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Bridgemere Nursery and Garden World in Nantwich, Cheshire, has put in an application to demolish the existing bulb market and ice cream parlour and replace them with a new sales area and a restaurant. Bridgemere is open 7 days a week, covers 20 hectares and, with its 1,000,000 plants, is one of the world’s biggest garden centres.
We so hope that this will go ahead and create those so needed jobs around here, we have been waiting for this and for the bulb market to go as it is a useless. We will be moving the nursery to a new site near Nassington open to the public where you can come and browse at your leisure.
Gardenwise plants produce a wide range of usual and unusual perennials for sale and use in our designs and planting schemes.
Alternatively come and see us at one of the specialist plant fairs we will be attending this year, you can also collect any pre-ordered plants there.
View the plants in our display garden and book onto one of our friendly workshops to learn how to get the best from your garden.
Most plants are in 2 litre pots and cost A?5.00 each, a few choice plants may be a little more. Please use the form to place orders or phone 07787 243 485 or 01780 450 420 for enquiries.

The countrya€™s largest county show held over two days exhibiting all the countryside has to offer including a large and impressive floral marquee exhibiting a wide selection of plant nurseries. A timeless village garden show all be it on a very large scale set in the grounds of the beautiful Sandringham estate.
We exhibited in the specialist floral marquee alongside some of the best nurseries the eastern region has to offer. So 2013 was a good start with a dabble into creating floral exhibits, we will be back in Norfolk again this year and display at these two shows. The garden includes vegetable patches where produce has been grown for the children’s lunches.
Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. We put together a slightly wild, natural planting display using sun bleached and twisted dead stags headed oak branches as a central sculpture surrounded by a very diverse range of plants arranged to create multiple layers of planting, so the longer you looked the more you could see. The Montpelier Nursery in Brecknock Road collected the award from the Society of Garden Designers for its outdoor space. The garden, developed using mainly sustainable materials, was designed by Jackie Herald of The Extra Room.

Specific duties include: Loading customers cars with purchases, loading top soil, mulch and sod, cleaning, sweeping, bagging sweet corn, stocking produce and more. Specific duties include: ringing up customers efficiently and precisely, answering phones, assisting customers with plant selections, stocking produce when in season, etc. Specific duties include: stocking greenhouse tables, answering phones, waiting on customers, getting hanging baskets down for customers, cleaning, etc. Must have a friendly attitude and reliable work experience and be able to work weekends and holidays.
Must have a very friendly attitude and reliable work experience and be able to work weekends and holidays.

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