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A collection of art, organic architecture, design, nature, beauty and other things that inspire me. This weekend I tripped over another lucky soul who had his own 30 acres to play with and create his dream garden.
Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!Open to the public only one day a year, the Garden of Cosmic Speculation takes science and maths as its inspiration. Image Credit Wikimedia CommonsThe garden was set up by Charles Jencks, together with his late wife Maggie Keswick and is located at Portrack House near Dumfries.
Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!Around the garden one can find amazing sculptures on themes such as this - the DNA helix in giganitic metallic glory.
Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!The snail mound allows visitors to explore for themselves the Fibonacci sequence of numbers that make up a shell or at least feel it beneath their feet.

Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!The garden comes replete with elegant manmade lakes which were designed by Maggie Keswick.
Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!Many people wish the garden was open for more than one twenty four hour period each year – but at the end of the day it is a private garden created by private individuals. The two scientists hope that they may be able to replicate the Garden of Cosmic Speculation at CERN, or at least something very much like it. Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!You will find all sorts of thought provoking objects to arouse your sense of wonder in this thirty acre microcosm of the universe.
Image Credit Flickr User Paulus Maximus!Such is the way that people are enthralled by the garden it has even been immortalised in an orchestral composition by US composer Michael Gandolfi and recorded by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
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