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The aim of this site is to provide information about our company, its capabilities and the work it has done for its clients.
This is our home page, designed to give you a 'snap-shot' of our products and capabilities. Our companies have been designing, manufacturing and installing , Rooflights, Skylights, Opening Roofs, Glazed Roofs, Roof Access Hatches, Bespoke Glazed Structures and Folding Doors in the UK for in excess of 20 years! Bespoke, manufactured to your exact requirements in our own Worthing, West Sussex, UK, based workshops. Our products are available in white as standard with an option for any standard RAL colour. Living Daylight roof lights, skylights, laylights, roof windows and glazed roofs can be used in traditional contemporary, conservation, commercial and domestic projects. Natural daylight is a vital resourse that will significantly improve the enviroment within the buildings that we live, socialise and work in. Traditional & Contemporary Rooflights, Skylights, Roof Lanterns, Glass Roofs, Pyramids, Clerestorey, Orangery Roof, Roof Lights, Sky Lights, Glazed Roofs and Glass Roofs. Folding Doors, Folding Sliding Doors, Concertina Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Folding Patio Door, Bi-Fold, Doors, Glazed Folding Doors and Glass Folding Doors. Our Opening Glazed Roof System provides for the roof to be opened for ventilation, religious ceremonies or to let in the sunlight whenever required. Raised Structure with Elevations, Sliding Glazed Rooflights, Hinged, Lift Top, Lift Up Roof Lights. Whether you want to provide easy maintenance access to the roof, or safe, convenient and easy access to the roof terrace, roof garden or roof space with options for battery back up, rain sensor, external keypad, remote control etc.
Glazed Extentions, Glass Extentions, Roof Garden Enclosures, Conservatories, Sun Rooms, Orangeries and Swimming Pool Enclosures. An innovativeA tiled roof system for conservatory retrofits, as well as new tiledA conservatory style extensions. The Perspective Solid Roof is constructed using highly insulated SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), toA create a truly warm solid roof construction. Designed to be fast to fit, Perspective Solid Roof can beA weathertight in a few hours, and using a patented andA environmentally-friendly tile system that does not require battening, installations can be finished quickly, with the minimum of disruption. Rooflights, Skylights, Glazed Roofs, Lanterns, Pyramids, Clerestories, Glass Roof, Orangeries, Glazed Roofs.
Perspective structural rooflights in traditional and contemporary styles for domestic or commercial applications. Our companies have been supplying and installing Rooflights, Skylights & Glazed Roofs in the UK for in excess of 20 years! Our companies have been supplying and installing Opening Rooflights, Skylights & Glazed Roofs in the UK for in excess of 20 years! Manually or Electrically Operated Roof Garden Access Hatches with Slide Open, Bi-Parting, Fully Retracting, Semi-Retracting & Lift Open Options. Our companies have been supplying and installing Roof & Roof Garden Access Solutions in the UK for in excess of 20 years! Carefully designed and developed after many years experience in the practical demands of conservatory installation. All of our Rooflights, Skylights, Glazed Roofs & Laylights are manufactured in the Perspective Glazed Roof System. Our companies have been supplying and installing Glazed Roofs in the UK for in excess of 20 years! Glazed Extensions, Roof Garden, Roof Terrace & Courtyard Enclosures, Sun Rooms, Conservatories, Glass Extensions, Glass Atrium and Orangery Roofs, Succah Roof, Glass Roof.
Exciting, bespoke glazed applications designed with high levels of structural integrity and finish.
Our combination of innovative products, experienced design staff and dedicated engineering facilities adds new and exciting dimensions for both traditional and contemporary design to be achieved. Our companies have been supplying and Bespoke Glazed Applications in the UK for in excess of 20 years!
Aluminium Folding, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Concertina Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, Bi-Fold Doors, Folding Patio Door. Folding Doors open far wider than a conventional Patio Door and offer (approx) 90% clear opening as opposed to a set of Patio Doors 40%. High specification aluminium folding door systems for domestic and commercial applications. Our companies have been supplying and installing Folding Sliding Doors in the UK for in excess of 20 years, being one of the first to offer this exciting product back in the late 80's! We are specialist designers, manufacturers & installers of rooflights, skylights, roof lanterns, glazed roofs, folding doors, folding sliding doors, concertina doors, bi-folding doors, bifold doors, folding patio door, opening roofs, succah roof, glass roof and roof access hatches that are suitable for both residential and commercial applications and have been for in excess of 20 years!
