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For a slight nod to the garden-style, add a flower or even a butterfly to the tablescape.3.
So, we love how this setting keeps a neutral, yet natural foundation for dinner to be served.4. Creativity at its Finest.View in galleryNot only is their a garden glove incorporated into the design, but the dessert is completely garden-inspired. Sunlight of course, so use that as a jumping point for your color choices when setting the table.

Like this golden-hued design, it’s beautiful and perfect for a light lunch in the garden!6. A Theme Within.View in galleryTake garden and take another theme and make it uniquely your own. Quaint, Cozy Greens.View in galleryAdd a herb or small plant as your favor for the party and keep things in neutral territory.
It adds some fresh, fashionable and modern vibes to a feminine and a bit more freeing theme.

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