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The Native Soil is blended from Gingin loam, Sand, Peat and Composted Organics to provide food for your plants. Veggie soil is blended from Poultry manure, Composted food waste, Green waste with Gypsum and Gingin loam. Rich black compost, totally organic providing nutrients, trace elements and stimulating microbial activity. Product CalculatorMeasure your space and put your dimensions in the calculator below to work out how much product you need. Garden soil blend is a general purpose soil mix of red soil, sand, compost, ash, minerals and gypsum screened to less than 20mm and manufactured to Australian Standard AS 4419. A rich blend of fine washed sand (< 2mm), steer manure, gypsum and scrub soil that is screened to less than 5 mm. This blend comprises sand, scrub soil, gypsum, compost, steer manure and ash and is screened to less than 15mm. Soil is a medium in which plants grow and is made up of mineral particles that vary in shape, size and chemical composition, organic materials, water, air and living organisms.
Get more information today about or range of quality products.GET DOOR to DOOR DELIVERY ON TIME - TODAY! Our customers with vehicles that can transport the materials back to their home or job site can pick up their orders at The Mulch Yard and we’ll load it.
As defined by the Soil Science Society of America soil is a “complex mixtures of minerals, water, air, organic matter, and organisms, which form at the surface of land.” In other words, soil is the thin outermost layer of the Earth’s crust that forms the basis for existence of life on this planet. Soil is a precious resource, and we can all do our part to ensure that healthy soil is part of the legacy we leave for future generations. Understanding soil quality is very important – it is our single best indicator of sustainable land management. Promoting plant, animal, and human health (ie: promoting plant resistance to diseases and pests, breaking down toxins, and decomposing waste products). Bare soil in pastures, paddocks, and driveways is quickly lost as water moves across the surface. In the summer months, bare dry soil is easily carried from your farm to your neighbor’s with the wind. Compaction damages the natural soil structure and delicate plant roots struggle to grow through hard and compacted soil.

Repeated tillage can break-down the natural soil structure that is so important for healthy roots and soil microbes.
Plants remove nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium from the soil as they grow. Soil organic matter is made up of plant and animal materials in various stages of decomposition (manure, compost, dead and decomposing plants and insects, etc.). Most soils in western Washington are acidic due to the climate and the fact that many of the areas we use for gardens and pastures were originally forested. Screened Top soil mixed with Peat and some Organics will contain small pieces of Limestone to help neutralize the Peat. Organic matter and loam with a small amount of clay provides excellent moisture retention and nutrients.
Our customers love this mix, we have had amazing results using this mix instead of yellow sand. Used by Professionals and home gardeners alike. Can be used in garden beds also to plant straight into. It is manufactured from scrub soil, sand, compost, ash and steer manure and screened to less than 20mm. Although it will drain well and not compact, it still has a high moisture holding capability.
It must be remembered that they will not sustain plant life indefinitely as the plants will absorb all the available nutrients in the mix. For our customers that need topsoil, garden soil or fill dirt delivery, we’re happy to offer our delivery services six days a week.
Like our own skin, we can’t live without the soil but at the same time we often take it for granted! Water moves across the surface of compacted soils instead of filtering down through the soil and into groundwater. Consider reducing or eliminating the roto-tiller from your gardening routine, and keep the soil protected with mulches and cover crops.
While soil organic matter makes up only about 5% of the total soil, it plays a very important role in soil quality! This soil is Blended to a ratio to provide optimum drainage while retaining enough moisture for your Native plants.

Added Calcium to stabilize soils, prevents Flower rot, added Sulphate for Nitrogen utilisation, improved water filtration.
This product is ideal for top dressing actively growing lawns to a thickness of 5 to 10 mm. Whether you need topsoil to reseed a lawn, planting soil for your garden or fill dirt for landscaping your yard, we’ve got you covered. Soil is a valuable asset on the farm, but quickly becomes a pollutant when it gets in the water! Plants depend on roots to draw nutrients from the soil and when root growth is restricted, access to nutrients is restricted. This increases the chances of flooding, standing water, and pollution of to streams and rivers.
A soil high in organic matter is more resistant to damage and recovers more quickly from tillage and compaction, and contamination from herbicides or other toxins. Most pasture grasses and agricultural crops thrive in near neutral soils (pH ~ 6 to 7.5), and certain nutrients like iron and phosphorus are less available to plants in very acidic or alkaline soils. Overgrazed pastures are often suffering from compaction and weeds are much more competitive than pasture grasses in compacted soils. Adding compost, manure, or fertilizers back to the soil is important to keep the soil healthy and the plants growing.
Lime can be used to raise the pH of acidic soils and add calcium (an essential plant nutrient).
It is a very free draining soil and therefore consideration should be given to its application. By allowing overgrazing of pastures, you are increasing the weed pressure and putting grasses at a disadvantage. Most pastures in Snohomish County benefit from yearly applications of 1-2 tons of lime per acre.  For more information, see Soil Fertility.

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