High quality, bespoke, fixed and opening glazed rooflights, skylights, roof lights, roof access solutions, opening roofs, folding doors & natural light solutions for traditional, contemporary, commercial and domestic projects. A sunset on the shores of Tahoe South can bring a soft, colorful ambiance to your outdoor reception.
Tempting though it may be to wave the I don’t care towel early on and get whatever you get, there are some details you may have never considered when it comes to a wedding that will make a tremendous difference in your experience, not to mention your photos. If you are having an outdoor wedding reception, it should be a crime to not have twinkle lights or globe lights strung up around your reception site.
If you’re having an outdoor wedding reception, no one is going to expect you to have a chandelier over the head table or the middle of the dance floor.
If you’ve got a wedding planner, consider putting him or her to work on some mood lighting during your reception. If you’d love to add some ambiance to your reception but your budget is frankly tapped out, go ahead and think cheap: votive candle cheap.
There are ways to make the most of your lighting that actually have nothing to do with the lighting.
Poke around on Pinterest (of course) to see which lighting options you love the most, and don’t forget to ask your wedding planner what he or she would recommend. With the turquoise lake, snowcapped mountains and lush pine forests, Tahoe South is already known for being both a winter wonderland and a summer paradise – perfect for a dream wedding in any season.
Between awe-inspiring outdoor activities and endless opportunities to get cozy in a premiere resort, a winter or spring honeymoon in Tahoe South couldn’t be more alluring. For many, it doesn’t get much better than the idea of a honeymoon in the summer or fall, especially in Tahoe South where you’ll be surrounded by the lake, mountains, beaches and waterfalls. Whether your muscles are aching from a nine-mile hike or your honeymoon is all about living a life of leisure, a spa day or couple’s massage is practically mandatory. If there is ever a time to branch out beyond the standard queen-bed room, it’s your honeymoon. In our opinion, this digital age we’re living in is the very best one for being a wedding guest. The awesome news for you as one of the wedding’s intended is that it’s super easy and cheap to make your wedding digital and encourage your guests to have the best time possible in person, online, and after the fact. In order for your wedding hashtag to garner great results in lots of pictures and content, people have to know it exists.
Snapchat has an option where you can pay a few bucks in return for a specialized designed-by-you filter that’s tied to a geolocation and time. This will cost you extra, but if you love the idea of the sweeping views provided by aerial photography and videography for your wedding, you’ll find it’s worth the price — especially in beautiful Tahoe South. Footage of your wedding from the vantage point of a drone can add a whole new perspective to the memories of your day.

Chances are, not everyone you invite to your wedding will be able to attend, for one reason or another. With digital videos and photographs, chances are your videographer and photographer are going to get a few teasers and proofs to you fast. This is another option for the couples who want the lake co-starring with them in their wedding. For couples who want all the freshness of a beach wedding, but the elegance of a classic ballroom reception. Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel can figuratively roll out the red carpet for you and your guests with the Queen of the Lake Ballroom, a luxurious reception space fit for a queen-for-a-day. This list would be woefully incomplete without a mention of the perfect sunset wedding spot. You can’t go wrong with a beach wedding in Tahoe South, and almost any of our partners will be able to work with you on designing your fantasy wedding.
When you think of having your wedding in stunning Tahoe South, you probably think of two things: beaches and mountains. If you’re interested in a wedding that will rank literally above any other wedding you’ve been to, The Ridge Tahoe has you covered. If you like the idea of a wedding that’s up high but you’re not so sure that the forest backdrop is your thing, consider the Grand Rooftop Terrace of The Landing Resort & Spa. If you’re dying for a wedding on the water, why not go all the way and get married on a luxurious paddlewheeler boat?
