish but it is key to success. It attempts to bridge the gap between mundane gardening activities and transcendent thinking. For it is certainly an internal knowing rather than the outward focused physical activities of gardening that personifies the archetype. Evidenced by the often reported statistic that Americans report that as a hobby, gardening ranks at the top. Bob joined our property as an off-site gardener back in the spring and we love having him (and his garden!) here. None of us knew him, but it turns out we have mutual friends who pointed him in the direction of our blog. We loved the idea of sharing our space with someone, especially someone who could share some gardening wisdom with us newbies. Since living in Maple Ridge, Bob has designed and grown an award-winning perrennial garden that has appeared in Home and Garden magazines.
His eggplants started showing themselves this week, beating out ours which are flowering but nothing more so far. The Farm for Life Project was a three year project undertaken by four friends in Maple Ridge, B.C.
I'm passionate and obsessive - if not working in the garden I'm either writing about it or thinking about it. Dearly departed cats like Jerome, Stumpy and Mugsy are always popping up in older photographs. Two of my most beautiful cats, Smoocher and Beige-Puss, were taken after short, shining lives. We do, however, have the facilities to advertise vacancies and we are increasingly sought out by discerning employers in search of high calibre staff. This growing awareness of the Guild amongst employers of all kinds brings benefits to members, in that the range of vacancies available, often exclusively, to them is also growing, thus widening the choice of those seeking a new post. Under the Health & Safety at Work regulations every employer has a duty to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all his employees.

He rescued an old cedar fence that was being dismantled and is using the wood to create produce boxes and other useful, beautiful creations. He thought he was a sheepdog, though usually had to be shut in the car whenever the sheep were on the move.
Tiger is the current senior feline, and Fluff-Fluff (you guessed it - he's fluffy!) is a supreme gardening cat. I know that I'm a compulsive rescuer, and have effected some very impressive ones - ask my ex-students! In practice this averages out at one Jobsheet every ten days over a twelve month period with a weekly issue being normal, rarely if ever does the period between Jobsheets exceed three weeks.
His home garden has left no room for food production, though, which is why he contacted us.
Reading, hiking in the mountains, and listening to sport, particularly cricket matches, are favourite leisure activities. Three young siblings (Percy, Histeria, and Lilli-Puss), socialised feral cats, have enjoyed a wonderful life being cared for properly in the country. He'd stay inside just long enough to check out food possibilities, and was the champion killer of hay barn rodents and rabbits in the back paddock. I don't like 'garden rooms' or controlled vistas - they may photograph well for the glossy gardening magazines, but they bring out the rebel in me.
Because advertisers pay for the service, as opposed to an amount per word or column centimeter as is normal publishing practice, the advertisements tend to contain much more information, which, in turn, makes the decision whether to apply or not much easier, therefore saving time and expense on wasted applications and interviews.
You can send in your application to our office and we will notify you when we start the interview process. 2013, we transformed 2.5 acres into a flourishing, environmentally sensitive, small working farm, garden, and educational site. I found little Minimus as a kitten, wild in the woodshed - her home base is Pond Cottage, my pretty garden shed-with-a-bed. Advertisers are more often than not happy to give a telephone number so that an informal chat can also help in the decision making. Older Son of Moosey is my London webmaster, making up for forgotten birthdays and long forgotten teenage angst by designing this website. Winnie the black and white Border Collie arrived in time for Christmas, 2014, and Escher, a big brown smoochy German Pointer x Chocolate Labrador, is staying with us at the moment. Or ask last year's excess lettuce seedlings (over two hundred of them), all neatly pricked out in cat food pottles.

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