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Blending a combination of Compost and Manure through this soil adds well needed substance to garden or lawn areas. Cultivate your knowledge by viewing the articles, publications and tutorials written by our horticultural specialists. Product CalculatorMeasure your space and put your dimensions in the calculator below to work out how much product you need.
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Our Screened Topsoil contains an ideal blend of natural soil, sand and compost, this gives the topsoil all the nutrients and body it requires whilst improving water drainage capabilities. Enter your postcode in the Delivery Rate box above and the price you see is the price you pay.
Our Membrane is specially designed to help prevent any unwanted weeds from growing up through your gravel.

We have recently highlighted this beautiful looking product in our blog, click here to read more about it. TestimonialsThis was my first year dealing with Dirt Cheap and I have nothing but good things to say. Our high quality affordable soil and manure  is idea for ANY home, garden or commercial premise. We supply and deliver topsoil in Wakefield and surrounding area for both residential and trade customers. Typically our customers in Wakefield choose Multi purpose soil which suites all types of gardens and grounds. This product can be used for a range of gardening and planting projects and is free from dangerous materials such as weeds and rocks making it suitable to use for flower beds. Choose from landscape or multi-purpose soil suit all budgets and different usages and can be supported but manure and feeds.

Give our team a ring and they can discuss your requirements and advise you on how much turf and the best type of soil or manure for your requirements. We supply most of our materials in either Bulk Bags, Handy 20kg Pre-packed Bags or Loose Loads. If you are unsure about this Soil, you can go to our Topsoil page to view other products we supply with a similar use to this product.

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