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This Juice Plus+ Tower Garden story was submitted by Laura Lee Winslow who wanted to share why she is a representative. The company was originally named National Safety Associates (NSA), because the fire detectors and air & water purifiers they sold protected the health and safety of thousands of people across America. Developed by Tim Blank, former Greenhouse Manager of Epcot, Tower Garden® has quickly become the number one growing system in all of North America. Considering the current state of our planet’s water supply, the nutrient depletion of our soil, the urbanization of our land, and the toxicity of many commonly used fertilizers and pesticides, it is understandable how Tower Garden has created such a buzz. As soon as my husband and I learned about Tower Garden, we knew it would be perfect to further our goal of promoting healthier nutrition for our family and be sustainable.

The Juice Plus+ Company has evolved into a 10 billion dollar company operating in more than 20 countries today, but one thing hasn’t changed is their commitment to selling products that make life better in real and tangible ways- which is why I am a Juice Plus+ Tower Garden representative.
Even if you just start with some container gardens that are easy to manage… this will help you learn the ropes and then next year you can add more pots or go big and create some raised beds or other dedicated space.
The hydroponic garden town made with PVC pipes has excellent flow system, so that you grow lots of different plants, such as onions, spinach, chive etc. It started with the history of the Juice Plus+ company, which was founded in 1970 by Jay Martin a former school teacher with the heart of an entrepreneur, whose vision has remained consistent throughout the company’s 44-year history – to inspire healthy living around the world! In 1993, they continued their commitment to health and wellness with the development of Juice Plus+, a whole-food product.  They expanded their reach even further in 2012 with the introduction of the Tower Garden® food growing system.
This aeroponic, vertical garden system allows you to grow organic, nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables while being eco-friendly.

The Chicago-O’Hare Airport has 26 of them that provide produce to all 63 restaurants within the airport.
Research shows that children participate in growing their own food will eat more fruits and vegetables – our family now eats more fresh, organic produce on a daily basis. Its closed-system technology recycles 100% of its nutrients and water, using as little as 10% of both the water and the land that are commonly used in conventional and organic farming. Rooftops gardens are popping up all over the country (see the Manhattan Rooftop Farm in NYC).

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