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The Derbyshire is very solid and sturdy and will remain an attractive focal point for your garden for many years. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. This unusual period style Urn has an oval opening rim and base, it features a raised motif and decorative fluting.
Made in natural stone by UK craftsman using traditional methods and available with or without a plinth.
If your home is an urban area and you long for greenery outside your window, or elevated terrace, planters can bring the greenery without the permanent garden or landscaping that a rural home would provide. While many apartments, condos and urban environment homes may have a shared outdoor space or window planter boxes.
Depending on your space, use planters to add greenery and color with seasonal plants and foliage.

Depending on your geographic area, or aesthetics desired will help you decide which material you prefer.
Curb appeal doesn’t only need to include planting in the ground!Collect this ideaNon-traditional planters: If you have a porch that has vertical space, utilize planters that can be affixed to walls to double as wall art.
Succulent plants are very hearty, don’t require a lot of water, and are perfect for planters. Non-traditional planters can also be containers that you have around your home like pails, bottles, metal tubs, and repurposed household containers.
Especially around large decks, lanais, and pools, large planters can become the focal point! Plant topiaries and medium sized trees to bring visual interest to grand entryways and front porch areas. Stately planters tend to have foliage and plantings that bring vertical visual interest to a home.

Also use planters in foyers, and around outdoor entertaining spaces to bring greenery and visual ‘walls’ around conversation areas.Collect this ideaPlanters are a great opportunity to give your porch or outdoor living space a lively and welcoming ambiance. Often times we under or over estimate the size of our outdoor space and are disappointed with the final visual outcome. Too large or too small plantings can make your porch feel overwhelmingly small, or too large and impersonal.
Planters are versatile and eye catching, add a few to your porch today.Collect this ideaFreshome reader’s do you use planters in your outdoor spaces? Creative!melissa paulabsolutely, positively LOVE the vertical gardens and the magenta stone in the white containers… stunning and visually entertaining!

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