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There are many factors determining the most suitable type of garden soil for an alpine rockery garden. Where the rock garden is started from scratch, you should choose the soil mix best suited to the needs of the plants you want to grow. If the site already exists, it may well be necessary to introduce a soil mixture nearer to the requirements of the plants desired.
Lawns, pavements and rock gardens built on level ground are amenable to such changes but if the site is on a slope, it will be difficult to prevent the erosion of one type of soil into another. If an acid soil is being introduced into a flat limestone garden, gently mound the existing soil upwards towards the centre of the site. This will prevent stagnation and drainage problems, as well as stopping lime reaching the introduced acid soil. If a lime soil is being built over an already acid garden, there is no need for mounding or for a liner because lime will not do much harm to acid soil. The soil mixtures already mentioned contain three main ingredients: humus, grit or shingle, and loam. In a shady spot the mixture should contain up to 50% humus combined with equal parts of grit or shingle, and loam.
In a more sunny and open setting reduce the humus content by about 25% and mix it with equal amounts of the other ingredients. Again, the depth varies according to the natural underlying soils; the better the drainage, the shallower the top layer can be, but it must never be less than 15cm (6”). Their presence in a garden soil mixture enables effective drainage: the coarser the grains, the better the drainage.
An excess of lime in the soil will cause the leaves of acid-loving plants to turn yellow, a condition known as ’chlorosis’. In general, however, it is far better and easier to grow plants in their natural soil-types. A standard scale, known as the pH scale, is used to measure the relative acidity of many substances including soil. Simple soil-testing kits can be bought in a gardening shop and by following the manufacturers instructions, you can discover the type of soil in your garden, and stock it accordingly. As a double check, look at the plants growing near where you live, for instance, if Rhododendrons, Azaleas or heathers are thriving, the soil is acidic. In our Sodding projects, we always use Gro-Max® Premium Garden Soil, reflecting our professional focus on the delivery of high quality and long lasting sod laying results. Ultimate Soil PH balance – creating a nourishing and nurturing environment for grass roots development.
Superior Moisture Management – draining through excess moisture while retaining enough to sustain for long dry periods. Air Porosity – prevents compaction, Oxygenates, and assures unrestricted root growth environment. This is a much higher quality growth medium, as it contains three equal parts of topsoil, peat and compost.

Peat is an accumulation of partially decayed vegetation matter, and it plays a crucial role in water retention – on one hand it holds the moisture in the soil even when dry, and on the other it prevents excess moisture (which can kill the grass roots).
For a gardener, the garden soil is probably the single most important thing in your garden. The type and quality of the soil you have determines which plants you can grow and also how well your plants will grow.
We can see this in nature because, along with factors such as climate, the quality of the soil can mean the difference between a lush green landscape and a barren scrubby one. Soil texture can be described on a continuum between sand and clay, from sand through loam to clay. Clay soils are closed textured, can be come sticky and waterlogged when wet and set hard when dry. This is important to gardeners because all plants prefer the characteristics of particular types of soil. For example, plants like succulents, cacti and many Mediterranean plants such as lavender and rosemary, need free draining soil. Other plants, such as potatoes, bananas or bamboo require heavier, richer soils that are more water retentive. Soil structure is how we describe the way that all the various components of soil are combined. The existence of these crumbs and the sizes of them determines the type of soil structure in place.
Whether soil is sandy or clay, you can always improve soil structure with the addition of plentiful organic matter – compost, leaf mulch etc. Clay soils can be improved with substantial amounts of sand or grit, or sometimes with gypsum. Improving garden soil is an ongoing process for gardeners and is a big subject in itself that will be covered in more detail in future posts.
In straightforward language, 'Gardening for Beginners: How Plants Grow' takes you through the science and the practicalities, linking the theory to the relevant gardening tasks. Planting time is here, but before you plant there are a few things you should do to prepare your garden beds.
Soil Test – I’ve gotten by in my garden without a soil test so far but it is a valuable tool. Amend – If you need to amend your soil with anything other than compost do it before planting to ensure that it gets mixed evenly into the soil. Arrange Irrigation Lines – irrigation is best planned out before you plant but I generally tend to do it afterward.
Use a 1000 gauge black plastic liner to cover an area slightly larger than the proposed extent of the site including the mound. Their proportions mainly depend on the amount of light received in the garden and its local climate. The proportions must also be varied according to the windiness of the site: with higher rainfall and less wind on a site, more shingle or grit mill be needed to give better drainage, and vice versa.

An ideal loam is the layer of soil immediately below meadow grass; the grass roots give it a fibrous texture and being neither sand nor clay it can be easily crumbled in the hands. If the grains are large enough and in sufficient quantity they will hold some moisture underneath, be able to maintain many plants and there will be no danger of over-watering. Similarly, acid-loving plants can be grown on many kinds of limestone but not those which release free lime into the soil, as it will inhibit their growth. This is easily remedied by watering the soil around the bases of the affected plants with a solution made from sequestrene granules dissolved in water. It is relevant here to examine what the words ’acidic’ and ’limey’ mean in practical terms to a rock gardener. Though not a totally reliable test, because variations can occur over very short distances, it will give you a rough idea of your garden soil.
It could not have gone any smoother thanks to the outstanding service we received from Niko’s Gardening! From the moment you request your free estimate, through the sod installation process, as well as following the completion of the lawn installation work - our team is at your service, prepared to address any of your lawn care and sodding related questions and concerns. Soils from different locations, even locations quite close to each other, can differ widely.
It is basically a measure of the size and proportions of different particles in the soil, that is the relative proportions of sand, silt and clay particles.
Thus the texture of an individual soil will be determined by the respective amounts of clay and sand content. Things growing in compost-rich soil have everything they need (mineral wise) to develop a strong and healthy root system.
It is usually the most economical option, and although things will grow in it – you will need a lot of supplements, nutrients and fertilizers to get good results. We contacted 3 companies and I knew immediately after meeting Greg from Niko’s that we felt comfortable with Niko’s.
Dave has a side business growing and selling heirloom vegetables and herb plants through Blue Shed Gardens and works as a real estate agent in Spring Hill, TN. Among all options that are available to you, this is the poorest kind of soil to be used for sodding. It will compact quickly, it will not hold moisture very well, and all its nutrients will quickly wash away (and that’s when soil becomes clay).
In addition, we had quite a few eye sores in the back yard- huge tree stumps in the middle of the yard, and a huge poured concrete block that posed a bit of a problem since we decided last minute we wanted to have grass over the whole lawn and not just around the area of the concrete or the stumps. Greg provided us with several solutions as to what we could do and not go too much over budget.
If you want great quality and great service for lawn installation I would highly recommend Niko’s Gardening!

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