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Landscaping rock and decorative gravel provide the perfect backdrop for installing a water-saving xeriscape at your home or business. You often hear the terms garden soil and potting soil or potting mix used interchangeably; however, these are two very different products. Springtime means planting, and a garden soil delivery from The Dirt Bag is just what Mother Nature ordered! Here at The Dirt Bag, we welcome Utah’s sod season like the Whos welcome Christmas to Whoville (minus the strange instruments, of course). Mon- Fri - We are in our slow season, so call before coming out to make sure we have someone here to help. As they grow, plants use up nutrients in the soil and it is the gardener’s job to replace them in order to maintain the overall health of the soil.
Thanks for sharing on The Creative Home & Garden Hop…hope to see you again today! SOUTHERN UTAH – March is an exciting time for southern Utah gardeners, the days are warming, the soil is warming and plants are beginning to grow.
Here are some “cliff notes,” “gardening for dummies” and “quick and dirty” guides for gardening. Not every gardener grows the same plants, but every gardener needs to follow principles that will guarantee success for what he does grow.
Pruning roses is a bit of an art, but it isn’t that difficult either if you understand a few basic principles.
Much of the pruning is about shaping the rose bush; the bush should be open so canes have room to grow.
Weeds should be kept out of the garden, from around your roses and shrubs, and from every other place in your yard; here’s why. Water is precious in the desert, drip irrigation is effective, saves money, and allows you to distribute water soluble fertilizer when you water. Soil-borne diseases are becoming more prolific throughout northern Utah, and they are the bane of many gardeners’ existences. Billions of different microorganisms live in our soil, many of which play an important role in the ecosystem. If you do develop plant-based diseases, you may have a tough time determining the right course of action. The local experts at Millcreek Gardens are committed to helping you succeed in your gardening and ornamental planting endeavors. Our abysmal soil offers little help for turf grasses struggling to survive during the Northern Utah summer. It is important to replenish the soil by digging in lots of organic matter and compost, practicing crop rotations, and by carefully observing what nutrients the soil is lacking. What does it mean when your tomato plant’s leaves turn yellow or don’t produce any flowers or fruits? We like to use manure in our garden, directly in the spring and also as compost tee in the summer.
If you haven’t begun preparing your garden, pruning your roses or pruning your trees—do so now.
Till in compost, manure, or other nutrients that your plants will need to thrive—and do it now. It’s not really ever too late to prune roses, although it’s best to prune just as they are beginning to bud because it allows you to make better pruning decisions.
Roses should be pruned way back each year; they will do better, grow better, and produce more and larger roses this way.

Always cut out any dead canes, large or small, and then eliminate canes that cross, or grow parallel to another cane. These can be pruned during the winter months or early spring; it’s not too late to do it now, but it’s too late after the tree has leafed out. Always cut out the dead wood first, there is never any reason to leave dead wood on a tree. In general, trees should be pruned high enough so adults walking under then do not get whacked in the face, nor should adults have to duck to walk under a tree. If you have a chipper or a means of turning your prunings into sawdust, do it and put them in your garden or compost pile. Weeds sprout earlier than garden produce, grow faster and produce seeds almost immediately.
Sylvan Wittwer, now deceased, who was born and raised in Hurricane, spent his life at Michigan State University and is a world renowned horticulturist and gardener. Rex has been a business owner, an educator, a military helicopter pilot and has a degree in political science.
The challenge is that the presence of these microorganisms is almost impossible to detect or diagnose without the knowledge and experience of an expert. Some, like the fungi that produce edible mushrooms, are also beneficial and welcome in some cases. Examine plants thoroughly before purchase and avoid any specimens that exhibit unhealthy characteristics (spots, discoloration or non-normal leaf shapes, for example). Check with your local university extension to see if they can help identify the problem, or search your specific symptoms online for comparison. Their knowledgeable staff can provide critical insight and guidance, helping you avoid and overcome soil-borne diseases year after year. Laureen, the owner, has been fabulous to work with and she trains her staff well and treats them right. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.Clients SayJohn M.
I like to do this in late fall so the compost is ready to use by spring planting time, but you can do it now too. All cool weather crops can be planted now: broccoli, lettuce, beets, carrots, spinach, onions and peas can all be planted now. A lot of people don’t have the heart to prune their beautiful rose bushes way down, but it is the best, it is necessary. On the remaining canes, find the bud that is emerging in the direction you want the bush to grow. Generally, manure (horse manure is perfect for roses) can be spread out around the rosebush and regular watering will take the nutrients down to the roots. If a tree has sent out a branch where you don’t want it, cut it off, and eliminate all branches that cross or rub another branch. Weeds rob your garden of water, nutrients and sunlight, and their seeds will keep your garden in weed seeds forever unless you take them out early. He recommends using mono-ammonium phosphate as a water soluble fertilizer for gardens, and it can be distributed through your drip system. Preventing soil-borne problems is the most effective way to avoid a heartbreaking and costly problem. Your healthy garden soil can become infested with unwanted pathogens or diseases brought in on new plants. Master Gardener groups can be a great resource, but don’t overlook the knowledge and experience that can be found at your local garden center.

