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The “Spalliera” is the largest light structure at GBTB, measuring 31m wide and 5 storeys high! In addition, Garden Rhapsody (Christmas Edition) will keep your family spellbound every evening in a specially choreographed 12 minutes Light-show.
This small Eastern country is not inferior to the oldest cities of Europe by number of attractions, which are interesting for children and adults. In addition to the trees you can enjoy walks in the park, and see the Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes, on the shores of which hundreds of dragonflies live. Without fail visit the show «Kings of the skies», where you will learn much about a falconry. If you love the thrill of rides, I offer you the most exciting things to do in Singapore – to visit the Universal Studios.
In “Hollywood” zone there are no rides; here there are street shows, as well as the show «Monster Rock». There are also City of the Future, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Fairy kingdom, and Madagascar zones. In my list of top ten things to do in Singapore must surely be included the New Singapore Aquarium, which was opened in 2012 at Sentosa, and is the largest in the world. The environment here is designed as closely as possible to the natural marine life: multi-coloured fishes, majestic rays, huge groupers, tiger sharks are floating in the filtered light amid the wreckage of ancient ships. If you are looking for things to do alone in Singapore I can suggest Singapore Zoo, where you surely won’t be bored.

Competent organization of space here allows visitors to feel safe: dangerous animals are separated from the visitors by moats, and relatively safe animals (like zebras or giraffes) are separated by low fences. One of the most wonderful things to visit in Singapore is the huge Marina Bay Sands hotel with a swimming pool on the roof. A special mention must be made of the 150 metres long swimming pool, which is located at an altitude of 191 metres. Leopards, Indian hippos, striped hyena, badger-tarsier, Asian Fishing cat and 1000 other animals of 130 species are ready to reveal their secrets in the light of the moon. Snow City has Singapore’s first indoor ice rink, the area of which is 3000 square metres, and is a constant temperature of -5 ° C. There is the 60-metre snow slope here, where you can play snowballs, ride inflatable sleds, snowboards or skis. Since 1977 Science Centre Singapore has been taking both children and adults into the wonders of science.
Walk under beautiful light arches illuminated with a myriad of colours (there is a feel of Deepavali).
Unquestionably, you will have a lot of fun, but it should be noted that some attractions are not recommended for pregnant women, or people with balance or heart problems. You can also see crabs here (including the giant Japanese spider crab), sea stars, fierce morays and a large number of different species of jellyfish. It’s the place to enjoy the harmony of nature because the Singapore Zoo is one of the best in the world, and the animals living in it are not caged.

This is the place where you can empirically determine how a tornado is formed, where lightning comes from, what an echo is. Due to its favourable position on the main sea route from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, Singapore turned into the largest transport and shopping centre of Southeast Asia for several decades.
More than 160 thousand plants of 200 varieties grow on the super-trees (including orchids, ferns, ivy, etc.). The real pride of the Park are 15 species of Lories who live in the aviary of 3000 (!) sq.m. In addition to the birds that I have listed, toucans, swans, ibis, peacocks, and herons live here. Optical illusions, atomic structure, the birth of a new life, the nature of a tsunami – all this things and much more are explained in the Science Centre. Inside the aviary you can spend a few hours watching Lories – they are not afraid of people and literally eat from your hands. But the observation deck on the roof of the Marina Bay is available to everyone who buys a ticket. Another amazing attraction is the seven species of pelicans, including the world’s largest Dalmatian pelican.

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