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The Garden of Words or Kotonoha no Niwa [?????] is an upcoming anime film directed by Shinkai Makoto [???] (Voices of a Distant Star, 5 Centimeters Per Second, Children Who Chase Lost Voices) with production by CoMix Wave Films [???????????????], who often work together with Shinkai Makoto on his works.
Yukino seems to have lost her way in life, and Takao promises he'll make her some shoes that will help her get back onto the right path. As with most of Shinkai Makoto's works, the story focuses mainly on the relationship between just two main characters. There are a few other minor characters who have been revealed and can be seen on the official character page. The ED theme for the film is "Rain", which can be heard in the trailer above and is performed by Hata Motohiro [? ??].
The Garden of Words is Makoto Shinkai’s latest film, returning to his favorite subject of star-crossed romances being jerked around by fate.
The film starts out with a chance encounter between Takao, a high school student, and Yukari, who appears to be just another office lady. The resolution to the story also fell short, as I didn’t feel the impact it was meant to have. The Garden of Words doesn't create great drama through its storytelling, but it does have a separate, visual narrative which is striking and poetic. One rainy morning he decides to skip school and starts sketching shoes in a Japanese garden, where he meets a rather mysterious lady named Yukino.

As with all of Shinkai Makoto's works, the detail put into the backgrounds is particularly breathtaking and in this case really gives a nice slide of Japanese life. It’s one way of showing how much they need each other, in that their lives are lonely and pretty uneventful otherwise.
Shinkai approaches animation with the eye of a photographer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a background in photography. Shinkai will use depth of field and bokeh effects to highlight his characters or other important visual elements.
Thereafter, the two of them end up meeting each other at the same spot every time it rains, even though they never made specific arrangements to do so. Takao wants to be a shoe designer, but is lacking the proper measurements he needs to realize his first design.
At times it almost seems like they go into a state of suspended animation when they’re not together. After that, I thought the story reached the conclusion that I wanted, the one it should have reached. He mentioned that they keep camera set ups in their mind even what lens to use in each scenes making it more detailed.
Yukari seems to be running away from something, choosing to drink beer and eat chocolate instead of going to work.

I think it’s a bit frustrating that Shinkai is still telling these stories about barriers, distance, and longing. Takao goes through the motions of school and part-time jobs, while Yukari apparently just exists as a Christmas cake.
And while the dialogue in the closing moments is well-written to the point of being poetic, I felt too disconnected through the rest of the movie to really care about it.
I realize it’s due to the Japanese culture, where people are less open about their feelings. He lights his characters the same way a photographer might, preferring backlights and rim lights, sometimes even simulating the effect of gels. Even without the dramatic pull of his other works, The Garden of Words can be striking thanks to its imagery.
Like a street photographer, Shinkai can transform the ordinary into poetry just through his ability to capture an image. He’s one of the only animators I know who goes for an authentic macro look for some shots.

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