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Congratulations to Jade and David on their Mornington Peninsula garden wedding at Ashcombe Maze in Shoreham on the 5th of December 2014. Are you having a Mornington Peninsula garden wedding ceremony or a Melbourne garden wedding? For further information on what Circle of Love has to offer, visit our wedding venues melbourne page on our website.
This Mornington Peninsula garden wedding venue offer some beautiful locations for your wedding ceremony with our couple choosing a plush garden area near the gazebo.

We provided our white wedding arch with purple draping and cream and purple silk flowers on the side.
Our couple were from Darwin but grew up in Melbourne and wanted a nice Mornington Peninsula garden wedding ceremony location which was close to their reception venue on the Mornington Peninsula.
The white aisle runner and white Americana chairs complimented the arch with purple rose balls and rose petals along the carpet. We also provided personalised rose petals cones with purple and white rose petals for after the ceremony.

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