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Interestingly, earthworms were actually imported from Europe because the North American soils were so void of them. Hopefully by reading this you have developed a new respect for earthworms as they are a gardener’s best friend. Encourage Earthworms in your yard and garden by using all natural fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides.

Sign Up For Our NewsletterReceive helpful tips about gardening, soap making, chickens, herbs, composting, sprouting, and more. Long after the seed is sown, the worm continues to nourish the plant by working with the soil. While tillers and plows are necessary at times,  earthworms are really the most economical, productive, earth, and plant friendly way to plow.

If you look close, especially in the spring, you can see some of these castings lying on top of the grass or in your garden bed.

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