It can be difficult to eat when you’ve had your breath taken away, but your wedding guests will undoubtedly be content to try as they sit down to your private wedding reception on the pier at Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe. If a winter wedding sounds like something you would love, you simply have to have it at  Edgewood Tahoe. Have your ceremony amongst the towering pines and majestic mountains at 7,500 feet, overlooking Carson Valley. A dream wedding can mean different things to different people, but for many couples a dream wedding has one major thing in common: natural beauty, and not just the bride’s. Beaches are beautiful and mountains are enchanting, but there’s just something so grounding and majestic about a lush, gorgeous forest, isn’t there? Your wedding site will be unspeakably gorgeous while the sun is filtering through the imposing trees, but be sure to picture it at night as well: a canopy of twinkle lights, old-fashioned lanterns, candles on actual tree stumps…it’s hard not to sigh just imagining it.
Add a cute birch cake adorned with your wood-carved initials to complete your forest wedding. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all a little competitive, and that competitiveness can certainly extend to weddings. At Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel in the heart of Tahoe South, from sun up to sun down on your wedding day, you will be surrounded by breathtaking beauty. It may end up that on your wedding day you’re too busy or nervous or otherwise occupied to eat much of your dinner, or have more than a couple of drinks. Whether you live five minutes from your ceremony spot or you’re flying in from across the country, a wedding weekend at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel will have you looking at Tahoe South through fresh eyes. Last year we gave you five helpful tips for planning a destination wedding — picking your dream wedding spot, timing it just right, budgeting, keeping your guests in the loop and more.
Another favorite, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair, is also back in the store with a new item number.
This chair fully reclines, and comes with an adjustable pillow and a retractable side table. Pacific is a preferred manufacturer of custom high rise retractable shades for Panorama Towers, MGM, Turnberry Towers, Sky, Allure, Regency and One Queens Ridge Place. Pacific's retractable interior shades are custom manufactured with the finest quality materials, and come with a 15 year guarantee. This system was carefully designed after many years experience in the practical demands of Conservatory installation. Bringing natural daylight right into the heart of a room, making it feel brighter and more inviting.
Rooflights, skylights, laylights and glazed roofs can provide up to three times more light than the same area of vertical glazing. Folding Doors, Fixed & Opening Rooflights, Skylights & Glazed Roofs and Natural Light Solutions for traditional, contemporary, commercial, domestic and religious projects- for In Excess Of 20 years!
Strong yet relatively lightweight, Perspective Solid Roof delivers a well-built and thermally-efficient building extension that ensures effective weather performance and rainwater drainage and comfortably meets Building Regulations approvals for added peace of mind. The Perspective Glazed Roof System combines exclusive good looks of ovolo sculpture profile detailing, with the structural integrity and concealed, positive mechanical connections provided by hollow section aluminium extrusions, with cleverly designed full thermal break. A warm amber glow during dinner will help guests feel cozy and intimate, while a bolder shade like deep orange, magenta or cobalt blue will help amp up the party atmosphere when it’s time to burn down the dance floor. Bought in bulk, these glorious little candles can be purchased for thirty cents apiece and regardless of whether you DIY little laced-up Mason jar holders, arrange branch centerpieces with hanging votives or simply set them out on trays, you’ll cast a warm glow on the loving faces surrounding you on one of the best days of your life.
When choosing your place settings and glassware, look for pieces that will catch lots of light and reflect it prettily, like tinted glasses, metallic-rimmed place settings, or centerpieces with subtle glass or crystal details.
Your planner will know the venue inside and out and know how to give you the wedding of your dreams using details like lighting that you may never have even thought of. Invigorate your active side by hitting the slopes, exploring on snowshoes, or going for a twirl in ice skates, then bring a little fairy tale to your romance with a sleigh ride.
Whether your idea of getting active means working up a sweat with hiking, biking or kayaking, getting intensely leisurely with beaching and boating, or getting a little extreme with hot air ballooning, parasailing or a gondola ride, Tahoe South has got what you want. Indulge at The Landing’s day spa, or bliss out in your own room with The Ridge Tahoe’s in-room couples massage. Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel is an all-suite establishment — any room you book is going to be a luxurious experience worthy of celebrating your love.
