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Retaining walls serve an important function roll in your garden but with the right choice of materials they can also serve as feature to your garden.
The choice of materials for retaining walls and steps is huge, the shapes and forms of their construction can be just as varied. Tegula Garden Wall™ features an old stone look that goes perfectly with Northwest landscaping style.
Western Interlock pavers are made from natural materials and due to variables in the photographic reproduction process, the actual color of the stones may vary slightly. Our experienced brick laying team can create many different decorative styles of brickwork to enhance your garden or property.

Retaining walls are also very effective in sloping gardens; where earth can be excavated and retaining walls constructed to create levels. Many of our customers require decorative garden walls in conjunction with a new driveway installation. Brickwork steps are constructed to create access to different levels of a garden and are often used in conjunction with paved areas such as patios and paths. These changes in levels often call for the construction of wall and steps, although very expensive to construct these walls and steps can be extremely pleasing visually. For a truly accurate representation, we invite you to stop by any of our retail facilities to see them in person.

Depending upon the size of the wall and the mass of the area to be retained, adequate concrete reinforcement is required to withstand the forces placed upon the wall. Brick walls make an attractive alternative to timber fencing as well as providing increased strength and stability meaning brickwork lasts far longer, making it a better investment on your money.
Tegula Garden Wall™ can be capped with our Roca Park and Roca Plaza Stones, or you can use Roca Camino Stone large rectangles.

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