The guy in the office was a complete dick, told me that they cut their grass, truck it in for sale the next day, but kept arguing with me that it wasn't a day old. I had eggplant, zucchini, tons of peppers, tomatoes—and then I left my dog out too long one day and she ate the whole garden!
Horse manure is excellent for gardens and those with horses usually are anxious to get rid of the stuff, they’ll let you have it free if you’ll come and get it. Broccoli, lettuce, and peas have a short window and don’t like the heat so get them in the ground now; they’ll sprout and grow even in cool weather.
For example, if I am trying to widen out the bush, I want to prune just above an outside facing bud.
Never “top” a tree…ever, it should not ever be done and is the worst thing you can do to a tree.
To be completely honest, planting these plants in Fall to live through the winter is best, then once March is here, put in tomatoes and all your basic garden plants. If you do experience pathogens in your soil, an expert opinion will be necessary if you hope to ever get the problem under control. Maintaining the proper soil pH, moisture and level of nutrients will give your garden the best chance at fighting off any potential threats.
If your plants die, remove the entire root ball and dig out at least six inches of dirt, disposing of it in the trash rather than in your compost pile. I am stoked to have moved closer to them and am using them to make my yard in Murray more magical. Below is a simple chart to help you diagnose some of the most common and most important soil nutrient deficiencies and how to fix them so that you can have a bigger, better harvest! The Washington County Landfill has an excellent composting process that is ongoing year round, at a very reasonable cost, but it gets snatched up fast, so don’t wait if you want this compost.
It’s a little early for warm weather crops like corn, melons, squash, peppers and tomatoes. If I want to fill some open gap in the shape of the bush, then prune just above a bud facing the direction I want to fill. Your local nurseryman can help with this and there is an abundance of help on the internet. Incorporate soil amendments that encourage drainage and provide the right type of fertilizer to your plants to assure them the best chance of fighting off disease. Take the dead specimen to your nursery for an opinion and advice on how to treat your soil to overcome the problem. Leaves, pecan shells, straw, sawdust and most leftovers from the kitchen make excellent compost, but it will do your garden no good to put them in the ground now, so get it composting somewhere and put it in the ground in the fall. Tomatoes can be planted now if you use Walls of Water protection, or are prepared to cover them if frost is forecast. A brief walk through your garden daily, with a hoe or shovel or other tool will allow you to keep all weeds out of your garden; your garden will look better, your crops will do better, and you will begin to eliminate the reproductive cycle of weeds. In extreme cases, you may have to dig out the planting area entirely and bring in new, healthy dirt. The challenge of soil-borne diseases is that they are difficult to diagnose and even harder to eradicate.

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