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Retaining walls are both decorative and functional and can be made of pressure-treated wood or stone block, depending on its purpose.
Nottingham, NHJuly 13, 2016New Walkway, New Circle Wall, Brick Fire Pit, Brick Entry-way Step up. A fence built on top of a wood retaining wall is an effective way of raising the back yard and offers better privacy than a fence alone.

Raymond, NHJuly 6, 2016New Walkway with Granite Steps, New Patio, New Planter and Installation of Flora, Edging, Grading and Hydro-Seeding.
A stone retaining wall makes a very attractive planter or can be used to level out steep properties. Either way we will build you a strong and solid product that will withstand the pressures of weight and weather the worst storms.

Our expertise ensures that you get proper drainage in your retaining wall to prevent water build-up that can cause damage.

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