With guests getting to Instagram artsy shots of the wedding cake, blasting their photo booth pics across social media or even Snapchatting a super fun Grease singalong during the dance portion of the reception, guests get to feel more included in your special day now more than ever. All you have to do is decide on the hashtag that’s going to be used for pics and other social media content from your wedding day (and engagement party, bridal shower and anything else you’re going to be sharing). You could include it on your invitations and on signage or napkins at the wedding itself, but if there’s a mother cringing over this idea, simply leave it up to your wedding party to spread the word about the hashtag.
So get a cute filter worked up and submit it to Snapchat with the time and location you want it used for (your wedding date and space, obviously). Drones will give you a vantage point from your special day that is not otherwise possible, and your guests will be oohing and aahing over the shots you’ll share on your wedding hashtag.
If you feel like key people are missing out on your big day, consider live streaming your ceremony and parts of your reception.
Keep using your wedding hashtag to share video snippets, professional wedding photos — and maybe even shots from your honeymoon — with your loved ones. Not only does Beach Retreat & Lodge at Tahoe enable you to wriggle your toes in the warm sand during your beachfront ceremony, but you can also host your dinner out over the water on the pier.
Not only is picturesque Zephyr Cove Resort a favorite beach for photographers, but there is also the option of the Lake Tahoe Cruises paddlewheeler boat for your ceremony, reception, or even just for a cruise around the lake. Edgewood Tahoe boasts one of the most jaw-dropping lakefront spots, especially when it comes time for the sun to set. Imagine walking down the aisle at 7,500 feet overlooking the sprawling greenery and towering pines of Carson Valley. As you would expect from a 5-star boutique resort, even the tiniest detail will be utter perfection as you exchange vows overlooking Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe Cruises can provide you with the kind of wedding you only ever see in movies, with vows exchanged in the warm glow of the setting sun over the sparkling waters of Lake Tahoe. This intimate and awe-inspiring venue provides a one-of-a-kind experience that’s perfect for a day you’ll never forget.

As you spend your day in the chalet-like clubhouse with floor to ceiling windows providing a flawless view of Tahoe South’s winter wonderland, you’ll swear you’ve been transported to the Alps. Whether your dream wedding backdrop involves a glittering lake, snow-capped mountains or bleach-blond beach, Tahoe South has you covered, but today we specifically want to showcase forest weddings.
Your wedding will feel like it’s taking place in its own little world when you’re saying your I Do’s amongst the towering pines of Tahoe South.
Getting back to basics has never been less basic than it is in a Tahoe South forest wedding.
While your wedding should be about your love and the bond between you and your partner, deep down you have to admit, there’s some part of you that wants to have the best wedding, the most beautiful scenery, and the most unforgettable moments. Whether you’re having a sun-soaked summer wedding, a glittering winter wedding, an autumnal ceremony, or a fresh green spring one, you will be swaddled by the beauty of a clear blue lake, larger-than-life mountains, and towering pines. No matter what the season, Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel could not be more conveniently located for taking advantage of beaches, night life, gaming, golfing, and shopping, or endless outdoor adventures, like hiking, skiing, biking, and an array of water sports. With stunning vistas, second-to-none facilities and services, and tons of opportunities for unforgettable fun before, during and after your wedding, this resort can turn any wedding into a destination wedding. In Tahoe South we love destination weddings, so we wanted to share a few more key pieces of advice for pulling off the destination wedding of your dreams.
We carry interior glare control screens, translucent room darkening coated polyesters, as well as many attractive blackout fabrics. It’s devil’s food or German chocolate or Swiss chocolate or milk chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache ribbon.
So go ahead and shrug your shoulders when it comes to the density of the crumb of your cake, but give your lighting options some real thought because the lighting can help dictate the entire feel of the reception. And if you’re having an indoor reception, lanterns may not be the most obvious choice for table lighting. In terms of where to stay, you can’t go wrong, but you can go really, really right with a cozy cabin at Zephyr Cove Resort or booking a room at The Ridge Tahoe so you can slip into an outdoor hot tub whenever the mood strikes (which will probably be often). And for anyone looking for romance overload, we’ve got five words for you: sunset horse-drawn carriage ride. And why not ask about their Lake Tahoe Romance package, which includes a two-night stay in a two-room suite with rose petals on the bed, Champagne and strawberries, a $60 dining credit and two glasses of wine in the on-site Echo Lounge or in your room via room service. Or consider The Landing’s Secret to Marital Bliss Honeymoon Package, which includes a two-night stay in a king room, roses and chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne, and a $150 dining credit.
