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The sight that greets you when you eventually pull open the doors is no less magical than that faced by Mary a century ago – although this south facing garden that has admittedly seen better days could never be described as forgotten and wild. Enclosed by terracotta brick walls, the heat from the midday sun radiating out, row upon row of neatly planted salad leaves and vegetables fill virtually every inch of ground in the massive two-acre plot. Far down the bottom end three people are hunched over a long line of multi-coloured lettuces, pulling weeds by hand and throwing them into an over-flowing wheelbarrow.
All is quiet except for birdsong, the buzzing of bees and the gentle sighing of a warm south westerly breeze. Set just off the A696, this is Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown country.  England’s greatest gardener was born just a stone’s throw away at Kirkharle and went to school in Cambo.
The deeply satisfying view to the south of the walled garden that appears to display Mother Nature at her creative best could well be one of Capability’s early designs. Ken likes to think Capability had a hand in the panorama he never tires of drinking in along with his mid-morning cup of industrial strength tea (an apt beverage as the 46-year-old used to be a builder before he and his 42-year-old wife turned to the land to make their living).
The Capability Brown link alongside North Country Organics’ ‘rescuing’ of a Georgian walled garden that had lain virtually disused and forgotten since the 1940s save as home for a few pigs and sheep, feeds neatly into the horticultural firms latest venture: heritage vegetables. The team – Tracy’s brother Mark and dad Alan Purvis as well as family friend Brian Hunter are all involved – has taken a leaf out of our forebears’ book and added a number of heritage varieties to their already impressive vegetable repertoire. On the menu are carrots (Ken expects to grow up to 200,000 this year, many of which will be non-orange strains), candy-striped and white beetroots, 15 old varieties of tomatoes, courgettes, leeks, lettuces, spring onions and cucumbers to name but a few, along with edible flowers such as violas, nasturtiums and dianthus.
Some of the vegetables like the Kuttinger carrot which is white and looks more like a parsnip, can trace their roots back to the 1700s. As Ken says: “It’s very satisfying growing something that has its origins in the 18th century in a walled garden that first came into production at that time and which sits in a landscape that Capability Brown was so familiar with. The heritage vegetables which are in their first season have caused a flurry of excitement among the region’s chefs – many of whom already take North Country Organics’ produce. Indeed, so popular is North Country Organics’ hand sown, weeded and harvested produce that there is a chefs’ waiting list.
Ken sees what he and the rest of the team are doing as helping to preserve our heritage and offering choice where for so long none has existed. North Country Organics had never planned to be a saviour of rare and near extinct heritage vegetables, though. North Country Organics has cannily tapped into the current trend for funky new flavours and colours, the culinary backlash against uniformity and a desire to link into our past – hence the term ‘heritage’.
It describes plants and their seeds that pre-date the Government’s National List of approved plant varieties.
But industrialised farming changed everything and in the 1970s European law made it illegal to sell seeds not registered on the National List or in the EU Common Catalogue.
Since the 1970s around 2,000 heritage vegetable varieties have become obsolete in the UK and Europe. Artichoke, Chinese or Crosne, (1882) Japan: Rarely seen these days, the tubers grow to between 5cm-8cm long and have a thin edible skin.
Beetroot, Chioggia (1840s) Italy: From the Venice region, this has large round red roots with alternate red and white stripes on the inside. Beetroot, Albina Ice, (1885) Dutch: A white beetroot that doesn’t bleed when cut with an excellent flavour and texture that can be eaten raw, steamed or added to casseroles.
Carrot, Paris (1800s) France: A delicious, tender, bite-sized baby carrot with an outstanding flavour and lovely crunchy texture. Carrot, Kuttinger, (1700s) Switzerland: An old variety with white roots and a pronounced flavour. Cucumber, Crystal Lemon (1894) American:  Small and round with a lemon coloured skin and a mild and sweet flavour. Explore Hadrian’s Wall Northumberland This is a journey on the edge of empire, a World Heritage Site in rolling countryside and valleys dotted with stone villages. Urbanarbolismo and Unusualgreen just unveiled one of their latest vertical gardens, this time at the entrance to the Organics Restaurant in Barcelona. The garden was built using their proprietary f + p system, which makes for a low maintenance garden perfect for medium and small size installations.

