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Never adjust the pH of the pond by more than 0.2 units per day or else you risk pH shocking the fish. Koi are big, eat more and produce more waste than goldfish so be prepared for a larger filter to be required. As your biological filter uses oxygen to feed the beneficial bacteria it will take a heavy toll on the available oxygen in the water for the koi to breathe.
Stress - Stressed koi will have a weaker immune system, provide them with clean water through an adequate filtration system, protect them from predators and do not overcrowd the pond with too many koi. Bacteria, fungus and parasitic infestation are problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent the loss of a small friend. After treatment, products such as activated carbon can be added to the filter to absorb leftover chemicals. Most koi skin conditions can be treated with adding a small amount of salt to the quarantine tank water.
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As anyone who has ever had a bird feeder knows, once local birds find a feeding spot, they will continue to come back. Koi are tolerate of different pH levels, but we recommend that you aim to have the pH fluctuate as little as possible. While goldfish can be kept in shallow ponds, koi need at least three feet of pond depth but ideally even deeper.
Ideally as large as your budget will allow, the bigger it is the longer it can go between cleaning.
As the temperature increases, diseases that may have lay dorment during winter will activate and attack the fish while their immune system is still weakened from winter.
Some chemicals can kill the beneficial bacteria in your filter which will result in a sudden increase in ammonia levels. Remember to remove the activated carbon after the recommended time or any rubbish it absorbs will be released back into the pond water. A good solution is to cover the pots in netting, for example, the netting bags that oranges and other fruit and vegetables are bought in.

Light enough to be laid directly over crops, the ultra fine insect mesh netting also provides protection against mild frosts, heavy rain, wind and hail. Lily pads can provide additional cover as well as placing some sort of shade cloth high above the pond or a mesh near the surface. A koi hobbyist will soon find their collection of koi will continue to increase beyond their intial plans.
A supplementary outdoor aerator is highly recommended such as the Oase AquaOxy At low levels of oxygen the colours of the koi will be diminished. Infected fish should be removed to a separate tank and quarantined to prevent spread to the rest of the pond.

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