A simple mashup of your names should give you good results, but make sure to check your hashtag ideas to make sure they haven’t been used before. A lot of your guests are likely following each other on social media anyway so they’ll catch on quickly. Snapchat needs just one business day to review your request, and once they’ve given it the a-okay, it’s happy Snapping for you and your guests.
Just be sure to check into any local ordinances and ensure that your venue is drone-friendly before you splash out on this service — a local professional drone operator or videographer should be in the know on such things. Using tools like Skype or FaceTime allow you to easily stream with an individual, while a tool like Google Hangouts allows you to broadcast to numerous people all at once, virtually anywhere. Without a doubt, one of the most common things you’ll hear from your guests is that they’ve never been to a wedding quite like yours. Your beach-loving guests will love the option of staying in the lakefront cabins to turn your wedding into a mini dream vacation.
You can hold your ceremony either on the beach or on the lakefront deck, then take full advantage of nature’s artistry as the sky glows gorgeous behind you for your photos. The glittering, clear blue lake and majestic snow-capped mountains offer two of the most beautiful backdrops imaginable for your special day.
If the number-one word you want associated with your wedding is enchanting, this is the venue for you. Here are four things to think about if you’ve been considering a forest wedding in Tahoe South. You and your guests will fall under the spell of your private, quiet wedding site for a unique and unforgettable occasion that you will literally be able to breathe in. Whether it’s a simple bloom at the base of your updo or a floral or vine crown, you probably want some form of flowers in your hair. We just love the idea of forever associating the scent of a rich pine forest with the best day of your life. Or exchange vows in the hotel’s spacious indoor atrium with a romantic and cozy two-sided fireplace. Or go big with unforgettable experiences like parasailing, hot-air balloon rides, horseback riding, sleigh rides, and the aptly named Heavenly Gondola, a 2.4-mile ride up the mountainside. If you don’t have to fight the urge to gasp when you imagine your outdoor wedding reception lighting, you need to get in touch with your wedding planner, because it’s not right yet. Whether Tahoe South is the picture perfect setting for your wedding or you’re looking for a getaway once the nuptials are wrapped up, this is where you want to go. If a hashtag using your first names, such as #jennaandryanwedding, is already taken, try going with your last names. In the past, many wedding guests would never get to see the photos or videos created at a wedding, so this allows for a wonderful peek into one of the best days of your life. However, if you’re willing to think outside of the box for your I Do’s, you can have your day at a truly unique and breathtaking setting in Tahoe South.
And there is no wedding on earth that is more appropriate for flower accessories than a forest wedding. The professional event staff at Lake Tahoe Resort Hotel will work with you and your budget to prepare the perfect menu – sit-down, buffet, whatever you prefer. Twinkle or globe lights are the biggest factor in transforming an outdoor reception site into a woodland fairy tale. Or feel free to get as wild as you want with your hashtag, incorporating the location or an inside joke. Or, better yet, inquire with your videographer or photographer to find out if they are willing to help coordinate this aspect of your day.
Play around with expectations and you might just hit on the detail that makes your reception. Or if the idea of coming up with something unique stresses you out, try this wedding hashtag generator. For a lot of people, they can only picture one thing when they picture their dream wedding: a beach wedding. We are not paid to express favorable opinions or otherwise about any product, service or about Costco itself. The experienced and enthusiastic staff at the premier wedding venues in Tahoe South understand that better than almost anyone, and they’re always excited to turn your dream wedding into a reality. The list of delicious forest wedding appropriate food goes on and on, and we haven’t even talked about the cake yet. A stripped-down naked cake decorated with fresh flowers or sugar dusted fruit would be oh so perfect at your forest wedding.
As would a towering fairy-tale inspired showstopper with lots of crisp white buttercream or a cake decorated to look like a birch or redwood tree with heart-shaped carvings.

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