Interested in learning the tricks and secrets behind Urbanarbolismo and Unusualgreen’s vertical gardens? Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. I live in the Southwest, in Northern New Mexico, where it’s sunny at least 300 days per year. Moisturizing ingredients and Helichrysum Italicum (Immortelle) Oil pamper the skin and repair past damage, while zinc oxide protects, making this the perfect regular facial moisturizer. Goddess Garden’s Daily Lotion boasts an SPF 15, so you can moisturize and protect all at once. Goddess Garden Organics provides natural sunscreens that do double-duty: they protect skin while also caring for it. I hope you’ll check out Goddess Garden Organics and their full line of products for your family. Have started using this brand on the kids and love it – bonus, its the only spray of any kind I could find that did not contain chemical sunscreens as well. We can learn a lot from nature, especially when it comes to putting goodness back into the soil.
Eventually even broken twigs and branches will be reduced to supplement the soil and nurture new plant life. In 2015-16, a total of 19,250.52 tonnes of organics were collected from households, this is higher than last year even with the dry weather we experienced during the past 12 months.
As at 30 June 2016, nearly 52 per cent of households in the region participate in this voluntary collection service.
In addition, 10,457.24 tonnes of organics, comprising street sweepings, stormwater silt and bulk garden organics, were collected at the Salisbury Waste Transfer Station, Gawler Transfer Station and NAWMA's Resource Recovery Centre.
The organic material is now being delivered to our new contractor Peats Soils for processing. Food organics collected in the bench-top basket can be emptied into the garden organics bin for kerbside collection. You may elect to purchase a new 240 litre wheelie bin for garden and food organics - residents can purchase a brand new bin from us for $56 to pick up or for $65 we will deliver. A second hand bin may also be used providing it has a capacity of 240 litre and has a green lid. NAWMA provides garden and food organics collection on the alternate week to recycling collection. A collection driver will not empty a garden and food organics bin unless the sticker is prominently located on the bin. Peats processing now includes food organics, this will provide new impetus in the reduction of waste to landfill.
Contaminants such as plastics and tins should not be placed in the bin as they render the garden and food organics unsuitable for recycling.
John Dee, the founder of Planet Arc, has been working on a new campaign and launched Do Something! Often items are bought with the intention of being cooked but end up being left too long and going off because we over shop that item and can't think what to do with it.
John has worked with some local and international chefs including; Maggie Beer, Kylie Kwong, Curtis Stone, even Paul McCartney has added some recipes for the 'Meat Free Monday' section. A short and unkempt track deep in the heart of Northumberland lined with brambles, clumps of cow parsley and matted grass leads to a pair of weathered wooden doors set in a high wall. Acres of rolling grassland and informal groups of mature trees resplendent in their verdant summer greenery, dominate the vista. It belongs to Ken Holland, who along with his wife Tracy has for the past six years run North Country Organics. It is here that he cut his landscaping teeth among the woods and pastures of his birthplace. Terry Laybourne, former North East Chef of the Year David Kennedy, Tony Binks of the Barrasford Arms and Rhian Cradock of The Feathers at Hedley-on-the-Hill are all customers, along with top end hotels like Jesmond Dene House and Close House.

They have signed a distribution deal with fresh and prepared food suppliers Wellocks that will see their high quality produce offered to Michelin establishments in Lancashire, Yorkshire and Scotland.
For centuries it was common for farmers and growers to keep back seed at harvest time to grow the next year’s crop, as well as to swap and sell local strains. Many smaller seed companies had neither the time nor the money to register their varieties and as a result once common vegetables began to die out to be replaced by standardised versions.
The future of many more is now in the hands of the Heritage Seed Library, a charity based in Ryton near Coventry, and growers like North Country Organics. Low maintenance design and operation plus hardy plants makes for a delicious looking installation.
The restaurant tasked vertical garden experts Urbanarbolismo and Unusualgreen to design and install a lush display of greenery. Consider taking one of their Vertical Garden Design Courses this fall and winter in select cities around the world. We’re in a high desert climate, where we get four seasons, we get snow, we get wind, we get monsoons. On the first warm day of the season, I got a sunburn while standing outside for 10 minutes talking to a neighbor.
Goddess Garden manages to create a formula that magically disappears upon application (see my video below!).
I never understood how convenient spray sunscreen could be until I had a VERY active 3-year-old escaping my clutches enjoying the sand and sea!
The only actual difference between our continuous spray and our traditional lotion is that the sprays don’t have Shea butter.
When we’re talking about non-toxic sunscreen, I want a product made of the safest ingredients that also goes the distance. Fallen leaves, dying plants, fallen fruit and flowers are worked upon by millions of bacteria and enzymes to help them decompose and naturally fertilise the soil. After registering, you will receive a large coloured sticker that should be placed on the front panel of the bin. This must have been how Mary Lennox, the young heroine in Frances Hodgson Burnett’s classic children’s novel, The Secret Garden, felt the first time she furtively passed over the threshold into Misselthwaite Manor’s forgotten enclave.
Based at Vallum Farm at East Wallhouses in the Tyne Valley, the family-run vegetable business beloved of the region’s top chefs, four years ago created an outpost for itself in the 18th century walled garden at Little Harle. These places are now one of the number one reasons that people from around the UK come to visit Northumberland. We have as a team taken the decision to pull up all our swedes and cabbages as there is no market for them and give the space over to heritage vegetables.
The lush vertical garden is the perfect complement to the restaurant’s menu, which features slow food dished up fast! The living wall greets customers as they enter and showcases the sustainable food the restaurant serves up. The result is a living wall full of color that requires little maintenance and no fertilizer. However, I hadn’t tried ALL of the products from Goddess Garden, and when I did, I found two products that are now part of my daily repertoire.
Despite wearing a hat, my little guy came home with a pink nose after playing outside at school. Make this the first product you use daily, and Sunny Face has your skin covered before you even walk out the door. Tourist brochures warn about the intensity of the sun, and those who did not heed the warnings sport the common signs of sun damage: excessive wrinkles, age spots, and drooping skin. The continuous spray is so simple and quick, and one bottle lasts quite awhile since a little goes a long way.

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