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The couple chose chocolate brown and green as their color palette and bridesmaids wore gowns of their choosing by J Crew. The gardens of the Indianapolis Museum of Art were a perfect setting for the ceremony….
More of Alli and Jason’s beautiful wedding can be found on the Grise Photography blog!
Escort Cards « Wedding blog by respected wedding planner discussing design, planning, advice and reviews.
If you love this location, the Lavender Inn in Ojai, CA is available for weddings and would make the perfect setting for your own garden wedding. We just featured a real wedding from Lavender & Twine that was at The Lavender Inn last week!
I love this shoot so much–and I decided after scouring the internet that I would use this shoot as inspiration for my wedding!
I loved this mood board and used it to style our own wedding flowers, which we put together ourselves – I think we did quite a good job!
An outdoor wedding brings your wedding ceremony, and perhaps your reception as well, out into the open air. With all the natural beauty of a garden wedding setting around you, you won’t have to do (nor spend) very much to complete your dream wedding scene.
Lighting effects aren’t needed for a daytime wedding, but for an evening outdoor wedding, arrange for lighting to be hung from posts, trees, the trellis, and other existing structures, according to our sites’ regulations. There were certainly people around us who thought that the idea of a small, afternoon wedding in a garden was a little strange and could not be as remarkable as a fancier, larger wedding. At the reception a mutual friend of ours sang an old love song and we danced surrounded by our closest friends and family. If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title. Decorate your ceremony chairs with gorgeous florals, or have your aisle strewn with petals prior to the arrival of your guests. If it’s not in plain sight, I love the idea of having a sign point the way to your location! I got married in an arboretum last year, (and I photograph weddings in arboretums often) …and I gotta say, it is a beautiful thing! There are a lot of planning involved in marriage and one of the key factors that make this special day is a gift that you give the ‘groom and bride groomsmen.

The very first pic is awesome the tree totally looks fabulous and i think lots of work is done on that particular tree. I love the first picture of the tree and i think lots of work is done on that particular tree.
Well, Lavender & Twine contacted me the day that went up asking me if they could turn it into a real shoot and I’ve been dying to see what they came up with!
I love everything about this pretty shoot, especially the skeleton key boutonniere and the drool-worthy cake.
I fell in love with these shoes at a dress store–and after I chose this shoot as my inspiration, I realized that the shoes I like were in the shoot too! A garden wedding is, naturally, an outdoor wedding taking place in a garden setting – surrounding you with beautiful landscaping, ponds and fountains that add a romantic quality to your big day.
These colorful, floral, crystal-embedded, personalized paths to your happily ever after can be used on a solid under-surface on a grassy ceremony spot, or you can line the entrance to your wedding site, or the concrete or cobblestone entrance points to your garden wedding. While some couples are decorating their trellis or chuppah with elaborate collections of flowers and greenery, others are using colorful fabrics arranged in artistic folds and drapings to create a lavish focal point for the ceremony, one that still works with the garden wedding setting. Choose from a monochromatic color scheme, or pair two different colors for every other row, or to delineate between the first few rows and the next few rows. New trends in wedding decor have introduced fashionable seat covers including those with ripple effects, paillettes and other attractive accenting. A sunset ceremony lit magically can then lead into an indoor cocktail party and ballroom reception, so a few well-placed ceremony garden site lighting effects can create a gorgeous setting, on a budget, for your garden wedding. Since the ideas and concepts we had were a little usual, it was challenging at times to convey that vision to others. I think it was crucial to keep in mind that this was our one and only wedding day and our happiness was what truly mattered. Walking myself down the aisle, which was a curving stone staircase, and making eye contact with nearly every guest was a very special moment. Our littlest guests were adorable and the casual finger food and cake atmosphere made everyone feel at home. I was able to do many DIY wedding projects, with the help of others that likely would not have been feasible on a larger scale.
For Leon and I photography was the most important aspect so we decided to designate more of our budget there. I can’t wait for my first outdoor wedding, especially if they decorate like your pictures above!

I am in Texas, so although nowhere near as cold, I still am longing for the heat and that tress is gorgeous!
There are now different as a wedding present and then make the selection on the basis of budgets and preferences. From the concept to the actual day its always an inspiration and leaves me breathless every time. Aisle runners add color, sparkle and customization to a wedding day, and provide that celebrity wedding style that couples look for – done in an elegant way – for their outdoor weddings. Our Justice of the Peace performed the ceremony which Leon and I had written almost entirely from scratch. Leon and I both had the chance to visit with each guest and thank them personally for coming.
My mother sewed our flower girl dresses, Leon’s mother did all our bouquets and arrangements and Leon and I spent countless hours hand-making a variety of other projects. Having beautiful images to remember the day by was far more important to us than giving out favors. A gift of your choice should remind them of the love and bring back fond memories of that special day. I looked at the website and saw that the place was huge and that there were several gardens in the area.
After the ceremony had finished and we were walking back through the rows of chairs Leon surprised me my having guests throw fresh rose petals, something I had wanted but hadn’t had the time to organize.
Seeing the vision come to together so beautifully and being able to share that experience with our loved ones made the day feel incredibly intimate. Most importantly go with what you really want and try not to be discouraged by other (less creative) people. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have an event that leaves a lasting impression.

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